How to Crate Train Your Dog

Crate training your dog may seem uncomfortable to most dog owners but it has its own perks. It is being used by various dog trainers successfully to resolve different behavioral problems in dogs. It can be used for excessive barking, separation anxiety, excessive chewing and house training a dog. Moreover, there is no need to be uncomfortable with crate training. Your dog will stay comfortable and relax in the crate. Dogs are wild animals who used to live in dens. You can refer to the following suggestions for crate training your dog in a comfortable manner:

Select the Crate with Right Size and Style:

Selection of the right sized and styled crate is the foremost and crucial step to ensure the comfort of your dog during crate training. It should neither be very huge nor very small. If the crate is too small, your dog will not go inside because he will not be able to move easily inside the crate. You should select such a crate that is large enough so that your dog can freely move inside. There are various types of crates available in the market depending on the styles and colors. Buying a crate according to your dog’s liking can offer you a great convenience to crate train your dog.

Placing Toys and Chews Inside the Crate:

You have to make the crate comfortable enough for your dog that he should like to stay there. Placing his favorite chews and toys can make it attractive and comfortable. He will stay occupied even when you are not around. If he has nothing in his crate, he will get bored and will not like it inside the crate. He will try to stay out of the crate at any cost.

Be Gentle and Kind with Your Dog:

Crate training is a careful process that has to be proceeded with care and kindness. You have to treat your dog gently. You should never force your dog to get inside the crate. Instead, make it comfortable and attractive enough for your dog that he should like to spend time inside the crate. Moreover, you should remove all the collars and tags when he is going inside the crate.

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