Most Helpful Supplies for Dog Training

Training a dog is crucial not just for the dog but for the owner as well. It can be dangerous to keep an untrained dog at home as he has no idea how he should be reacting to various situation and people. Training can be a long and time taking process, but there are some products and supplies that can offer you a great help to boost the process. These supplies can enhance the whole training process by increasing your dog’s interest in learning. Some of the most helpful supplies for dog training are as given below:


Rewarding your dog is one of the best ways to keep your dog interested in learning. The rewards do not necessarily have to be food. There can be different things you can use as rewards like petting, hugging, games, toys, playtime etc. Your dog will develop different health problems if you keep rewarding your dog with tasty treats each time he follows your command.


Clickers are getting more and more popular each day. Reward is a good way to train your dog but combining it with a clicker can offer you a great enhancement in the whole process. The market is full of different types of clickers with respect to styles, size and color.

Calming Aid Kits:

It can be hard to train a dog if he is afraid of certain things. Different dogs have different fears that can distract them and they may lose their interest in learning. But there are different types of calming aid kits available these days. These products can be quite helpful if you have a fearful dog to train.

Playtime and Toys for Mood Enhancement:

If your dog is losing his interest in training, you can use playtime to boost his mood. Different toys can also be very helpful for the purpose. Although it can help you to enhance your dog’s mood but make sure that you are not doing it regularly as your dog may get used to it. He will get more interested in playtimes and toys rather than the training.

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Causes of Aggression in Dogs

Dogs are one of the animals people prefer the most to keep as pets. We all love dogs because they are friendly and cute. But not all of the dogs are same as some dogs are friendly but some can be aggressive. You have to be careful when it comes to dogs. Whether you already have a dog or planning to adopt one, it is important for you to know about various aspects of a dog’s life to make sure that he stays happy and healthy. Aggression is such an aspect that every dog owner must be aware of.

The aggression is a behavioral problem that is quite common in dogs. There are different factors and circumstances that can trigger the aggression in a dog. Given below are some of the most common factors that can lead to aggression:

Improper Socialization:

Socialization plays an important and crucial role in a dog’s life. If your dog is not properly trained and socialized, he may have to face various problems throughout his life including aggression. If your dog is under-socialized or not socialized at all, he may develop behavioral issues related to aggression and anxiety.

Poor Diet:

Diet is extremely important for anyone whether a human or an animal. If your dog has a poor diet, he may develop the aggression problem. A dog has certain requirements of diet to fulfill his nutrient needs. Though there are different types of dog foods available in the market but not all of the foods are suitable for all the dogs. Dietary requirements usually differ from one dog to another depending on his breed and age.

Physical Factors:

If you have a friendly dog that has suddenly become aggressive, he may have a physical trouble. It can include joint pain, injury, infections, arthritis, oral problem, ear problem etc. Older dogs have even severe cases of aggression because they are more likely to get sick.

Emotional Factors:

There are several emotional factors that can cause a dog to become aggressive. If a dog has been punished excessively, left alone more frequent for longer times, abused or neglected, he is highly likely to get aggressive. He may suffer through emotions like fear, anxiety, confusion etc.

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Buying Dog Products Online

Whether you are a dog owner or dog enthusiast, you would like to buy dog products of different types. There are different ways available these days to shop for dog products. One of the most preferred ways to buy dog products is online shopping. Recent advancements in technology have offered us various benefits and changed the way we used to interact with certain things and situations. Shopping has become one of the most technology influenced activities. There are huge numbers of stores available online for you to buy your required items without even leaving your house.

But when you are planning to buy dog products online, you must take care of few things to ensure that you are getting the right product at the right value. Given below are some important factors you must consider while shopping online:

Numbers of Products:

One of the most important things to consider is the numbers of products being offered by the online store. If the store is featuring a wide range of products, it can be a good place for shopping. But a store with just a few articles may not be a suitable place to shop. A good store always has a larger number of available products.

Prefer an Older Store:

Each day a new store debuts in the online world. But usually, the older stores can offer you better products and services as they have been doing business for quite some time. But for the new stores, it can be hard to know until you try them out.

Look for Customer Remarks and Reviews:

When you are buying a product online, you must make sure that it has positive reviews or comments from the customers who have bought it. You should always trust a store that has a positive repute among its customers.

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Sleeping Positions of Dogs and Their Personalities

Sleep is important for all living things. It helps them to freshen up and repair the damaged cells of their body. Interestingly, your dog’s sleep can offer you a great help to know more about your dog. The most important thing you can know about your dog through his sleeping habits is whether your dog is healthy or has a health problem. In addition, you can also explore his personality through his sleeping behaviors. Just like humans, dogs also have different sleeping styles and positions. Each of the styles represents a certain personality.

Some of the common sleeping styles and dog personalities are as stated below:

Sleeping Flat on Tummy:

Some dogs have a habit of sleeping flat on their tummies spreading out their arms and legs. This style of sleeping is commonly seen in the dogs that are active and constantly looking for fun activities. The dogs sleeping in this position can pop up right away and be ready to start playing instantly. Some puppies who are completely exhausted while playing can also adopt this sleeping style.

Sleeping on the Back:

Humans can cool off a lot faster as compared to the dogs. Humans have more sweat glands on their bodies as compared to the dogs. The dogs have just a few sweat glands that caused them to adopt different ways to cool off. One of the ways of cooling off the heat is sleeping on their backs while placing their paws in the air. Through sleeping in this posture, they expose their sweat glands on their paws to lower their body temperature.

Sleeping on the Side:

The dogs sleeping on the side are usually relaxed and feel more comfortable and safe in this position. These dogs may move their limbs during sleep like twitching and kicking. They sleep in this position only at their regular spots and may adopt a different position if they have to sleep at an unfamiliar or new spot.

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Signs of Aggression in Dogs

Communication holds a very important place in any relationship whether among humans or humans and pets. Dogs are unable to communicate in human language so they use their body signs to communicate their message to humans. If your dog has become aggressive, he can use various signs to let you know his intentions. It is crucial for any dog owner to know all the signs related to dog aggression. An aggressive dog can attack and bite anyone even his owner. Knowing the signs of aggression in a dog can offer him a great help to manage and control his dog.

Given below are some of the most common signs of aggression in a dog:

Greeting Manner:

Every dog has a certain way of greeting. If it is a familiar face, a friendly will greet him excitedly and happily. If he meets someone strange, he may feel a bit shy and hesitant. But if your dog has aggression problem, he may not like meeting others. Whether it is a familiar face or a stranger one, his attitude and reactions will be quite the opposite of friendly. He will be fearful and exaggerated.


There can be different factors and reasons for a dog to get aggressive. When a dog is aggressive, one of the most common and most visible sign is growling. He will start growling to warn you that whatever you are doing, you must stop it immediately and walk away.

Bared Teeth and Constant Staring:

The next common thing an aggressive dog does is direct and prolonged staring. He will also start showing his teeth to you as a warning that is going to attack you. He may keep growling, showing bared teeth and looking directly into your eyes.

Stiff Body and Wagging Tail:

Another common sign of an aggression in a dog is a stiff body. A stiff body and a wagging tail mean that the dog is in panic and can attack at any time. If the tail is low, it means that he is just fearful and in panic. But if he has raised the tail high, it means that the attack is imminent.

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Excessive Lip Licking in Dogs

A dog adopts different behaviors in his life. All the behaviors offer certain information about the dog. Lip licking is one of the most common behaviors of dogs. It can be seen in dogs of all ages and breeds. It is a normal behavior unless your dog is licking his lips excessively. Normal licking usually means that your dog is waiting for his food or he is trying to get out of a conflict. But excessive licking means that your dog is having some problem. Some of the common reasons for a dog to lick his lips excessively are as given below:

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog starts licking his lips while you are away, he is likely having an anxiety problem. In order to be certain, you will have to experiment with your dog. You should observe your dog closely that how he reacts when you are not home. The licking will get more excessive as you spend more and more time outside.

Oral Problems:

If your dog is having any oral problem, he may start licking his lips excessively. In order to make sure, you can check under his tongue and his jawline. If there is any sign of accumulated fluid or it appears swollen, it means that your dog is having a problem with his salivary glands. Oral problems usually include swollen salivary glands, periodontal disease and tooth decay.


If your dog is nauseous, it will lead him to the excessive saliva. In order to get rid of the saliva, your dog will start licking his lips excessively. If your dog stays in a condition of nausea for more than 24 hours, it can be a critical problem and you should see a vet immediately.


Different dogs react in different ways when they are feeling pain. Some of the dogs start licking their lips excessively when they are in pain. If your dog is having the problem, you should see a vet immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Training to Avoid Dog Bites

There are huge numbers of people all over the world who gets bitten by dogs each year. That makes it crucial for all the dog owners to help their dogs to prevent the problem. One of the most useful ways to avoid dog biting is proper training of your dog. Through proper training and socialization, you help your dog to lead a happy and satisfactory life without facing any inconvenience or discomfort. A dog who is not trained properly, usually has to face various troubles as he has no idea that how he should react to certain situations and around people.

Stated below are some of the most important suggestions for you that how you should train your dog to avoid dog bites:

Start at Early Age:

It is easier to train a puppy as compared to a full grown dog. It gets harder and harder as the dog ages. So, you must start the training at an early age. It is highly recommended that you should start the training when your dog is 3 to 12 weeks old.


Socialization is an extremely important part of dog’s training. It starts with the introduction of your dog to new faces. You should let your dog get comfortable with his surroundings first and then introduce him to your family members one by one. Eventually, you can start taking him out. If he does not feel comfortable outside, you should take him home. After few tries he will get comfortable with new places and new faces.

Teach Basic Commands:

During the training, you have to teach him basic commands at the start. It usually includes sit, stay, stop, no, drop etc. These are very important as through the commands he learns to obey your commands. After learning the commands, you can calm him down if he gets anxious or aggressive.

Biting is Bad:

You have to teach your dog that biting is not welcomed at all and he should not bite anyone. If he nips at you, you should immediately stop him. The basic commands like “no” or “stop” can be helpful for the purpose.In the meantime, you should visit Doggie of the Day Store if you need to buy some high quality dog products in a convenient way. It is a reliable store that has to offer a wide range of high quality dog products. You can even find a huge collection of artwork.


Most Useful Tools for Dog Training

Dog training and socialization is one of the most important phases of a dog’s life. If you want to keep your dog happy and satisfied, you must train him properly. If you are bringing a dog home for the first time, you must know all about dog training. Dog training is a very patient job and requires your time and consistency. There are few tools that are important for dog training for various reasons including controlling the dog and keeping him inline. Some of the most useful tools for dog training are as mentioned below:

Collar and Training Leash:

The foremost tools that you will need for your dog’s training are collar and leash. You can find a variety of collars and leashes in the market that makes the selection of the right ones easy for you. You must ensure the right selection depending on your dog size and his neck size. Your dog should not feel uncomfortable while wearing the collar neither it should be too loose. The leash should be long enough that you can keep your dog near. It should not be too long or too short.


Clickers can offer you a great convenience in dog’s behavior training. There are different types of clickers available these days when it comes to styles, shapes and usability. You can even find clicker apps that can work with any smartphone. You can also get a leash that comes with a clicker on it.

Toys and Games:

The markets are full of interactive toys and games specially designed for dogs. These can be very useful for your dog to train physically as well as mentally. There are some food puzzle games that can keep your dog interested as he can get rewards after solving the puzzle.

Target Sticks:

A target stick is an important part of dog training. It can let your dog know what he is required to do. You can even use the stick for teaching your dog various interesting tricks like bow and spin.

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