How to Treat Your Dog

Every dog owner loves his dog and offers him the best he can. But the problem is that every dog owner cares for his dog according to his knowledge. Sometimes we do such things that are not good for the dog but still, we do it because we think it is good for the dog. Whether you are planning to bring a dog home or you already have one, given below are some of the suggestions for you that how you should treat your dog to keep him safe and happy.

Fulfilling Dog’s Needs:

Just like humans, dogs also have certain needs to live a happy and satisfied life. In addition to providing him the basic necessities, you have also to ensure that he is receiving everything he needs to be happy and healthy. It includes owner’s company, toys, chews, bed, exercise etc.

Be Kind and Generous:

Always treat your dog kindly with love. Just like humans, dogs also have emotions and they can get hurt if you will treat them harshly. Some people get irritated by various dog habits and scold them or even punish them. It can have negative effects on your dog’s mental health. It can lead to physical problems as well as behavioral issue in a dog. You have to be patient and kind even if your dog did something wrong.

Treat Him as a Dog:

There are many people who think that dogs can completely and clearly understand what we try to communicate. That is not completely true because a dog understands only the things that his owner taught him. You have to treat him like a dog, not as a human who understands every word coming out of your mouth.

Always Know the Limits:

There are certain limits in the relation of a dog and his owner. You must understand those limits and never cross it. For example, if you offer more treats to your dog, it can lead him towards various health problems. Never pat your dog too much, never give him too many treats and never let your dog sleep in your room.

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How to Relax a Nervous Dog

When you own a dog, you are the one who is responsible for him and his actions. If your dog is under training or he is unable to adjust properly to the surroundings, he can get nervous very quickly. A nervous dog can harm himself or can hurt someone else. So you must know how you can relax your dog when he gets nervous.

Help Him to Adjust:

One of the major reasons for a dog to get nervous is having trouble with adjusting to the new environment. It is not easy for all the dogs to settle in new places. If that is the case, you can help your dog to settle in the new environment. You can make a few changes to make the surrounding comfortable and friendly for your dog. You can remove the elements that bother him. But you can add the elements back slowly and one by one if you have to, so that your dog can accept that with ease.

Provide Him Proper Space:

You must provide your dog his own space where he can rest. He must have the privacy he requires. It should be an area where nobody should bother him when he is resting. You should provide him right sized bed where he can lay to rest and relax. He should also have his necessities available in his space.


One of the most important and very helpful way to relax a nervous dog is socializing. You must socialize your dog so that he can get used to his surroundings and start accepting new things. When you take a socialized dog outside, he will stay confident. But a dog that is not socialized, can quickly get nervous and can cause trouble for himself and others.

Play Time:

You must provide a proper time to your dog when he can play and exercise. It is crucial for a dog to stay happy and calm. It has positive physical and mental effects on a dog’s health. The playing and exercising causes a dog to release his anxiety and get relaxed.

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Benefits of Crate Training

Most people do not feel comfortable with crate training their dogs. They actually have problems with the idea of locking the dogs in the crate. They find it cruel. But fact of the matter is that the crate training can be quite helpful for resolving various behavioral problems in dogs. Many dog trainers suggest and use the method for training dogs. Given below are some of the most common uses and benefits of crate training:

House Training:

One of the major uses of crate training is teaching your dog how to live in the house. House training starts from the very beginning when you bring a puppy home. Most important thing to teach your dog is to keep the house clean and sleep in his assigned space. Crate training is the right way to do it. He will get used to it and will learn to live and sleep in the designated area. The dogs have a natural instinct of keeping their living area clean. He will not wet the area where he is living and sleeping.

Stopping Destructive Chewing Habit in Dogs:

Chewing is a destructive behavior in dogs. There can be different factors that can lead a dog to the problem. It is one of the common problems in dogs. They can chew and destroy even your important and expensive things. That makes it important to help your dog to stop the habit of chewing. Crate training is one of the most useful methods to resolve the chewing problem in dogs. It is highly suggested to place some toys and chews in the crate. It can keep your dog occupied and entertained.

Resolving Separation Anxiety in Dogs:

Separation anxiety is not something uncommon in dogs. A dog may develop separation anxiety if he has to stay alone at home for most of the time and has nothing to do. Separation anxiety is a very serious condition for dogs as it commonly leads to other behavioral problems including excessive barking and chewing. Crate training is one of the most fruitful methods to treat separation anxiety in dogs. He will start feeling comfortable and safe in the crate even when you are not home.

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Dog Aggression Towards Each Other

Dog aggression towards other dogs is not something uncommon. If you own a dog, the chances are that you have witnessed the aggression. It can be an extremely intense experience. The aggression starts from growling and progresses to snarling and snapping. It can result in a furious fight between the dogs. As a dog owner, you must understand the factors that can make a dog aggressive when he looks at another dog. Some of the most common reasons for dog aggression against each other are as provided below:

Territorial Aggression:

Dogs are very protective of their territory and cannot bear another dog on his territory. It is one of their native features. Dogs used to live in wilds among their packs. It was very hard in those days to get a safe place to live and sleep. They had to protect their territories at any cost. Humans have domesticated dogs but it is very hard to eliminate their native features completely.


Another common reason for dog aggression toward other dogs is fear. When a dog looks at another dog, he may perceive it as if he is going to attack him. He may feel frightened. In such a situation, he has two options. Either to run away or stand his ground and fight. Some dogs prefer to run away but some prefer to face the trouble.


When dogs used to live in the wilds, they had to work hard to get the food. The hard efforts have made them protective of the belongings. You may have experienced when your dog is eating, he will get aggressive if you try to approach his food. When a dog watches another dog approaching his belongings, he may get aggressive to protect his belongings. It can be his food, bed, chew or toys.

Lack of Socialization:

One of the major reasons for dog to dog aggression is lack of socialization. Proper socialization helps a dog to be calm around humans as well as other animals. If you want your dog to be comfortable around other dogs, socialization can be the right tool for you.

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Dog Barking at Phone Ring

Some dogs develop a weird habit of barking when they hear phone ringing. There are several factors that may have led your dog to develop the habit of barking at phone. It can be an annoying habit but luckily it is treatable. Treating this type of barking habit is simpler and convenient as compared to other types of excessive barking habits. Given below are some of the helpful suggestions for you to break the habit of your dog’s barking on phone rings:

Reduce the Volume or Change The Tone:

Just like most humans, dogs find loud noises disturbing that may lead them to the barking habit. Moreover, there are various types of ring tones available in phones. If the volume of your phone’s ring tone is very loud, you can try reducing it. If it does not work for your dog, you can try changing the ring tone. You can play all the tones to see your dog’s reaction. You should select the one that keeps your dog calm and he does not react in barking.

Never Rush to Pick the Phone:

If you have a habit of rushing to pick the phone when it rings, you should stop this immediately. Your dog may think of it as an exciting activity and would like to join you. He may even think of it as playtime. You should act normally and calm when the phone rings. Calmly go to the phone and attend the call.

Never Reward the Dog When He Barks at The Phone Rings:

If you reward your dog while picking up the phone, he may make it a habit. The rewards can be a tasty treat or even a simple petting at your dog’s head. He will start barking every time your phone rings to enjoy the rewards he may receive. That is why you should never reward your dog when he barks at the phone’s ring.

Teaching Basic Commands:

You must train your dog properly and teach him to act quickly to your command. You should start training with basic commands like stop, come, go, quite etc. So, whenever your dog starts barking, you should ask him to be quiet or stop.

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Effective Dog Training Advice

Training plays a crucial role in a dog’s life to spend a satisfying and happy life. Dogs are basically wild animals and they have to be trained to live among humans peacefully. Dog’s training starts right from the beginning when you bring a puppy home. Your dog is your responsibility and you have to ensure that your dog is properly trained. Given below are some of the most effective suggestions for you that can be quite helpful for you to train your dog:

Be Kind and Patient:

You have to understand the fact that a dog is just like a kid. You will have to treat him like you would treat a small kid. You cannot be harsh with him as it can have a negative impact on your dog’s mental health. So, you have to be kind, gentle and patient with your dog, especially during the training.

Be Consistent:

Consistency is the key to everything. You have to be consistent while you are training your dog. Your dog may have a hard time understanding your instructions in the beginning. But he will come over it eventually. So, you have to be consistent and regular. Never skip a training class at all.

Select a Peaceful Place:

The place where you are going to train your dog has an importance of its own. You should select a peaceful place where your dog should never be bothered by anything. If you have selected a busy place for your dog’s training, he will have a hard time focusing on the training.

Select The Right Timing:

Selection of the right timing is extremely important for your dog’s training. You must select a time when your dog would show interest in training. It has to be the time when your dog is fresh and active. If you have selected a time when your dog is exhausted, he will not be able to perform as he should.

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Elements of Effective Communication for Dog Training

Dogs are smart animals and they can convenient adapt to various situations. Some dogs learn fast, others require more time and effort. Irrespective of the dog breed, effective communication plays a crucial role in dog training. If you fail to communicate effectively and clearly, your dog will not understand what you are trying to tell him. The dogs use their body movements to communicate their message. They can never be verbal animals. Dogs cannot understand the meanings of words. They are smart animals who co-relate or link the words with the owner’s tone of voice, facial expression and body movement or gesture.

So, if you want clear and effective communication for your dog training, you must understand the following elements of effective communication:

Interest and Attention:

When your dog does something good, you smile and pat him. He remembers these signs and links your gestures to your happiness and satisfaction. He will repeatedly try to do the things that please you to enjoy your reaction. In similar fashion, he links your gestures, body movements and vocal tones to your words. If you are not taking interest in dog training and not paying proper attention, he may link wrong signs with wrong words. It can result in a failure of training. That is why you have to take interest in the training and should be paying attention to the dog throughout the training session.

Body Language:

While training your dog, you are basically playing the role of a leader and a guide. So, you have to be clear and confident while training your dog. Your body movements and gestures should be clear to your dog. You must be calm and confident throughout the training. Your expressions should really depict what you are asking your dog to do.

Act Patiently and Calmly:

You must understand the fact that dog training is not a simple task. It will take time and you will have to repeat a single command many times. At various occasions, your dog will not act or perform as you would have expected or wanted. But you must always act patiently and stay calm throughout the training sessions. If you would act in anger, your expressions will not match to the command you are giving your dog.

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Factors of Efficient Dog Whispering Technique

There are various types of dog training techniques available. Each of the techniques varies from one another based on the methods of training and time required. Dog whispering is one of the most effective techniques to training dogs. It is getting more and more popular because of the results it has to offer. It is equally effective for training a new dog as well as for behavioral correction in a dog. Given below are some of the most important factors for efficient dog whispering technique:

Become the Leader:

The first and foremost requirement for effective and efficient dog whispering is taking control by becoming the pack leader. It is a matter of extreme importance that your dog should wholeheartedly accept you as the leader. Your dog should consider you as a dependable and capable leader that can keep him safe, secure and happy. It is crucial to establish your dominance in order to ensure that your dog follows and obeys all your commands. You have to be consistent and firm.

Understanding Dog Psychology:

The whole technique is based on your understanding of your dog’s psychology. You must understand how your dog communicates. You must understand his communication clearly to act accordingly. Dogs use body language and various movements to communicate their message to humans and other animals. If you fail to understand what he is trying to tell you, you will not be able to communicate with your dog. It will result in a failure and waste of time. Dog whispering technique can only be effective and successful only if you can understand and communicate to your dog clearly.

Be Patient and Kind:

The dog whispering technique takes more time than other types of training as you will have to spend more time with your dog. You have to understand your dog’s psychology and body language. You should also understand the fact that there can be lots of repetitions in dog training. Dog whispering works only with positive reinforcement. It means that you will always have to be patient and kind to your dog if you want the dog whispering to be efficient and successful.

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Excessive Barking To Get Something

Some dogs have a habit of barking when they need something. For example, if your dog wants you to take him out, he may start barking. Some dogs may even bark after having their meals. They bark in order to get more meal if they like the taste. Excessive barking is not good for your dog and you must get rid of the trouble as early as you can. If your dog has a habit of barking to get something, given below are a few suggestions for you to get rid of the problem:

Ignoring Your Dog:

Most dog owners love to show affection to their dogs. It is good but can also lead to various problems including excessive barking. If a dog starts barking to get something, the owner may quickly fulfill his desire. The dog may adopt it as a habit to get the desired. Best way to handle this is ignoring the dog. Whenever he starts barking, you must behave like you do not care or not even listening to him. He will drop the excessive barking eventually as it would not be proving any good for the purpose.


Punishment is even better if it is suitable for your dog. It should not be a physical punishment but the mental. It is basically a sign to let your dog know that if he does not start behaving, he will be punished. It can be anything like asking your dog to leave the room. You should keep him out of the room until he starts behaving. He will eventually understand that he is being punished for his barking and will drop the act.


Training plays a key role in your dog’s behavior. During training, you teach him commands like stop, quiet, go etc. He must be trained properly so that he can understand the commands clearly and should act instantly. Whenever he starts barking, ask him to stop or be quiet.

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Harmful Toxins for Dogs

Every dog owner wishes for the best of his dog’s health and satisfaction. But wishing is not enough. You have to take precautionary measures to ensure your dog’s health. One of the most important ways to keep your dog healthy is making sure that your dog is eating healthy food and staying away from toxic ingredients. There are various harmful toxins that are leading the dogs to different diseases including kidney, liver, heart and skin diseases. These toxins can also increase allergic problems in a dog. Given below are some of the most dangerous toxins for a dog:


Lead is one of the most widely used metals all over the world for various reasons and purposes. Your dog can be introduced to lead through various man-made substances and objects. Dogs like to chew objects to explore it. He may start chewing such an object that has lead in it. It is one of the most harmful toxins for your dog that is stored in the body. If your dog’s body fails to expel lead, it keeps storing it in the bones like calcium. It keeps cumulating over the long periods of time. It can damage various protective functions of body and can cause extreme problems for your dog.


Cadmium is known to be one of the largest pollutants and industrial waste all over the world. Cadmium does not have any evident benefits for a dog’s health rather known for being toxic. It is another toxic ingredient for your dog that can lead him toward different health problems. It is extremely difficult to know if your dog has been exposed to Cadmium because it has no certain taste or odor.


Mercury has various applications in our daily lives including its use in pesticides, fungicides, ink, solvents, fabric softeners, paints and batteries. Its wide uses make it very hard to keep it away from dogs. But being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dogs stay away from such products that contain Mercury.

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