Types of Dog Training Collars

Using a dog collar during dog training is quite common among trainers. But at the same time, there are various dog trainers who think that using a dog collar for training is not suitable. There are different methods of training dogs. Each of dog trainers may have a different approach for dog training than others. Nonetheless, you can decide for yourself whether you should use a collar or not to train your dog. Given below are some of the most common dog collars beings used for dog training:

Choke Collar:

There are many dog trainers who prefer choke collar or choke chain to train the dogs. Though it can be used throughout the training but it is more effective for obedience training. If you are planning to use the choke collar, make sure you understand how to use it correctly. You should also test the collar first to ensure that it is working fine.

Training Harness:

It is of the most modern and useful tools to train a dog. Dog trainers prefer the training harness for teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash but it can be helpful for other types of training as well. It has quite efficient results to offer which is why it is a recommended one to train your dog.

Pinch Collar:

It is one of the most innovative and smartly designed dog training collars. It pinches the skin of your dog’s neck just like a mother dog does to discipline her puppies. The collars are designed very carefully so that it can apply the right amount of pressure to the skin. Applying more pressure can puncture the skin and lower pinching cannot be effective enough to offer the required results.

Electronic Collar:

It is one of the most advanced and effective collars to train a dog. More and more people are using electronic collars or e-collars because of the convenience to use it and the results it has to offer. Whenever you have to discipline your dog, you just have to press the button on the transmitter and your dog will receive a small but effective electric shock.

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