Most Helpful Tips for Puppy Training

When you bring a puppy home, you have to train him to live among people. The training has a very important effect on your dog’s life so you must train him properly. Given below are some of the most helpful tips for puppy training:

House Training:

House training should be a top priority for any dog owner. It is important for your puppy to understand and follow the rules to live in the house. If your dog is not trained to follow the rules, he may pee inside the house, break stuff or even may hurt someone. Put your puppy on a proper schedule for everything whether eating, walking outside or peeing.


It is an important part of training where you make your puppy comfortable with people as well as things. It is a crucial part of training where you have to introduce your puppy to new people, places and situations. You have to do it gradually and should introduce your dog to new faces and things one by one.


It may sound inhumane to most of the people but confinement is important for your puppy’s training. You should keep him in a crate only for a few hours at a time. As he is not trained yet to live in the house without any supervision, the confinement helps you to keep him and people living in the house safe.

Positive Reinforcement:

It is very effective to train a puppy with positive reinforcement. It helps you to develop a strong bonding with your dog that is extremely important for efficient training lessons. Moreover, if your dog has any behavior problem, positive reinforcement is quite effective to resolve the issue.

Prohibit Biting:

You have to let your puppy know that biting someone is not allowed at all. When you are playing and he tries to use his mouth too hard, you should stop playing. After a few times, he will understand that he is not supposed to bite and will give up the biting.

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Best Types of Clickers for Dog Training

Whether you are adopting a dog for the first time or you already have one, you must know that it is extremely important to train a dog. If you will keep your dog at home without proper training, he may cause harm to you, people living around him or even to himself. Clickers are being used by most of the dog trainers to train them and teach them to obey your commands. Clickers are offering a great help to the trainers to train dogs in an effective and efficient manner.

As the clickers are getting more and more popular, the manufacturers are introducing new and improved clickers. You can find a variety of clickers available in the markets which may make it difficult for you to make your choice. In order to help you in your selection, best types of clickers for dog training are provided below: 

Clicker with Wrist Strap:

It is one of the most commonly used clickers and one of the oldest styles. It is a very basic clicker but highly effective. It is large enough to easily fit in your palm. It has a large button on it and comes with a wrist strap attached to it.

Smart Clickers:

Smart clickers are getting more and more popular each day. It is a clicker that can be controlled with a smartphone app. You can attach the clicker with the collar of your dog and control it through your mobile. The clickers are available with different sound settings, styles and colors.

Button-less Clickers:

A button-less clicker is known as one of the best clickers available in the market. It comes in slim and sleek design. It does not have any visible button on it. You just have to put a very small amount of pressure on it to activate it. It does not just look beautiful but it is also very effective and has an instant response to the touch. It is very lightweight and available in different styles and colors.

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How to Read Body Language of Your Dog?

Communication is important in any situation for everyone. You may have to face various problems if you are unable to communicate your message properly. The same goes for the dogs as well. They are non-verbal and use body language to convey their message. That makes it crucial for any dog owner to know and understand the body language of his dog. If you are unable to understand what your dog is trying to tell you, you both can have some serious problems. Please refer below to understand the body language of a dog:

A Playful Dog:

If your dog has bright eyes, his ears are up and he is rapidly waging his tail, he is excited and happy. He is interested in having some good time and wants to play with you.

A Confident Dog:

Perked up ears, bright eyes and head held high are the signs of a confident dog. Some of the dogs may even have a relaxed but slightly opened mouth, curl loosely and may gently swaying tail.

A Fearful Dog:

If a dog is standing very low to the ground with the tail between his legs, ears flat back and narrowed eyes, he is afraid of something or someone. Moreover, trembling is quite a common sign of a fearful dog.

An Aggressive Dog:

An Aggressive dog lung forward while he has placed his feet firmly on the ground. He has narrowed eyes, straight tail and a straight head looking directly into your eyes. An aggressive dog bares his teeth and barks in order to warn others that he can attack at any time.

A Submissive Dog:

A submissive dog usually averts his eyes with his head and ears down. He may also lick or nuzzle the owner as well as other dogs. He does so in order to show his passive intent to them. A submissive dog is also likely to roll on his back.

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Types of Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in dogs is considered as one of the most harmful but very common issues. It is quite a complicated topic because there are different factors and situations that can cause a dog to be aggressive. If you are looking for ways to treat aggression in your dog, you must take your time to know that what type of aggression your dog has. There are different types of aggression in dogs. Some of the most common types are as stated below:

Pain Caused Aggression:

Even if you have a very friendly and gentle dog, the pain can cause him to react aggressively. If your dog has an aggression because of the pain, you must handle him carefully. The aggression can even cause him to hurt you or bite you irrespective of how friendly he is.

Possessive Aggression in Dogs:

Since humans have started domesticating dogs, they have evolved a lot. Yet they are unable to completely get rid of their native traits. Possession is one of these traits. Dogs used to face fierce competitions in the wilds for their food and shelter that made them possessive. They can quickly get aggressive when it comes to their possessions.

Fear Aggression:

When a dog feels threatened by something, he tries to get away from that instantly. But if he fails to find a way to get away, he will get aggressive and will try to fight it. It is quite natural even in humans.

Predatory Aggression:

Dogs are wild animals by nature and aggression is one of their native traits. They are known as closely related to two of the most aggressive animals, coyotes and wolves. Some of the dog breeds are highly aggressive but some are known as friendly dogs. Yet, all of the dogs have the aggressive behavior whether high or very low. If your dog has a high predatory aggression, you have to be more careful. Such dogs usually do not show any signs of aggression like growling or showing their teeth and can attack promptly.

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Teach Your Children How to Handle a Dog?

If you are bringing a dog home for the first time, you and your family must be very excited. But there are certain things that you must take care of even before bringing your new friend home. You have to arrange the things he will need including his food and bed. But one of the most important things to do is to teach your children how they should behave around the dog and how they should be handling him. Given below are some of the most important suggestions for you to teach your children how to handle a dog:


You must let your children know that they should meet the new dog very gently and should not act with excitement. It can cause the dog to get nervous and he may react in some unwanted ways. You must give him some time to settle in and get used to the new place and faces.

Respect Dog’s Territory:

Respecting the dog’s territory is one of the most important things. You must teach your children that wherever the dog sleeps or rests, he considers that area as his territory. And they should not go in that area unless the dog is completely socialized and trained.

Interaction with Dog:

Once the dog is properly socialized and he is completely comfortable around kids, you can let your children interact with him. But make sure that your children should stay very careful initial few times. If the dog stays comfortable, they can even start playing with him. But always keep an eye on your dog’s behavior.

Playing With Dog:

Your children must know that they should never play rough with a dog. It can be very dangerous as the dog can get nervous or afraid of the situation and can react in some harmful ways. In most of the cases of dog bites the victims are small kids. They should play with the dog gently and never make him nervous or afraid. If they sense any such problem, they should immediately stop playing with the dog and let an adult know.

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Natural Remedies for Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in a dog can cause some serious trouble to the dog as well as to the dog owner. That is why a dog owner must take all the required measures to eliminate the problem. There are different factors for different dogs to get aggressive. That makes it important for any dog owner to carefully observe and diagnose the factors first. After the proper diagnosis of the factors, he should look for the right treatment.

There are different ways to treat the aggression in dogs including the training and medication. Relying on just one way of treatment can take longer and may not be able to offer you the desired results. Whereas combining the both can offer you the desired results at a faster pace. In some cases, a proper and carefully designed training can help you only to reduce the aggression in your dog but may fail to eliminate it completely. Provided below are some of the most useful ingredients that can help your dog to fight against the aggression successfully:

Vitamin B1 and B6:

Both of the vitamins can play a crucial role in treating dog aggression. B1 enhances body’s aptitude against stress through improving the immune system. And B6 can regulate the anxiety and mood of your dog through producing serotonin. These are known as the anti-stress vitamins and can offer your impressive results in the treatment of dog aggression.


The use of Vervain is also recommended for treating dog aggression. It helps to calm the anxiety and stress in dogs through strengthening their nervous system. You can use it with other similar herbs for the treatment without any worries.


It is one of the most useful herbs used for aggression treatment. It can provide a general boost to the nervous system that can lower the anxiety and stress in dogs. Scullcap is being used successfully for the treatment of epilepsy, nervous spasms and hysteria for many years.

Passion Flower:

Passion flower is a highly recommended herb to treat occasional anxiety and aggression that is triggered by emotional stress. It can be quite helpful to sooth the anxiety and tension in dogs and keeping them calm and relax.

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Dog’s Sleep Duration According to His Age

A dog owner usually has various concerns about his dog’s health including his sleeping habits. Mostly, the dog owners are not sure whether their dogs are getting the right amount of sleep they need or not. Some may think that their dogs are sleeping too much whereas some may think that the dogs are not getting the right amount of sleep. Normal and regular sleeping patterns are important. If your dog is not getting the right amount of sleep, he may have some illness or a problem. That is why it is important to know that how much sleep your dog should be getting according to his age.

If you are curious to know that how much sleep is right for your dog, you should have a look at the followings:

Normal Sleep Duration for Puppies:

When it comes to humans, newborn babies sleep a lot as compared to the adults. They sleep for almost the whole day. It is similar with the dogs. The puppies need a lot of sleep in their early days of life. A puppy can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day. Sleeping durations may stay the same until he is over 12 weeks old.

Normal Sleep Duration for Adult Dogs:

Adults dogs need less sleep in a day as compared to the young ones. But still, they usually spend almost half of the day sleeping. Although, there are other factors that can influence the sleep duration of a dog but commonly an adult dog needs a sleep of 12 to 14 hours a day.

Normal Sleep Duration for Senior Dogs:

Like the young ones, senior dogs also require more sleep. They usually sleep for more hours in a day as compared to the adult dogs but lesser hours than the puppies. A senior dog may sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day.

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Is It Safe to Share Your Bed with Your Dog?

Dogs are known as one of the most preferred pets all over the world. They are cute and adorable and everybody loves them. The dog owners always make sure to keep their dogs happy and satisfied with their lives. One of the most important ways to keep your dog healthy and happy is to offer him a good night sleep. Some of the dog owners even share their beds with their dogs to make them comfortable and offer them a good sleep. There are huge numbers of people who are not sure that whether it is safe to share the bed with the dogs or not.

Sharing your bed with your dog can strengthen your bonding with your dog but it can also cause various problems. So, sharing your bed with your dog is not suggested at all. Some of the most common reasons for not sharing your bed are as below:

Reduced Quality of Sleep:

If you are planning to share your bed with your dog, you should be ready to bear sleep disturbance. The dogs are known for being polyphasic sleepers and stay alert even while sleeping. The dogs may wakeup even to the lowest sound or because of the smallest movement they detect. It can cause disturbance for you and you may find it difficult to sleep in such a situation.

Health Problems:

Sharing your bed with your dog can have some health troubles for both of you. There are different types of allergies and diseases that can be transmitted from dogs to the humans and vice versa. Though, it is rare but still it is better to be cautious than to be sorry.

Behavioral Problems:

Co-sleeping can cause behavioral problems in dogs. While your dog is sharing your bed, he may consider that he is dominant to you. Moreover, sharing the bed with your dog may strengthen your bonding with your dog but it can also cause the problem of separation anxiety.

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Solution to Dog Shaking

Shaking is one of the most common behaviors in dogs. There are different reasons for a dog that can lead to the shaking and shivering. Some of the most common reasons are drying off the fur, seeking owner’s attention, cold, illness and age. Shaking body in order to dry the fur is completely normal and healthy for dogs. It helps them to prevent hypothermia. If your dog is shaking his body to dry off, there is no need to worry. But other problems require proper solutions. Solutions to the dog shaking depend on the factors that cause the problem. Given below are some of the most common solutions to the problem:

Simply Neglect The Shaking:

Some of the dogs may shake their bodies simply because they are seeking the attention of their owners. If that is the case, you should neglect the shaking completely. A dog can adopt the behavior from a previous incident of similar nature where you had attended the dog with more care. Neglecting the dog will help to convey the message to your dog that he cannot gain your attention by shaking his body. It will lead him to give up the stunt otherwise he will keep doing it.

Keep Your Dog Busy:

Some of the dogs can develop a stress related problem that can lead to the shaking and shivering. If your dog is shaking because of the stress and anxiety, the simplest solution is to keep him busy with the activities he likes. Moreover, if there are certain things or situations that can cause the stress, you can limit your dog’s exposure to these. If nothing works, taking him to a vet is the best solution.

See A Vet:

There are different types of sicknesses that can lead a dog to the shaking and shivering problem. If your dog is shaking and shivering because of any illness or pain, you should take him to see a vet immediately. He will carefully diagnose the dog and will prescribe a proper treatment accordingly.

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Is Dog Aggression Curable

If you own a dog, you may have experienced various issues related to the dog’s wellbeing throughout the years. Dog aggression is one of the most problematic issues a dog owner has to face. There are many dog owners who have no idea about the dog aggression whether the aggression is curable or not. Well, the answer to the question depends on the factors, severity and type of aggression.

The good news for the dog owners is that the aggression is curable in most cases. But there are few cases in which you cannot cure the aggression completely but you can reduce the severity and frequency of the aggression. There are different ways to treat the aggression in dogs. Sometimes relying on just one single method is not enough, you may have to combine two or more methods to achieve the desired results. Some of the most helpful ways to cure aggression in dogs are mentioned below:

Eliminate the Root Cause:

There can be different reasons and situations for a dog to get aggressive. Once you have determined the main factors and situations, you can control your dog’s exposure to these factors. It will not cure the aggression completely but it can help you to reduce and manage the aggression. You can combine this method with training or medication to successfully cure the aggression in your dog.

Training and Socialization:

Training and socialization play a crucial role in your dog’s life in various ways. If your dog has aggression problem, a carefully designed training and proper socialization can offer you very good results in eliminating the problem.

Consulting Vet and Behavior Expert:

Vet and dog behavior expert can offer you a great help in curing the aggression in your dog. A vet and behavior expert will examine your dog carefully to get to the root cause and to determine the type of aggression. There are different types of medicine that are being used for the aggression treatment. A vet may prescribe the most suitable medicine for your dog to cure the aggression. At the same time, a behavior expert can help you to come up with the most suitable training plan for your dog.

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