Harmful Toxins for Dogs

Every dog owner wishes for the best of his dog’s health and satisfaction. But wishing is not enough. You have to take precautionary measures to ensure your dog’s health. One of the most important ways to keep your dog healthy is making sure that your dog is eating healthy food and staying away from toxic ingredients. There are various harmful toxins that are leading the dogs to different diseases including kidney, liver, heart and skin diseases. These toxins can also increase allergic problems in a dog. Given below are some of the most dangerous toxins for a dog:


Lead is one of the most widely used metals all over the world for various reasons and purposes. Your dog can be introduced to lead through various man-made substances and objects. Dogs like to chew objects to explore it. He may start chewing such an object that has lead in it. It is one of the most harmful toxins for your dog that is stored in the body. If your dog’s body fails to expel lead, it keeps storing it in the bones like calcium. It keeps cumulating over the long periods of time. It can damage various protective functions of body and can cause extreme problems for your dog.


Cadmium is known to be one of the largest pollutants and industrial waste all over the world. Cadmium does not have any evident benefits for a dog’s health rather known for being toxic. It is another toxic ingredient for your dog that can lead him toward different health problems. It is extremely difficult to know if your dog has been exposed to Cadmium because it has no certain taste or odor.


Mercury has various applications in our daily lives including its use in pesticides, fungicides, ink, solvents, fabric softeners, paints and batteries. Its wide uses make it very hard to keep it away from dogs. But being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dogs stay away from such products that contain Mercury.

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