Why Do Dogs Shake?

All the dog owners want to see their dogs healthy and happy, which is why they tend to take all the necessary measures. If a dog is in need of something or he is having any trouble, he tries to explain it through his behavior and body language. You can only take proper care of your dog if you know these signs. Shaking is such a sign that can be used by a dog to convey a message. Sometime a dog may shake his body for completely normal reasons but other times, it can be due to some problem.

Given below are some of the most common reasons for a dog to shake his body:

Attention Seeking:

Some dogs may use the body shaking as a tool to get the owner’s attention. Though it is not a problem itself but it can lead to a certain behavior that can cause trouble. So, if your dog is shaking his body for the purpose of attention seeking, you should neglect it.

Shaking After a Bath:

A dog has a furry coat that can soak lots of water. The shaking after taking a bath helps him to shake off the extra water. Amazingly, the trick helps a dog to remove almost 70 percent of the excessive water. It is completely normal for all dogs and there is no need to worry. In fact, it has quite a positive effect on a dog’s health as it helps to prevent hypothermia.

Pain or Sickness:

The reasons when a dog owner should be worried is when a dog is shaking or shivering because of pain or any sickness. The problem can be as simple as a cold or fever or it can be nausea, inflammatory brain disease or seizure. If your dog is shaking or shivering because of a sickness or pain, you must contact the vet immediately.  

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Lips?

There are different types of behaviors that are quite common in dogs. Lip licking is one of these common behaviors. Some people think that a dog licks his lips just as a habit. But being a dog owner, you must know that it is not just a habit. If your dog is licking his lips, he is trying to communicate something to you. Given below are some of the most common reasons why dogs lick their lips:

Expecting a Meal:

One of the most common reasons for a dog to lick his lips is a meal expectation. Some dog behaviorists have further added to it that the lip licking is also linked to the increased salivation. If you see your dog licking his lips, you should know that he is expecting a meal.

Appeasement Gesture:

Another common reason for the behavior is for soothing someone. When a dog perceives someone as a threat, one of his reactions is trying to soothe him. He may start licking his lips and gazing away. It is a calming signal that is linked to its native attitude. He starts licking as a signal to let others know that he does not want any conflict. But it varies from one dog to another. Some dogs prefer the appeasement gesture in such situations whereas others may decide to fight the threat.


The appeasement gesture is more common in situations where a dog gets confused. For example, if you command your dog to do something and he does not understand it, he may start licking his lips. It is more common in under training dogs and puppies.

Separation Anxiety:

Dog behaviorists have observed that the dogs who have developed separation anxiety also lick their lips. You should observe your dog closely to know if he has separation anxiety problem and how he acts while you are away. The more time you will spend away from your dog, the more lip licking is expected from the dog.

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Types of Rewards for Dog Training

Training is an important phase for a dog to spend a comfortable and satisfied life. But most of the dogs are usually not interested in learning. Positive reinforcement can be very helpful in such a situation. When your dog follows your command, you should offer him a reward. There are different types of things that can be used as a reward. Some of the most common and most effective rewards are as given below:

Tasty Treats:

The most favorite reward of any dog is a tasty treat. There are different types of dog foods available in the market that can be used as a treat. But offering excessive treats and food to a dog can cause various types of health issues. So, you have to be very careful when using a tasty treat as a reward. The total amount of food should not exceed the dietary requirements of your dog. You will have to adjust the amount of food and treats you are offering your dog accordingly.

Petting and Hugging:

Another ideal reward for your dog is petting or hugging him when he completes a task successfully. It is quite effective to keep your dog interested in learning. They like the affection and attention they receive from their owners. Moreover, it helps you to develop a stronger bond with your dog.

Interactive Toys:

You can find different types of interactive toys available in the market. It can offer you a great convenience in your selection of the right types of toys for your dog. They love such toys because it keeps them busy and entertained. In addition, these toys are quite helpful for your dog’s mental exercise.

Playing Games:

Another good way to reward your dog for following your command is initiating a game after the successful completion of the task. All of the dogs love to play various types of games. There are some simple games that you can play with your dog like fetching and chasing.    

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When You Should Be Worried of Dog’s Shaking?

Dogs use their body language to convey a message, which makes it important for any dog owner to understand the signs and behavior of his dog. Shaking body is one of the important ways to understand the needs of your dog but it can be confusing. Shaking is quite common in all the dogs. There can be different reasons for different dogs to shake their bodies. Sometimes a dog may shake his body for completely normal reasons but there are few scenarios where you should be worried.

Given below are some of the reasons for a dog to shake his body when you should be worried of your dog’s shaking:


If your dog is having pain, he may start shivering and shaking. It is his effort to get rid of the pain. In some situations, it may help your dog to reduce the pain but not in all the problems leading to pain. You should touch your dog gently at various parts of his body to know where he is feeling the pain and it may also lead you to the cause of the pain.


There are different things that can cause a dog to stress out. Some dogs can even get anxious or stressed because of some very simple reasons. The reasons can be as simple as alarm beeping, getting bored or even travelling to some place in a car. In some scenarios, the issues leading to stress can be some negative experiences in the past. When the stress level of a dog gets high, he can start shaking or shivering in order to relieve the stress.


A dog may start shaking his body or shivering if he is sick. There are different illnesses that can lead to the shaking or shivering. These issues may include hypothermia, fever, nausea, distemper, kidney problems, GTS, seizure or even inflammatory brain diseases.

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Why Do Dogs Growl?

Being a dog owner, it is extremely important for you to read your dog in order to know his needs. A dog uses his body language to convey his message to the owner. If you are unable to understand the message, there can be different types of problems. Growling is such a sign in dogs that can help them to convey their message effectively. There can be various reasons for a dog to start growling including anger and frustration. If you understand the reason why your dog is growling, you can handle the situation in a better way.

Given below are some of the most common reasons for a dog to growl:

Pain or Sickness:

Pain and sickness are among the most common reasons for a dog to start growling. When a dog is having pain or some ailment, he may or may not start growling. He usually starts growling when someone is touching and poking his body. It causes the pain to increase and also make the dog confuse that can lead to the growling. It is a sign to let the person know that he should leave him alone.

Possession Issues:

It was not long ago that the dogs used to live in the wilds and had to compete against other animals to survive. It has built a natural possession behavior in dogs. Though the dogs are domesticated now but they still possess their native attributes. If they feel a threat to any of their belongings, they may get aggressive. The anxiety, fear and aggression can lead a dog to start growling.

Confusion and Fear:

When a dog is confused and afraid of someone or something, he adopts the most suitable solution which can be running away. But if running away is not possible, he may stand his ground and start growling. For example, when a dog sees a complete strange face approaching him, he may get afraid of the person. As a reaction to the situation, he will start growling to warn the stranger that he should not come closer and should leave immediately.   

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Why Do Dogs Lick People?

Whether a dog owner or not, everybody knows that dogs like to lick people. But most people do not know why they do it. Even some of the dog owners are unaware of the reasons why the dogs like to lick people. It is one of the most common behaviors of dogs and it is not something to worry about. But if your dog is licking you excessively, it can be annoying and bothering. There can be different reasons for a dog to lick people. Some of the most common reasons are as stated below:

Showing Affection:

One of the most common reasons for a dog to lick someone is showing his affection. He cannot communicate with you through words so he displays his love for you through licking you. A dog adopts this behavior from his mother. A mother licks his baby to show her affection. A dog loves to lick you on the face if he can get a chance. Otherwise, he may lick your arms, hands, legs or feet.

Instinctive Behavior:

Another common reason for dogs to lick people is their native traits. Humans have started domesticating dogs not many years ago. They are actually wild animals who had to hunt for their food when they used to live in the wilds. Puppies were unable to hunt so they used to lick their mothers to get chunks of food from her fur or around her mouth.

Seeking Your Attention:

It is not unlikely for a dog to lick his owner to seek his attention. When a dog licks his owners, he has to react. The most common reaction of an owner is petting the dog with a smiling face. This reaction can lead the dog to adopt the licking habit for attention seeking.


When a dog is not sure about something or someone, he tries to explore it through licking. Different humans taste different and a dog is a curious animal. He licks a person to explore and know more about him.

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Using Tasty Treats for Dog Training

Training a dog can be quite a hectic job if your dog is not interested in learning. But there are certain things that can turn the dull process of learning into a fun activity. Positive reinforcement can offer you a great improvement in the whole process. Rewarding your dog is an important part of the positive reinforcement. There are different types of rewards that you can use but tasty treats have a unique place. Dogs do love to eat their favorite types of food and treats. But you have to be very careful with the tasty treats and should follow the suggestions given below:

Treats and Regular Diet:

The first and foremost thing to do is to consider the regular diet of your dog. You should keep in mind the type of treats you are planning to offer your dog and his dietary requirements. Excessive food can cause various health problems to your dog. You have to adjust the amount of treats and your dog’s regular food to keep him healthy and fit. It is crucial to make sure that your dog is not having more than the required amount of food. You should offer only a small amount of treat to your dog every time you have to. Never offer him a handful of treats.

Using Treat as a Training Tool:

One of the most impressive ways to train your dog is through using a treat for instruction. For example, if you want your dog to come to you, stand at a distance and call him while holding a treat in your hand. Eventually, he will start following your commands even without any treat.

Reducing the Treats:

Once your dog starts understanding your command, you should start reducing the amount of treats. Gradually, you can stop offering him any treats. Some people think that a dog only follows your instruction if he is going to get the treat. Otherwise, he will not obey your commands. It is not right as the dogs do follow the instructions but only if they have understood the commands properly.

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