Is Commercial Dog Food Safe for Your Dog

Just like humans, food is one of the basic necessities for dogs. There are several companies that are offering dog food under various brand names. We find it convenient to get to the market, buy commercial dog food and feed our dogs. But the question is whether the commercial dog food is safe for dogs or not? The plain and simple answer to the question is a big “NO”. There are various dog problems that are becoming more and more common these days. One of the major reasons for the problem is commercial dog food.

Balanced Food:

There are various companies that are selling their dog food by saying that it is completely balanced food. But the facts are quite the opposite. Each of the dog breeds has different nutrient requirements. So, a single type of food cannot be in the right balance for all the breeds. Such food is made by assuming the health requirements of an average dog. It cannot be considered a balanced diet for all the dogs. Some dogs have higher nutrient requirements and some have lower requirements than the assumed amounts.

Poor Quality Commercial Dog Food:

You can find a variety of dog food under various names. Not all of the companies are offering quality dog food. Some companies use lower quality ingredients that can be highly hazardous for your dog. Some companies even use 4D meat in their commercial dog food which is extremely harmful for any dog. The 4D meat means the meat that is availed from disabled, dying, diseased or even from dead animals. Such low quality products are usually available at very low prices to attract more and more dog owners. Never consider the price, always buy good quality commercial dog food for your loving dog.

Toxic Commercial Dog Food:

Whenever you are going to buy commercial dog food for your four legged friend, make sure to check its ingredients. There can be some ingredients that can be toxic to your dog. You must consult a vet to know the safe food for your dog and the type of food that can be toxic. 

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