How to Relax a Nervous Dog

When you own a dog, you are the one who is responsible for him and his actions. If your dog is under training or he is unable to adjust properly to the surroundings, he can get nervous very quickly. A nervous dog can harm himself or can hurt someone else. So you must know how you can relax your dog when he gets nervous.

Help Him to Adjust:

One of the major reasons for a dog to get nervous is having trouble with adjusting to the new environment. It is not easy for all the dogs to settle in new places. If that is the case, you can help your dog to settle in the new environment. You can make a few changes to make the surrounding comfortable and friendly for your dog. You can remove the elements that bother him. But you can add the elements back slowly and one by one if you have to, so that your dog can accept that with ease.

Provide Him Proper Space:

You must provide your dog his own space where he can rest. He must have the privacy he requires. It should be an area where nobody should bother him when he is resting. You should provide him right sized bed where he can lay to rest and relax. He should also have his necessities available in his space.


One of the most important and very helpful way to relax a nervous dog is socializing. You must socialize your dog so that he can get used to his surroundings and start accepting new things. When you take a socialized dog outside, he will stay confident. But a dog that is not socialized, can quickly get nervous and can cause trouble for himself and others.

Play Time:

You must provide a proper time to your dog when he can play and exercise. It is crucial for a dog to stay happy and calm. It has positive physical and mental effects on a dog’s health. The playing and exercising causes a dog to release his anxiety and get relaxed.

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