5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

Kids love to play with dogs because they are friendly and fun loving animals. Just like kids, they love to keep having fun and playing all day long. Although, there are numbers of options available when it comes to getting a playful gift for your dog but it can be a little hectic to find such a playful gift that your kid and dog both should like. Fortunately, there are some impressive options available these days that are loved by the both. Followings are 5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs.

1- Sprinkle and Splash Mat:

A sprinkle and splash mate is an ideal playful gift for your dog as well as for your kids, especially if it is summer. It is usually a round mate similar to a plastic pool and it throws water streams in the air. Kids and dogs, both equally like to run through it and play with the water streams.

2- Ball Thrower:

There are different types of ball throwers available in the market that varies from one another depending on the style, size and colors. It keeps the ball properly gripped and offers an extra force to throw the ball at more distance with ease and convenience.

3- Garden Toys:

Kids and dogs love to play in the yards and gardens, so offering them toys that resemble a garden can be an ideal gift for both. You can conveniently find a complete pack of toys containing flowers, plants, pots, watering cane, shovel, racks etc. Such toys can keep them interested in playing and they start taking interest in gardening as well.

4- Bubble Making Machine:

Kids and dogs both love bubbles so getting them an attractive bubble making machine can be an ideal playful gift for both. You can conveniently find numbers of available bubble machines in different shapes, styles and sizes.

5- Stuffed Toys:

Who does not like stuffed toys? Getting a stuffed toy for the both can also be a good choice. There is a huge variety of stuffed toys available in the market that can offer you a great convenience in the selection.

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5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs

5 playful gifts for both your kids and dogs


Best dog toys

Best dog toys

Keeping a dog healthy is easier as compared to keeping him happy and satisfied. It requires lots of efforts, tools and time. One of the tools to keep a dog happy and contented is a dog toy. You can find a wide range of different types of dog toys available in the market.  But you have to make sure that you are buying the right toy for your dog.

You have to buy such a toy that is non-toxic and safe for your dog to play with. Moreover, your dog may not like the toy you are bringing him so you may have to keep on experimenting until you find out the types of toys your dog prefers. Followings are some of the best dog toys that are fun to play with and safe for your dog.

Squeaker Tennis Ball:

Tennis balls are among the most favorite toys of dogs. They love to play with a simple ball but adding a squeaker can enhance their fun. It encourages them to keep playing with the balls that can fulfill their requirements to have exercise. You should buy a ball with a durable material as the dog will be putting the ball in his mouth. It has to be safe for the dogs and it should easily fit in his mouth.


Another best toy for a dog is a rubber flyer Frisbee. Dogs love the through and fetch games and Frisbee is one of the ideal toys for the game. You should buy a Frisbee that is made with soft rubber as the dog will be putting the Frisbee in his mouth. A hard material can harm his mouth so you have to be careful in your selection.

Glowing Toys:

You can find a wide range of glowing toys in the market. Dogs love such toys because of their attraction towards the light coming out of the toys. The toys are available in different styles and sizes, which makes the selection easier.

Chewy Toys:

A Dog loves to chew.So getting him a chewy toy can be an ideal move. You can find lots of chewy toys in different styles, sizes and shapes. You should select the one that you think will interest your dog the most.

Best dog toys

Best dog toys

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Best Dog Toys

Dogs look adorable when they are busy playing around. Dogs are known as active and playful creature. They love to play with toys.It does not just keep them busy but it is also very healthy for them. It is a form of exercise that keeps them healthy and helps in bonding.


There are different types of soft and light weight balls available in the market for dogs. These balls include soft, flexible, puncture proofballs as well as the ball made with Bounceflex technology. Balls are ideal for indoor as well outdoor activities for your dog.

Rope Tugs:

Dogs like playing around with their colorful, three knotted and short rope tugs. There are different rope tugs available but you should select a durable and nontoxic tug. Dogs love to pull and chew the tugs.It is a healthy activity of his teeth.

Floating Disks:

Another most common toy for dogs is a floating disk. You can find floating disks in different colors and sizes. You should make your selection of a flexible, soft and right size disk that should be convenient and easy for your dog to hold in his mouth.

Puzzle Games:

Puzzle games are ideal for the dogs when you want to sharpen their intelligence. There are different types of puzzle games available for you to make your selection.

Orka Chew:

It is a toy that is shaped like a “jack” and made with nontoxic flexible rubber. It has several arms that keep a dog interested in keep on chewing and playing. Each time your dog drops it, the orka chew is going to have several natural bounces because of its arms and flexible rubber.

Talking Toys:

There are different types of talking toys available these days that make different sounds when they are squeezed. The toys differ from each other depending on the shapes, sounds, color and materials. These are commonly available in animal shapes that can keep your loving dog accompanied for long.

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Best Dog Toys

Best Dog Toys