Common Allergies in Dogs

4 Dogs Playing Poker Dachshund Mousepad

Just like humans, the dogs are also prone to various types of allergies. Whether we talk about humans or animals, they all have immune systems to stay protected against various health threats. Allergies are usually caused by the overactive immune system. Sometimes the immune system considers a harmless environmental substance as a threat. In such cases, the dog starts showing allergic reactions. It can be more harmful to a dog if he is allergic to a certain substance and he swallows it.

These substances are called allergens and not all of these allergens have similar reaction in all dogs. One dog may be allergic to such a substance that is completely harmless for another one.For example, your dog may have allergic problem with a plastic toy whereas it can be completely safe for other dogs.

Any dog can have allergic reactions irrespective of age. But the young and middle-aged dogs are more likely to have greater allergic problems, whereas it is a lot less in older dogs. In similar way, some of the dog breeds are more likely to be allergic to different allergens. These breeds include Dachshund, Bulldogs, Setters, Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terriers, Boxer, Pugs, Collies, Retrievers and some other flat faced breeds.


Followings are few of the common allergens that can cause allergic reaction in dogs:

  • Different types of fabric
  • Perfumes
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Insecticidal shampoo
  • Cleaning products
  • Some food ingredients like wheat, corn, chicken, beef etc.
  • Feathers of different birds
  • Weed pollen
  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Dust
  • Rubber and plastic materials
  • Flea bites
  • Flea control products

Allergy Symptoms in Dogs:

When a dog is having an allergy problem, he will show some signs and symptoms. But some of these signs and symptoms are common and may have caused by some other problem. That makes it important to observe your dog’s overall behavior to be certain. Consulting a vet is highly suggested if your dog is showing aggressive allergic reaction. Some of the common symptoms of allergies in dogs are:

  • Red and itchy skin
  • Scabbed or moist skin
  • Ear infections
  • Itchy ears
  • Runny and itchy eyes
  • Burping
  • Increased number of bowel movements or Diarrhea
  • Excessive scratching
  • Vomiting
  • Sneezing
  • Constant licking
  • Swollen paws
  • Snoring

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4 Dogs Playing Poker Dachshund Mousepad

4 Dogs Playing Poker Dachshund Mousepad


Christmas gift ideas your dog would love

Christmas gift ideas your dog would love

All dog owners love to bring attractive goodies for their loving dogs. But Christmas is a special occasion and your four legged friend deserves a special gift. You would probably think that the markets are full of dog products but it is a Christmas gift so it has to be special. It must be something unique and attractive for your dog and having a learning prospect can add extra benefits. Followings are some of the Christmas gift ideas your dog would love.

Water Fountain for Dogs:

You can find a variety of dog fountains available in different shapes, styles and colors. It is a great way to let your dog cool down all by himself especially in summer. It is helpful for your dog as well as fun to be around and play with.

Dog House Flag:

A dog house flag can be a great gift for your dog. There are different types of flags available that make the selection easier for you. You can conveniently select a most suitable one that will enhance the looks of the dog house.

A Dog Trailer:

You must have seen different types of trailers in the market that are specially built for the dogs. These are available in different styles and sizes so that you can conveniently select the most suitable one.

Smart Puzzle Toys:

There are a huge variety of puzzle toys and games available,which makes the selection a lot easier. You know the interests and likings of your dog, so you should select a smart puzzle toy that he would love playing with. It can keep him busy for long while he is trying to solve it. It is fun and entertaining but at the same time it helps him with his mental abilities’ growth.

Plush Bedding:

You can find different types of attractive and very comfy plush beddings for your four legged buddy. It can be the best gift for your dog if you are crate training him. It will keep him to be comfortable and he will definitely love to sleep and rest in his luxurious bedding.

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Christmas gift ideas your dog would love

Christmas gift ideas your dog would love


How to secure your kids for a dangerous dog

How to secure your kids for a dangerous dog

Dogs are known as friendly and playful animals, which makes them one of the best choices to keep as pets. But not all of the dogs are friendly enough to keep at home especially around kids. If you have brought a new dog at home and he is not friendly enough then you have to take some special steps to keep the kids protected against any attack by the dog. Followings are some of the ideas to let know how to secure your kids for a dangerous dog.

Selecting the Right Breed:

Not every dog breed is suitable to keep at home, around the kids. So, you must consider the breed very carefully before bringing any dog home to ensure that you are selecting the right dog for your kids.

Training and Socializing:

The next important thing to do is to train your dog to behave properly while around kids and other people. Socializing the dog is extremely important to make the training easier and more convenient. Introduce your dog carefully and patiently to the new faces one by one. Socializing is the key to help your dog to behave.

Supervise While They Play:

Even if your dog is social, there are chances that he may get aggressive or intrigued to attack kids. Dogs are wild animal by nature and there are various reasons that can cause them to panic. So an adult must be available to supervise the both while they are playing together. He must observe and supervise them carefully and if either one of them seems uncomfortable, he should immediately act accordingly.

Teaching Your Kid How to Treat A Dog:

Just like training your dog, it is extremely important to help your kid to know that how he should treat a dog, especially when it comes to petting them. Most commonly kids start petting the dogs from above on top of his head which is not suitable. Not all, but some dogs consider it as a threat especially if they are not properly trained or socialized. So you must teach your kids to behave carefully around the dog so that he may not feel threatened in any manner.

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How to secure your kids for a dangerous dog

How to secure your kids for a dangerous dog


How to keep dog place clean

How to keep dog place clean

All the dog owners are well familiar with the problems they have to face with a dog. One of the problems is keeping the dog place clean. It is a matter of extreme important that the place where dog lives and sleeps should not be dirty. If you want to keep your dog healthy, you must keep his place clean. Followings are some of the ideas for you to know how to keep dog place clean.

Training the Dog:

The first and foremost thing to do is train your dog to keep the place clean by himself. You have to potty train your dog so that he should not pass the stool or pee in his bed. It will save you extra hassle to keep his place clean. Moreover, dogs can also pee or pass the stool at some place in your house so the training is extremely important and foremost step towards keeping the dog place clean as well as your house.

Keep Your Dog Clean:

In order to keep the dog place clean, you have to keep your dog clean. You should regularly give a bath to your dog to keep him neat and clean. The regular bathing helps your dog to stay clean, healthy and active.

Clean the Dog After Outdoor Playtime:

Dogs love to play in the yards and in the dirt and they are not afraid of getting dirty. So you have to be very careful as they may bring germs along with the dirt into your house. That is why whenever the dog stops playing outside and wants to come in the house, you should wash him first and then let him in.

Cleaning the Paws:

When bathing your dog, you must take very good care of his paws as it may still hold dirt even after bathing. So you have to wash his paws more carefully to ensure that these are completely clean.

Dog Hair:

Falling dog hair can create a huge problem for any dog owner. You can find dog hair on various things including sofa, bed, floor, rugs and even in the dog house. Getting rid of dog hair can be hard but you can make it easy and convenient by using a vacuum cleaner.

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How to keep dog place clean

How to keep dog place clean


5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

Kids love to play with dogs because they are friendly and fun loving animals. Just like kids, they love to keep having fun and playing all day long. Although, there are numbers of options available when it comes to getting a playful gift for your dog but it can be a little hectic to find such a playful gift that your kid and dog both should like. Fortunately, there are some impressive options available these days that are loved by the both. Followings are 5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs.

1- Sprinkle and Splash Mat:

A sprinkle and splash mate is an ideal playful gift for your dog as well as for your kids, especially if it is summer. It is usually a round mate similar to a plastic pool and it throws water streams in the air. Kids and dogs, both equally like to run through it and play with the water streams.

2- Ball Thrower:

There are different types of ball throwers available in the market that varies from one another depending on the style, size and colors. It keeps the ball properly gripped and offers an extra force to throw the ball at more distance with ease and convenience.

3- Garden Toys:

Kids and dogs love to play in the yards and gardens, so offering them toys that resemble a garden can be an ideal gift for both. You can conveniently find a complete pack of toys containing flowers, plants, pots, watering cane, shovel, racks etc. Such toys can keep them interested in playing and they start taking interest in gardening as well.

4- Bubble Making Machine:

Kids and dogs both love bubbles so getting them an attractive bubble making machine can be an ideal playful gift for both. You can conveniently find numbers of available bubble machines in different shapes, styles and sizes.

5- Stuffed Toys:

Who does not like stuffed toys? Getting a stuffed toy for the both can also be a good choice. There is a huge variety of stuffed toys available in the market that can offer you a great convenience in the selection.

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5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs


5 common foods a dog may choke

Every dog owner loves to treat his four legged buddy in the best possible way. But it does not mean that you should offer every food item to your dog to eat. There are different foods that are toxic or not suitable for dogs in some manner.So you have to make sure that you are keeping your dog away from such food. Followings are 5 common foods a dog may choke on.

1- Trimmed Fat:

Feeding your dog fat trimmed from meat may look normal to anyone but it can cause a dog to choke. The chances of choking because of the trimmed fat are a lot higher in puppies than the adult dogs. But it is better to not to take any chances when you have so many other food items for your loving dog.

2- Bread:

The bread is considered as a soft and easy to chew food but it can be harmful to your dog. Dogs usually have a habit of swallowing things. If your dog does not chew the bread and swallow it, it can lead him to choke.

3- Gums and Candies:

It may feel normal to you to feed candies and gums to your dog but feeding hard candies or gums are not suitable at all for dogs. You have to be very careful if you keep a bowl of hard candies on your table. Your dog may want to have a mouth full of sweet treat that can cause him choke if it stuck in his throat. Moreover, these can be toxic for dogs.

4- Trimmed Bones:

A bone trimmed from meat may seem suitable for your dog but fact of the matter is that it is not. If your dog swallows it, the bone can block his throat causing him to choke. The bones can splinter into many small pieces that even harm the throat of your dog.

5- Cooked Bones:

Just like the bones trimmed from meat, cooked bones are also not suitable for dogs, especially for the young ones. These can shatter into very small pieces that can get stuck in the throat of your four legged companion.

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Santa sleeping with dogs products

5 common foods a dog may choke

Make this Xmas something more than just a festival and holiday season. Showcase your true love this eve and make sure your love doesn’t fall short of the affection recommended for the best puppy-human relationship. How do you find the new ideas that deal with both the Christmas and your beloved pet? There are different deals of ideas that can help you make it a really cool and pet-oriented eve where you could boast of the best love in the town.

When it comes to buying Xmas gifts, the best thing that comes to mind is something related to Santa as it is one of the core emblems that showcase the jubilation of Xmas throughout the year till the time it comes again. Kids love Santa and this is where your pet is also going to love it. If the same is the case with you, of course, it would be, and then you should check out the internet for plenty of Santa related ideas. There are numerous products that can be helpful to showcase both your puppy as well as Santa. How about that? Yeah, the internet is the source to find them out.

Xmas days are full of excitement, entertainment, fun and jubilation when every face sounds happy and blessed. Everyone gets filled with love more than ever. This is where people like presenting gifts to one another and the same way they also love receiving.  People having pet dogs deserve something even more. They look to celebrate this eve in more of a kinder manner where they can also showcase their feelings in their homes. For example, they can buy Santa caps for their puppies, Santa dresses, Santa sleeping with dogs, etc.

When it comes to buying really exceptional products with top quality on every end, you are always short of choices. The internet is overwhelmed with the huge numbers of options but the main issue is the quality. Most of the online stores are selling replica products. Finding the genuine one from a trusted store could be a great deal. This is where you should check out Doggie of the Day on Amazon where numerous options are waiting for you whether you want to buy Santa sleeping with dogs greeting card, Santa sleeping with dogs canvas, Santa sleeping with dogs holiday ornament, Santa sleeping with dogs photo slate, Santa sleeping with dogs cutting board, Santa sleeping with dogs Puzzle, Santa sleeping with dogs woven throw blanket and other amazing products.

Santa sleeping with dogs

Santa sleeping with dogs