How Dogs Learn

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It is a very important question for all dog owners that how exactly dogs learn? It can play a crucial role to know how the dogs think and respond. It can help any dog owner to train his dog faster and better. Humans learn about things and actions through verbal communication. But unlike humans, dogs do not have the ability of verbal communication like humans. They do bark to communicate their message to others but that is not enough. Refer below to understand how dogs learn:


One of the most important tools for the dogs to learn about certain things or situations is observation. If you are a dog owner, you must have seen your dog staring at something that is unfamiliar to him. At that point, he is observing that thing and trying to understand. Once he has made his mind about the thing, he reacts accordingly. If he thinks that it is something safe, he will approach with ease and comfort. If he thinks that the thing can be harmful, he will be alerted and will approach with care and caution.

Gestures and Behaviors:

Another important way for a dog to learn is through gestures and behaviors. A dog does not understand what his owner asks him to do. All he understands is owner’s gesture and voice. When he asks the dog to fetch something, he does not understand what the owner is asking him to do. He just makes an observation of owner’s gesture and voice and makes a judgment call. Once he has completed the task, he looks at the owner’s gesture and behavior to know whether he has done the right thing or not.

Conditional Learning:

There have been different psychologists like Skinner and Pavlov who have experimented and studied behavioral and classical conditioning in various dogs. They have come to the conclusion that dogs do respond to the classical and operant conditioning. For example, when a dog owner is taking his dog out, he attaches leash to his collar. Attaching leash is an operant conditioning that helps the dog to learn and know that he is going out with his owner. In conditioning learning, the dog attaches a certain condition to something.

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Home of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker Photo Slate Hanging

Home of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker Photo Slate Hanging


Fulfill the Needs of Your Dog

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One of the most important tasks of any dog owner is keeping his dog satisfied and happy. In order to do so, you must meet his needs and wants. It is very important to know that the dogs have physical needs as well as the sentimental ones. If you want your dog to spend a satisfied life, you must fulfill both types of his needs. Please refer to followings:

Providing the Basic Needs of Your Dog: As you know, there are certain things that you must provide your dog. These basic needs include food, water, a place to rest, toys, chews etc. All of these basic needs vary from one type of dog to another. For example, different breeds have different requirements for food at different ages. So, you must ensure that you are providing the food as per his requirements, depending on his breed and age. Moreover, the living space requirements also differ from one breed to another. Make sure that you are providing the essentials to your dog according to his requirements.

Spending Time Together: Another important factor of a dog’s life is spending time with his owner. Some people do not care to spend time with their dogs due to lack of time or some other reason. It is very destructive for the dogs as it has negative effects on his mental health. You must take some time from your schedule to spend it with your dog. If you have a busy schedule, you can take your dog with you while going for shopping or for any other such activity. They like to play games like chasing, hide and seek, fetch etc. You can spend your time together while playing games or even watching TV or a movie.

Always Appreciate Your Dog: Just like humans, dogs also love to be appreciated. So, whenever your dog does something you asked him to, you should appreciate him. Appreciation can be shown in different forms including some tasty treats or even a simple petting or hugging. It encourages your dog and has positive effects on his life. Doggie of the Day Store can be the best place for you if you are looking for a nice and reliable place to buy dog products. It has a huge variety of dog products for dog owners and enthusiasts. The store also features a number of dog painting, sketch and watercolor canvas.

Pet Friendly Beach Border Collies Dog Garden Flag GFLG48531

Pet Friendly Beach Border Collies Dog Garden Flag GFLG48531


Caring For Your Puppy

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A dog is known as one of the best friends a human can have. Dogs are cute and adorable and can be the best choice to keep as pets. Having a dog as a pet can be quite hectic and frustrating for the people who are unable to spare time for their dogs and unable to fulfill their necessities. Dogs need proper time and caring by the owner to stay happy, healthy and fit. Whether you are planning to bring a puppy home or already have one, given below are some important factors that can help you in caring for your puppy to keep him satisfied and happy:

Space to Live and Play:

Different dog breeds have different requirements of space when it comes to living and playing. You may need a small to medium backyard for some dog breeds but some can comfortably spend their life in an apartment. Considering your dog’s breed, you must specify the areas for your dog where he is going to sleep, eat and where he will be playing.

Select the Right Food:

Many people just go to the market and bring any dog food without considering anything at all. It is completely wrong as there are certain things that you must consider while getting food for your furry friend. Your dog’s breed and age are two of the most important factors to consider while purchasing dog food. It must be able to fulfill his diet and nutrition requirements.

Toys and Chews:

Another important thing to considering while caring for your puppy is to keep him occupied and entertained. Chews and toys can serve the purpose perfectly. There is a huge variety of toys and chews for dogs available in market for you to select the most suitable one. You may have to experiment a little in the beginning to know the liking and disliking of your dog to get the right toys and chews for him.

Visiting Vet:

If you really care for your puppy and want to keep him healthy and happy, you must maintain the schedule to visit a vet. You must select an experienced vet and should always follow his advice to ensure the health of your loving puppy.

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Siberian Husky Dog Throw Pillow (14x14)

Siberian Husky Dog Throw Pillow (14×14)


Best Breeds for Novice Dog Owners

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If you are a novice dog owner, there can be many things to consider before even getting a dog. Selection of the right breed is one of the most important things to consider even if you already own another dog. Not every dog breed can adjust in all sorts of environments. Each of the dog breeds has certain requirements that must be met in order to keep him happy and healthy. Given below are some of the best breeds for novice dog owners:


When you are getting a dog for the first time in your life, you have to select the one who is easy to handle and groom. Poodle is such a breed that is known for his calm behavior and incredible temperament. They love to be around people and are easy to train.


Papillon is one of the cutest and adorable dogs to keep at home. It is one of the most suitable dog breeds for novice dog owners. They are easy to handle and does not require high maintenance and grooming. They are known for their happy personality, socializing skills and being playful.

Golden Retriever:

Golden retrievers are considered among the best choices when it comes to keep a dog at home. They are loving and friendly and have a perfect behavior to keep around kids. They are fast learners, which makes them a good choice for novice dog owners.


Another suitable breed for novice dog owners is Pug. Pugs are known for their squishy faces which makes them adorable. A Pug has a calm behavior and positive attitude towards learning. He is friendly and loves to play with kids. His qualities make him an ideal choice for new dog owners especially if he wants to keep a dog around kids.


Although, Greyhounds have a higher requirement for exercise but they are known for their friendly and calm behavior. They can learn fast and have a low maintenance requirement.


Maltese are small in sizes and have furry skin. They are known as family dogs as they love to be surrounded by kids and like to play with them. They have a low maintenance and can quickly socialize.

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Fall Festive Gathering Dachshunds Dog with Pumpkins House Flag FLG50657

Fall Festive Gathering Dachshunds Dog with Pumpkins House Flag FLG50657


Why You Should Use a Dog Crate

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There are certain things that a dog owner has to do in order to keep his dog safe and happy. Using a dog crate is one of the important things that a dog owner may have to do. There are huge numbers of people who think of it as a cruel act but fact of the matter is that it is not cruel at all. Keeping a dog in a crate is quite the opposite for various reasons. Dogs are actually wild animals that used to live in dens. The crate works more like a den to them so they feel safe and comfortable.

Please refer below if you want to know that why you should use a dog crate:

Training the Dog:

When you bring a new dog home for the first time, he requires certain training to live among the humans. By nature, they are wild animals and react to things and situations in same manner. The crate training can offer a great convenience to the dog owner to socialize the dog and train him to live the right way. In addition, it helps the dog owner to let the dog understand that he has to obey the commands of the owner as he is the boss.

Safety and Security:

Not long ago, dogs used to live in jungles and hunt for food. It is their native behavior. When you are bringing a new dog home, you have to make sure that he stays safe and should not hurt anybody around him. But their nature can cause trouble because they are not trained to live among people. A dog crate can offer a great convenience to the dog owner to keep the dog safe and secure as well as people around him.

Solution to Various Behavioral Problems:

There are different behavioral issues in dogs that can be resolved through the use of dog crates. If your dog has a destructive behavior, fear of something or frightened by new faces, the crate training can offer him a huge help to get rid of the issues and be comfortable with his social life.

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Goldendoodle Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket (50x60 Sherpa)

Goldendoodle Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket (50×60 Sherpa)


Why Do the Dogs Run Away From Home?

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There are many problems that you may have to face if you own a dog. Running away from home is such a problem that has been observed in various dogs. There can be different reasons for dogs to try to run away from home including the ones mentioned below:


One of the most common reasons for a dog to run away from a home is getting bored. If your dog does not have much to do and he is not getting the exercise he needs, he will try to run away from the home. He will do so to explore new things and to visit new places.


There are many dogs who run away to look for a mate. It is more common in male dogs. It does not really matter that how much you have been taking care of your dog. The mating urge is very strong. It can cause even most socialized and sensible dogs to act in unexpected ways.

Easy to Run Away:

Some dogs may run away from home simply because it is easy and there are no hurdles. For example, if you keep the front door of your yard open, the dog may find it as an opportunity and may run away. They like to roam around and to discover new things that can lead them to take the opportunity.

Prey Drive:

It is their native behavior to hunt which is why they have a prey drive. In some dogs, the drive can be very strong but in some, it can be very weak. It differs from one dog to another depending on various factors including the dog breed and training. There are many cases where a dog just ran away to catch a potential prey.

Scared of Noises or Bright Lights:

There have been various cases where a dog ran away because it was too loud, noisy and bright in the house. If your dog is not feeling comfortable with his surroundings, he is most likely to run away. If you are partying at home, make sure that your dog stays safe and protected from the noise and bright lights.

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Family Sunset Portrait Corgis Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL54615 (551 pc. 18" x 24")

Family Sunset Portrait Corgis Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin PUZL54615 (551 pc. 18″ x 24″)


Treating Moderate and Severe Separation Anxiety

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Minor separation anxiety is easier to treat as compared to the moderate and severe anxieties. Moderate and severe separation anxieties can take more time and may require more effort from the dog owner to cure. Given below are some of the most helpful measures that can be taken by the dog owner:

Building-up Dog’s Tolerance:

Usually, a dog displays the signs of separation anxiety when the owner is not around. So building up the tolerance level of your dog to your absence can be quite helpful. You can build the tolerance gradually, so you will have to be patient and consistent. Initially, you can perform the same activities as you would while leaving for work. Stay out for a few minutes and reenter. Increase the time gradually. You are not required to leave your house for the training but you should be out of sight of your dog.

Re-Associate Certain Cues:

Dogs associate certain actions to their activities. That is how your dog knows that you are leaving. He knows that when you are wearing your coat and shoes and picking up keys, you are leaving the house. You will have to re-associate all such actions to other activities. For example, you can wear your shoes or pick-up the keys and start watching TV. It will let your dog know that these actions are not always for the same purpose.

Consult A Dog Trainer or Behaviorist:

If your dog has a severe separation anxiety, you are suggested to visit either a dog behaviorist or a trainer. You will have to make sure that you are visiting a certified professional who has all the required knowledge and experience to treat the severe case of the anxiety. Explain everything related to the problem in detail. It will help the trainer to come up with the right and effective solution. You can either ask your friends or search online for the selection of the right dog behaviorist.

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I Love Poodle Dogs in a Cart Puzzle with Photo Tin (252 pc.)

I Love Poodle Dogs in a Cart Puzzle with Photo Tin (252 pc.)