Keeping Cats and Dogs Together

Most people think that cats and dogs can never be friends and cannot live together. It is true but to some extent. There are many houses where the both live in peace and harmony. Through proper training and care, it can be made possible. There are certain factors that can make it difficult to keep them together. Some of the common factors are as explained below:


Breed is the foremost thing you should consider while adopting a dog or a cat. Some breeds are friendly but not all. Friendly dogs can be trained successfully to live with cats. You will have to face the trouble with the dog breeds that have strong hunting instincts inherited from their ancestors. No matter what you do, they will always consider the cat a prey. You cannot trust these breeds and cannot leave them with cats or any other small animals. If you are planning keep the dog with cats or with other animals, select a friendly dog breed.

Living Areas:

If you keep your dog out of the house or locked in a cage his predatory instincts will get even stronger. That makes the dog more dangerous not even to the cat but to the humans as well. Such a dog will attack the cat whenever he gets the chance. Even if the dog stays calm and relax with the cat indoor, you cannot trust him to do the same when they are outside. You should always have a close eye on them even when they are in the house.

Previous Experience:

If your dog previously has some negative experience with a cat, you have to be very careful if you are planning to let them play together or live together. Even if you have a friendly dog but the cat had some negative interaction with dog, it can result in unpleasant situation. You must know the history of your dog and cat if they are pre-owned.

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