Solutions to the Heatstroke in Dogs

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The rising temperature in summer causes a rise in dog owner’s concerns. Heatstroke is not a problem just for humans; it can affect animals as well. Dog owners have to be more cautious about the health of their loving four-legged friends. Humans can fights against the body temperature increase more comfortably as compared to dogs because of the sweat glands on their body. Dogs have only a few glands on their paws and around nose only. Your dog can have a heatstroke if his body is generating more temperature than his ability to cool down. So, the following measures can be taken in summer to protect your dog against heatstroke:

Provide A Cool Place:

The major cause of heatstroke is humid and hot environment. If your dog is staying in a humid and warm place, he has a higher chance of getting heatstroke. When the summer starts, you can start taking the required measures to make sure that your dog will be staying in a cool place where he will have proper ventilation. Ventilation plays a crucial role to regulate the temperature.

Appropriate Shades:

Another important measure that can be taken against heatstroke is providing appropriate shades to your dog. It is suggested to arrange shades for the places where your dog stays and plays. The shades can offer a great help to keep the temperature of your dog’s body and the environment under control.

Enough Water to Drink:

Dehydration is a contributing factor to the heatstroke and adequate drinking water can eliminate the problem even before it occurs. Moreover, the water can be quite helpful for your dog to regulate his body temperature. It can offer him protection against the problem.

Reduce Your Dog’s Exercise Time:

Exercise can cause your dog’s body temperature to increase to the level where it can get harder for your body to maintain the temperature or cool down. So, consulting a vet is highly suggested in this matter. He can suggest you the exercise routine according to your dog’s breed and his exercise requirements.

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Monitoring Your Dog’s Health

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Taking care of your dog is one of the foremost responsibilities of being a dog owner. It is extremely important for any dog owner to keep his dog in the best of his health. Careful monitoring of your dog’s health can be quite helpful for the purpose. There are certain signs and symptoms that can offer you a great help to know if your dog has any health trouble. Some of the simple and convenient ways to monitor your dog’s health are as given below:

Monitoring Dog’s Ears:

If your dog has any of the following signs, he may have a trouble with his ears:

  • Ear scratching
  • Redness around the ear opening
  • Head shaking
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Head tilt
  • Ear discharging

Grooming your dog can offer you a great convenience to observe your dog’s ears for any infections, fleas or ticks. If he is showing any signs of trouble, you should take him to the vet immediately. He will observe the problem carefully and will suggest a solution accordingly.

Eyes of Your Dog:

Dog’s eyes can also let you know if he has any health issues. If you find any redness around the eyes or he has an eye discharge, your dog’s eyes may have a problem. Healthy eyes of a dog are usually symmetrical, bright and clear. But if your dog has an eye problem, he may have a squinting eye or may keep one eye closed. If you find any trouble with your dog’s eyes, you should immediately take him to the vet as the eye problems can quickly get to worse.

Problems with Dog’s Paws:

Whether you are monitoring your dog regularly or not, the paw problems are usually easy and simple to spot. Any sudden change in walking or standing posture of your dog can indicate a problem with his paws. If your dog is limping, he may have an infection or wounds on his paws. You should have a look at his paws to know if he is really having a health problem. Sometimes the limping can be simply caused by matted or tangled hair between his footpads.

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Happy Halloween Corgi Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin Note Cube

Happy Halloween Corgi Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin Note Cube


Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

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Summer is a fun time but it brings few problems with it. As the temperatures soar, dog owners may have to face a serious trouble of heatstroke in dogs. Just like humans, dogs can also be affected by the high rises in temperature. It can cause various issues including heatstroke also known as heat stress. There are very few dog owners who actually know about the heatstroke problems in dogs. It is crucial for all the dog owners to know about the problem so that they can take the required measures to protect their loving furry friend. Please refer below to know about heatstroke in dogs:

Dogs Are More Sensitive to Heat:

The owners have to be more concerned because the dogs are more sensitive to heat as compared to the humans. They do not have the ability to respond to heat as we can do. Sweat glands play vital role in regulating body temperature. Humans have the glands all over their body but not the dogs. They only have a few glands that are around their noses and in their feet. They can lose the heat and regulate their body temperature through panting or external cooling sources.

Causes of Heatstroke:

It is a state of hyperthermia that can result in heat injury to the tissues of a dog. When heat generation goes beyond the body’s ability to lose heat, your dog can get heatstroke. It is known as a very dangerous and life threating condition for a dog. Followings are some of the most common factors that can lead to the heatstroke:

  • Inadequate drinking water for the dog
  • Humid environment
  • Hot or warm environment
  • Excessive exercise
  • Improper ventilation
  • Unavailability of proper shading for the dog to rest

Other Contributing Factors:

Other than the above mentioned, there are more factors that can contribute towards the heatstroke. Knowing these factors can be helpful for the dog owners to care for their dog. Other contributing factors are:

  • Dehydration
  • Obesity
  • Thick hair coat
  • Long hair coat
  • Heart problem
  • Neurological disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Age extremes

Whatever the reason is, you just have to take an immediate action to resolve the problem and should immediately take your dog to the vet.

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Spoiled Rotten Vizsla Dog Indoor/Outdoor Floormat (24x36)

Spoiled Rotten Vizsla Dog Indoor/Outdoor Floormat (24×36)


Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

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Being a dog owner is not all about just fun as there are few problems attached to it. If you have a dog, there are various things that you have to take care of. If you are not taking proper care of your dog, it is highly likely that your dog may get sick. The sickness cannot be just the physical one; it can be mental as well. Separation anxiety is considered among the most common types of sicknesses in dogs. It is not a physical sickness as it is mostly related to sentiments of a dog.

Being a dog owner, it is important for you to know if your dog is having a separation anxiety. You can determine whether your dog has the problem or not only if you are aware of the symptoms. Given below are some of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety that can help you to ascertain if your dog has the problem:

Excessive Howling and Barking:

There are various reasons of howling and barking in dogs. One of the reasons is separation anxiety. If your dog barks and howls excessively when he is left alone, he may be suffering from the anxiety. A dog having the anxiety problem displays this kind of a behavior only when he is left alone and it is persistent.

Destructive Behavior:

Another common and most visible symptom is the destructive behavior in dogs. If your dog is suffering from the problem, he may have developed a destructive behavior. He may have started destroying your belongings. If you come home and find broken and torn items, your dog can be having a separation anxiety problem.

Urinating and Defecating:

Urinating and defecating is another problem a dog owner may have to face if his dog is suffering from the separation anxiety. If he displays such a behavior while the owner or the guardian is away, then it is triggered by separation anxiety. But if he exhibits the same even when the owner is around, it can be because of something else.

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Weimaraner Dog Throw Pillow (26x26)

Weimaraner Dog Throw Pillow (26×26)


Getting Rid of the Digging Habit in Dogs

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If you are a dog owner, you already know that there are various problems that a dog owner has to come across. Digging habit in a dog is one of such problems. There can be various reasons for a dog to develop the habit of digging. Some of the most common causes that can lead a dog to the digging habit are:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • To hide valuables
  • To cool off the heat
  • Hunting ground
  • Entertainment
  • Seeking attention
  • Escape

If you are also facing the same problem, the first and foremost thing to do is to find the root cause of the problem. Once you have ascertained the cause of the digging habit in your dog, only then you can find the right solution. You can refer below for some of the most helpful solutions to the problem:

Spend More Time With Your Dog:

One of the most helpful solutions to the digging habit in dogs is spending more time with them. Whether the digging habit is triggered by separation anxiety or boredom, it can conveniently resolve the problem. Spending more time with your dog will help to eliminate the anxiety and boredom in dog. Even if your dog is doing it to seek your attention, spending more time with him can be quite helpful to eliminate the habit.

Cool Environment:

If your dog started digging just because of the hot weather, the simple and easy solution is to provide him a cooler environment. You can arrange proper shades in your yard. In addition, make sure that he has a well ventilating space to live and play. Once the main cause to the problem is eliminated, your dog will stop spoiling your lawn.

Keep Your Dog Occupied:

Another convenient way to resolve the digging problem in dogs is by keeping them entertained and occupied. You can get a variety of dog toys and chews in the market that can be the best choices for the purpose. The toys and chews will keep your dog occupied and entertained even when you are not around.

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 Rustic 4 Labrador Retrievers Dog Photo Storage Tin PITN48249

Rustic 4 Labrador Retrievers Dog Photo Storage Tin PITN48249


Digging Habit in Dogs

Owning a dog is a joyous feeling but it can quite hectic at times. Dogs can keep you entertained and uplift your mood even if you are exhausted. But they can also create problems for you because of their behavior or habits. One of the most common problems a dog owner may have to face is a digging habit of a dog. Almost all of the dogs have the digging habit. The reasons for a dog to adopt the habit can differ from one dog to another. Some of the most common reasons are as stated below:

Separation Anxiety:

One of the most common reasons in dogs to adopt the digging habit is separation anxiety. If you are not spending time with your dog, he may have developed separation anxiety. He may start digging to stay occupied or even to get your attention.

Because of Boredom:

If your dog has to spend most of the time laying down doing nothing, he may develop the habit of digging. Dogs are active animals and like to stay occupied with various types of activities. If your dog is not getting the exercise he needs and there are no activities to keep him busy, he is likely to start digging your yard to stay busy.

To Hide Valuables:

Dogs are basically wild animals that used to hunt for food. They have a native habit of digging to hide their valuable items. In earlier days, the valuable items were used to bones and meat from their prey. But as they are socialized now, they can dig a hole to hide their toys, chews, food etc.

Cooling Down:

If the weather in your area is hot and there are no proper shades, it is highly likely that your dog starts digging your lawn. He does so because the dirt inside the hole is cooler than the upper soil. He digs up a hole so that he can lay there and cool off the heat. Areas close to water sources, trees, building foundation etc. are the most favorite spots for a dog to dig.

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Changes to Expect in Aging Dog

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Just like humans, there are different changes that you should expect in your dog as he ages. But a dog’s age differs from humans. For example, 5 years of a dog’s age is equal to 40 years of a human age. In the same manner, 8, 11, 13 and 16 years of a dog’s ages are equivalent to 55, 72, 82 and 99 of human ages respectively. The changes in dogs can differ from one another depending on various aspects. But given below are some of the most common changes that a dog owner should be expecting as the dog ages:

Decreased Activity:

Just like humans, when a dog is young, he is very active and loves to stay occupied with different activities. But as he ages, he gets slow and his activities are decreased. He may stop losing interest in various types of activities as he ages. The major cause behind the decreased activities is the metabolic rate that gets slower with the age.

Decreased Vision:

Another common change in dogs is the decreasing of vision. As a dog ages, his eye lens starts getting cloudy. It can usually lead to lenticular sclerosis that can have minor effect on your dog’s vision. But your dog may have serious vision problem if he has developed cataracts.

Nutritional Needs of an Aging Dog:

When a dog is at his prime age, he requires more calories and nutrients. But as he starts getting older, his nutrient requirements start getting lower. You will have to reduce his food intakes as if you keeping feeding your dog the same amount of food, he will get fat.

Weaker Immune System:

As the dog ages, his immune system starts getting weaker. It means that you should be expecting your dog to get sick more frequently as compared to his prime age. With the increase in your dog’s age, you will have to be more careful about his health. He can have different types of diseases if not taken care of properly. You should consult a vet to know how you can keep your dog safe and healthy. He can suggest you the right exercise and food plan according to your dog’s requirements.

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 Bernedoodle Dog Throw Pillow (14x14)

Bernedoodle Dog Throw Pillow (14×14)