Signs of Aggression in Dogs

Communication holds a very important place in any relationship whether among humans or humans and pets. Dogs are unable to communicate in human language so they use their body signs to communicate their message to humans. If your dog has become aggressive, he can use various signs to let you know his intentions. It is crucial for any dog owner to know all the signs related to dog aggression. An aggressive dog can attack and bite anyone even his owner. Knowing the signs of aggression in a dog can offer him a great help to manage and control his dog.

Given below are some of the most common signs of aggression in a dog:

Greeting Manner:

Every dog has a certain way of greeting. If it is a familiar face, a friendly will greet him excitedly and happily. If he meets someone strange, he may feel a bit shy and hesitant. But if your dog has aggression problem, he may not like meeting others. Whether it is a familiar face or a stranger one, his attitude and reactions will be quite the opposite of friendly. He will be fearful and exaggerated.


There can be different factors and reasons for a dog to get aggressive. When a dog is aggressive, one of the most common and most visible sign is growling. He will start growling to warn you that whatever you are doing, you must stop it immediately and walk away.

Bared Teeth and Constant Staring:

The next common thing an aggressive dog does is direct and prolonged staring. He will also start showing his teeth to you as a warning that is going to attack you. He may keep growling, showing bared teeth and looking directly into your eyes.

Stiff Body and Wagging Tail:

Another common sign of an aggression in a dog is a stiff body. A stiff body and a wagging tail mean that the dog is in panic and can attack at any time. If the tail is low, it means that he is just fearful and in panic. But if he has raised the tail high, it means that the attack is imminent.

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