Understanding A Dog Show

Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag


If you are a dog enthusiast, you must have heard about a dog show even if you are not sure what a dog show exactly is. Dog show is not something new to the world. The shows started many years ago after people started domesticating dogs. Earlier, these shows were very small but eventually these have grown a lot. These days there are various dog shows that can vary a lot with respect to competitors and audience.

Purpose of a Dog Show:

People started domesticating dogs so that they can perform different types of jobs including guarding houses and farms, hunting. Eventually they started mating different dogs to get better and efficient breed to perform the required tasks better. The dog shows offered them the opportunity to exhibit these new breeds and dogs. It is a great platform for dog enthusiasts to admire and evaluate the dogs. But these days we bring dogs home as pets to love and play with them. These shows serve well in these situations as well. People become more aware of the dogs and breeds they did not know about.

How The Show Works:

In a dog show, the dogs are evaluated through different aspects including their looks, size, structure, temperament and how efficiently they perform a certain task. A group of judges evaluates each dog carefully. All the dogs are given points by these judges based on their performance in certain areas. In the end,the dog who gets the most point wins the best dog award.

Types of Dog Shows:

There can be different types of dog shows but these can be sum up into two major types that are as stated below:

1- All Breeds Show

As the name suggests, this type of show is for all types of dogs belonging to any breed. These shows are more common and have different criteria for evaluating a dog as compared to the special shows.

2- Special Show

The special shows are limited in nature. Not all of the dog breeds can take part in these shows. For example, if the show is for hunting dogs then only the relevant breeds can participate in such a show.

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Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag


Top 5 Skills to Teach Your Dog

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Training of a dog starts right from his birth. It is important and easier to train a dog when he is just a puppy. Training an adult or older dog can be hard. Given below are the most important and top 5 skills to teach your dog.

1- Behave:

It is a matter of extreme importance that your dog knows how to behave around people whether at home or outside. Socializing a dog can help you to overcome the issue of misbehaving of a dog. He usually misbehaves because he has no idea how to react to certain situations. The training helps him to understand and evaluate situations and act accordingly.

2- Eye Contact:

It is another very important skill that you must teach your dog. It will have some very important effects on your dog training. It will help your dog to focus on you and your commands. By making an eye contact with you, he will have his complete focus on you and will start understanding commands faster.

3- Name Calls:

Another important thing is that your dog must know and react accordingly when you are calling his name. Your dog name must be easy and short. There are certain situations where your dog must look at you and respond accordingly. He can do so only when he knows and understand his name and can respond to your call.

4- Leave It:

There are many situations where your dog maybe doing something he should not. In such a situation “leave it” command is what you need. Your dog must understand the command and should react to it immediately. It can take some time for your dog to master it but adding some rewards can speed it up.

5- Come:

It is very important that your dog instantly come running to you when you ask him to do so. It becomes even more important when you are taking your dog outside and he is not on a leash. It can help you to keep your dog safe.

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English Springer Spaniel Dog and Puppies Sleeping with Santa Pot Holder

English Springer Spaniel Dog and Puppies Sleeping with Santa Pot Holder


How to Train Your Dog to Attack

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People started domesticating dogs for various reasons including safe guarding farms, houses and animals. There are various dog breeds that are perfect for the purpose because of their natural skills and abilities. If you are going to get a dog for guarding purpose, you will have to teach him relevant skills including attacking a stranger who is trying to break in. Given below is a simple and convenient guide for you to know how to train your dog to attack.

1- Socializing Your Dog:

Many people think that a guard dog or attack dog should be left in isolation so that he becomes more aggressive and fearless. But that is not right. Any dog requires proper socialization so that he can be comfortable with his surroundings and become fearless. Isolation can cause the dog to be frightened of everything and he may start attacking anyone that comes closer because of the anxiety.

2- Teach Basic Commands to Your Dog:

Your dog must understand the very basic commands clearly. He should be able to react to the commands instantly in the exact manner you want him to. These commands can be come, sit, leave it, fetch it etc.

3- Training to Attack:

Once your dog has mastered the basic commands, it is time to move on to the actual training. It requires a high level of caution and protective measures. You should be wearing a hard protective glove while training your dog to attack. You will have to teach bark and attack commands to your dog. Always use protective gears while training your dog to attack. You will have to provoke your dog to attack.

You can start by tapping the dog’s face with the glove. He will react to it and will try to grab the glove. When he grabs the glove you should say “attack” in a clear and loud voice and then ask him to leave it. Rewards are always helpful to speed up the training. Repeat the same few times until he is ready to attack on your command.

Now place the glove away from you and ask your dog to attack it. If he does not attack, you will have to repeat the training again. It may take some time but he will learn it eventually.

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Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Christmas Boxer Dogs Holiday Ornament

Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Christmas Boxer Dogs Holiday Ornament


How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

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Dogs are known to be fun loving and active creatures but they may have to experience different problems in their lives. One of the major problems is an aggressive behavior. It is one of the most common issues experienced by dogs. There can be various reasons that can lead a dog the problem. A dog may exhibit aggression because of fear of something or someone, frustration or even territorial reasons. But the aggressive behavior in a dog is treatable. All you have to do is as follows:

What Triggers the Aggression?

The first and foremost thing to do is to understand that what triggers the aggressive behavior in your dog. You can resolve a problem successfully only if you know the root cause. You must know that whether your dog becomes aggressive around unfamiliar people or he is having trouble with a particular object or place. Once you know the root cause, you can start the treatment.

Socializing the Dog:

You can start by socializing your dog especially if he is too young. Aggressive behavior is very common in young dogs and puppies as they do not feel comfortable around strangers or at new places. Socializing can help them to become comfortable with unfamiliar faces and with their surroundings and animals. But if it is an adult dog and something else is causing the trouble, you may have to adopt a different approach.

Applying Desensitization:

If it is a certain place, object or stranger faces that are causing the aggression than you can apply desensitization method. But you have to be very patient and careful.You will have to expose your dog to his trigger slowly and gently.

For example, if your dog is not comfortable with one of your friends, you will have to make them friends. You can bring your dog to your yard or outside the house with a strong leash on. Then ask your friend to come in front of the dog but maintain a safe distance where the dog may not react instantly. When the dog starts exhibiting aggression, you can take your dog away. You will have to repeat the same few times but not in a single day. Your dog will eventually get comfortable with the person.

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Christmas Country Hearts, Stars and Candles Large Cutting Board

Christmas Country Hearts, Stars and Candles Large Cutting Board


Factors That Influence Managing Your Dog Obedience Problems

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Most people find it quite simple and easy task to have a dog but it is not as simple as they may think. Just like little babies, the dog requires lots of effort. There are many things a dog owner has to take care of in order to keep the dog healthy and happy. Managing the dog’s obedience problems is one of the issues a dog owner has to face. Stated below are some of the important factors that influence managing your dog obedience problems so that you can handle the situation in a better way.


Selection of the right breed is a foremost and essential step towards a strong relationship between the owner and the dog. Some breeds are fast learners and start obeying the owner right from the beginning and some start obeying after spending some time with the owner. But there are some breeds that are known to be aggressive and stubborn. So, make sure that you are selecting the right breed.

Lack of Knowledge:

There are many people who instantly feels the need to adopt a dog without any particular reason. They simply get a dog and later on they discover that they cannot handle him properly. So, it is never a good idea to adopt a dog without serious intentions. Make sure that you really want to get a dog and you have all the required knowledge so that you can train the dog properly.

Don’t Know How to Train a Dog:

Not all the dog owners are good dog trainers. So, if you do not know anything about training a dog, you should hire a professional who knows it well. Professionals are quite capable of training any dog belonging to any breed. They can train him according to his characteristics and requirements. They can take care of his physical exercise as well as his mental exercise.

Behavioral Problems:

Dog can adopt different habits at different stages of their lives. Sometimes these habits are unexpected but can be common in dogs like aggression and anxiety. If your dog starts exhibiting any behavioral problems, contacting a professional is highly suggested. It can offer you good results in resolving the issue faster.

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Blue Russian Cat Magnet

Blue Russian Cat Magnet


Extremely Fearful Dogs

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The dogs are commonly considered fearless and dangerous but that is not true for all dogs. There are some dog breeds that are extremely dangerous but at the same time, there are some dogs that are fearful of most things. For some dogs, it can be an accident or an incident that has made them afraid of things or people. But there are some dogs that are naturally afraid of things and people. There are ways to treat the problem so there is no need to worry if you have selected such a dog that is fearful. Given below are the extremely fearful dogs:


Pugs are cute little loving dogs. These dogs are best for you especially if you live in a small apartment. These are known for being shy and quiet. A pub is naturally afraid of many things around him. He is extremely shy by nature so he may not like to be surrounded by people. The pugs are also afraid of loud noises, cars, unfamiliar places, various objects. They also do not like to be left alone and may develop separation anxiety. A pug requires proper care and attention from his owner and needs proper training to live a comfortable life.


The breed is known for being one of the most favorites of royal families especially in China. It is a very intelligent but shy breed. These are known as great human companions but most of the Pekingese are known to be fearful of a variety of things including thunderstorms and water. They may not like to be around strangers but they can get over it eventually. They also do not feel comfortable with loud noises so you have to be careful around them.


It is a fun loving breed that is a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Poodle. The breed is known for being gentle, affectionate and active. Yorkipoo are very popular for their fast running speed and high jumping. If they are not trained properly, they can be afraid of many things including loud noises, people, cars and even water. Sometimes, they can even start shaking and shivering for no reasons leaving the owner confused.

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Miniature Pinscher Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket

Miniature Pinscher Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket


Dog Training – Everything You Need to Know


There are certain reasons that people like to get a dog as a pet. They are fun to have around and they can keep you happy and occupied with their lovable activities. But there are lots of things that you will have to teach your dog especially when you have kids at home. Training is essential for every dog so here is everything you must know about dog training:

Why You Need to Train Your Dog:

Every dog has to be trained for certain reasons. Dogs are wild by nature and they do not know how to live in a house and how to behave around people. You have to socialize a dog before he can be a part of your family. Whether you are getting a dog to keep in the house or you need one as a guard, you have to train him.

Training is a Solution to Various Dog Issues:

There can be different problems a dog may have to experience in his life. A proper training can help the dog owner to resolve the problems. Whether your dog has an aggression problem or he is suffering from separation anxiety, a proper training can help your dog to recover from the problem.

Hiring a Professional or Train Yourself:

You can select either of the options depending on your routine. If you have enough time and know how to train a dog than training him yourself is a better option. It helps to pay more attention to your dog and to create a stronger bond faster. But there are certain issues that may require a professional to handle it. For example, if your dog has developed an aggressive behavior, contacting a professional is a better choice.

How to Start:

You can start the training by helping your dog to learn how to behave. Socializing a dog is a very important part of the training. He must behave properly whether he is in the house or outside. Socializing helps your dog to be comfortable with people, other animals and with his surroundings. Then start teaching him commands to obey your order. Teach him very basic commands in the start like his name, sit, leave it etc. You have to be very careful and patient when training a dog as he may take more time to learn then you may have expected.

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Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Mug

Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Mug