How to Intervene Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

There are several reasons for dog aggression toward other dogs. Being a dog owner, you must know the reasons and how you can help your dog against the aggression. Common reasons for a dog to get aggressive to other dogs include lack of socialization, lack of training and anxiety. Dog aggression can be very dangerous and intervening the situation can be very risky. If you ever encounter such a problem, you can consider the following suggestions to intervene dog aggression towards other dogs:

Keep Your Dog Under Control:

You should keep your dog on leash whenever leaving the house. Keep the leash long enough that your dog can walk easily and you can instantly take control if necessary. You should always keep him in front of you. Whenever he is walking nearby another dog, observe body language of both dogs. If you find anything suspicious, instantly take control of the situation by pulling the leash and breaking their focus.

Ask Him to Stop:

If the situation starts developing towards aggression, instantly command your dog to stop. This will only work if your dog is properly trained to follow your commands promptly. If the dog is not trained to follow your commands, you may have to face some trouble. The training plays a crucial role in your dog’s life to stay satisfied and obey your commands. That is why you should take your dog out only when he is trained.

Spray a Solution That Your Dog Hates:

It is one of the most effective ways to intervene a dog aggression. As a dog owner, you must know the things that your dog hates. You should keep such a spray with you while taking your dog out. If you have to face dog aggression, you can spray the solution on your dog to intervene the aggression towards other dogs. Lemon sprays can be quite handy for the purpose. Most dogs hate lemon sprays. You can conveniently find such a spray in your local market.

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe

It is one of the top priorities of any dog owner to keep his dog safe. If you own a dog, you are the one who is responsible for him. You have to be even more careful when taking your dog out. If your dog can quickly get anxious or nervous, he can hurt himself or someone else. He can even run away as it is in their nature. Given below are some of the important measures that you can take to keep your dog safe.

Know Your Dog:

As a dog owner, it is very important for you to know and understand your dog. You can protect him only if you know him. For example, if your dog gets nervous around something, you can keep him safe if you know it. You can keep your dog away from the things that can make him anxious or nervous. You must understand his behavior and his habits to keep him safe.

Be Attentive When Taking Your Dog Out:

You have to be even more careful when taking your dog out for a walk or anything else. Always keep him in your sight. It will offer you help to instantly control the situation if your dog is getting confused or anxious. You will instantly know if your dog is feeling uncomfortable or trying to divert from the path.

Keep Him on a Leash:

Whenever you are taking your dog out, always keep a leash on. It can offer you a better control over your dog. It will help you to handle the situation efficiently and instantly if there is anything unexpected going to happen. You can keep your dog under control.

Dog Collars:

Another way to ensure your dog’s safety is by using a dog collar. There is a variety of collars available in the market that can offer you the convenience of right selection. You can write your dog’s name, your name and your contact number on the tag. If your dog ever gets lost, someone will surely contact you. These days you can even find collars with GPS chips that can be even more useful.

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Basic Types of Dog Training

If you are planning to bring a dog your home, you must understand the fact that dog training is crucial. It is extremely important to help your dog to settle in and live a satisfying life. Dogs do not think like humans neither they can adjust in human society as easy as we can. Dogs are wild animals who like to spend their lives like their ancestors. If you want to domesticate them and act properly in human society, you have to help them through proper training. For your better understanding basic types of dog training are stated below:

House Train the Dog:

The first and foremost type of training is helping your dog to understand how he should be living in the house. The dogs used to live in jungles and they will act the same in the houses if they are not trained properly. You have to house train your dog so that they behave properly and should not create a mess even when you are not home. Crates are ideal for house training your dog. It helps them to live and sleep in their designated spot. It also helps them to learn not to wet the house and keep the area clean.

Obedience Training:

The next crucial type of dog training is teaching him to listen and obey your commands. It is extremely important that your dog should understand your commands clearly and act accordingly. If your dog is unable to understand your commands, he will fail to obey. You have to be kind as well as consistent in teaching the commands to your dog.

Training to Walk:

The next important type of dog training is teaching him how to walk. When you take your dog outside the house, he may feel nervous and confused. In his confusion, he can react in unwanted and unpleasant manners. That is why you have to train your dog to walk and react properly and calmly when he is outside. Exercise and walks should be regular activities of your dog so you have to teach your dog how to walk.

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Care More for Your Dog While Renovating Your House

No matter how long a dog stays in human society, his nature stays the same. Proper training and socialization can help your dog to be able to settle in human society but it cannot change his basic nature. A dog can quickly get irritated and confused if he is unable to understand a situation. It can make him anxious. It can even lead him to run away from home. Dogs like to stay in quiet and peaceful places while they need to rest. If you are renovating your house, you have to take very good care of your dog to ensure his safety and comfort.

New Faces and Loud Noises:

While you are renovating your house, there can be very loud noises. There will be so many new faces doing various things to your house. Your dog may perceive it as a threat and may attack someone to get rid of the problem. Even if your dog is socialized, he may not be able to accept so many faces in the house at once. A dog is very protective of the place where he lives. When he will look at the people tearing apart your house, he may think of it is a threat to the house.

Unable to Rest:

Dogs require a certain amount of rest and sleep to stay healthy and relaxed. If a dog is unable to rest for the required period, it can lead him to various problems. These problems can be mental as well as physical. If you are renovating your house, loud noises are expected. Because of the noises, your dog will not be able to rest properly. It can lead your dog to get anxious and irritated that can lead to an unwanted and unpleasant situation. Your dog can attack someone or run away from home to get rid of the noises.

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Caring For Your Dog When Throwing a Party

If you own a dog and planning to throw a party at home, you must consider your dog as well. Most dog owners do not consider their dogs while throwing a party at their houses. There are various reasons for you to consider your dog while throwing a party. Dogs get uncomfortable with loud noises. They also have trouble when they see too many faces at once. Your dog can get irritated or anxious. He may even feel threatened. It can cause your dog to break something, hurt someone or even run away.

Whether your dog is socialized or not, you must consider your dog’s comfort and safety while throwing a party at home. Given below are some important suggestions for you to consider for the purpose:

Area to Party:

The first and foremost thing to do is selecting the right area of your house for party. You should select such an area that is distant from your dog’s living area. It has to be far enough that your dog may not be able to hear the noises. If your dog lives inside the house and you have a big enough backyard where all your friends can settle easily, it is highly suggested for the purpose. Your dog will not have to come across so many new faces neither he will be affected by the noises.

Leave the Dog in A Friend’s House:

If your place is not big enough that you can keep your dog away from the noises, you can ask a friend for help. You can leave your dog with who can take care of your dog and keep him safe. It is highly suggested that you select such a person who already knows your dog and both are comfortable with each other. Otherwise, your friend can have trouble with the dog.

Ask Someone to Look After Your Dog:

Another way to care for your dog is by asking a family member to look after the dog. He must stay with the dog in some other room with closed doors and windows. He should never let the dog leave his sight. His only responsibility should be taking care of the dog.

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Contributing Factors to Recall Problem

There are several dog owners who have trouble with their dog while calling them. Majority of these dog owners do not have to face recall problem at home. Their dogs quickly react to their call when they are at home. But it is a completely different story when they are outside. There are several reasons that can lead to the recalling problem. Some of the common factors of recalling problem are as stated below:

Training Environment:

Training is crucial for any dog to behave around people in a human environment. It is highly recommended that you should start training your dog in a peaceful environment where your dog should not be distracted. But you should not teach your dog everything in the same environment. Your dog has to go out in an environment that is going to be quite different than the place of training. So you have to train your dog accordingly. If your dog is not reacting to your call when he is outside, he would have not been trained in such an environment.

He can completely focus on your command when you are training him in a quiet and peaceful place. There are no objects or voices to distract him. But when he is outside, his surroundings keep him distracted. That is why it is important to train your dog in every environment that he has to face.

Poor Recall Training:

Another factor can be poor training for recall and other commands. You have to make sure that you have taught a strong recall to your dog. He has to quickly respond to your call in any environment. Your dog should instantly focus and respond to your commands whether he is in a quiet place or a surrounding full of people and traffic noises.

Wrong Training Schedule:

Always pick the best time for training your dog. It has to be the time when your dog is fresh and active. You should not select a time when your dog is exhausted and have no interest in training. If you train your dog at the wrong time, he will not respond to any of your commands and will learn to ignore you completely.

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Is Commercial Dog Food Safe for Your Dog

Just like humans, food is one of the basic necessities for dogs. There are several companies that are offering dog food under various brand names. We find it convenient to get to the market, buy commercial dog food and feed our dogs. But the question is whether the commercial dog food is safe for dogs or not? The plain and simple answer to the question is a big “NO”. There are various dog problems that are becoming more and more common these days. One of the major reasons for the problem is commercial dog food.

Balanced Food:

There are various companies that are selling their dog food by saying that it is completely balanced food. But the facts are quite the opposite. Each of the dog breeds has different nutrient requirements. So, a single type of food cannot be in the right balance for all the breeds. Such food is made by assuming the health requirements of an average dog. It cannot be considered a balanced diet for all the dogs. Some dogs have higher nutrient requirements and some have lower requirements than the assumed amounts.

Poor Quality Commercial Dog Food:

You can find a variety of dog food under various names. Not all of the companies are offering quality dog food. Some companies use lower quality ingredients that can be highly hazardous for your dog. Some companies even use 4D meat in their commercial dog food which is extremely harmful for any dog. The 4D meat means the meat that is availed from disabled, dying, diseased or even from dead animals. Such low quality products are usually available at very low prices to attract more and more dog owners. Never consider the price, always buy good quality commercial dog food for your loving dog.

Toxic Commercial Dog Food:

Whenever you are going to buy commercial dog food for your four legged friend, make sure to check its ingredients. There can be some ingredients that can be toxic to your dog. You must consult a vet to know the safe food for your dog and the type of food that can be toxic. 

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Keeping Cats and Dogs Together

Most people think that cats and dogs can never be friends and cannot live together. It is true but to some extent. There are many houses where the both live in peace and harmony. Through proper training and care, it can be made possible. There are certain factors that can make it difficult to keep them together. Some of the common factors are as explained below:


Breed is the foremost thing you should consider while adopting a dog or a cat. Some breeds are friendly but not all. Friendly dogs can be trained successfully to live with cats. You will have to face the trouble with the dog breeds that have strong hunting instincts inherited from their ancestors. No matter what you do, they will always consider the cat a prey. You cannot trust these breeds and cannot leave them with cats or any other small animals. If you are planning keep the dog with cats or with other animals, select a friendly dog breed.

Living Areas:

If you keep your dog out of the house or locked in a cage his predatory instincts will get even stronger. That makes the dog more dangerous not even to the cat but to the humans as well. Such a dog will attack the cat whenever he gets the chance. Even if the dog stays calm and relax with the cat indoor, you cannot trust him to do the same when they are outside. You should always have a close eye on them even when they are in the house.

Previous Experience:

If your dog previously has some negative experience with a cat, you have to be very careful if you are planning to let them play together or live together. Even if you have a friendly dog but the cat had some negative interaction with dog, it can result in unpleasant situation. You must know the history of your dog and cat if they are pre-owned.

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