Using Tag Collars to Keep your Dog Safe

If you own a dog, you already know how much a dog means to his owner. We love to take our dogs out for various types of activities including walks, play games, shopping, vacationing and more. But there is a constant threat that the dog may get confused or anxious and run away. Some dogs even have a habit of running away from homes. We all are well aware that what happens to a dog that gets lost or runs away. A collar with a tag can be quite helpful to ensure your dog’s safe return if he runs away.

There are various types of collars available in the market. Each of the collars varies from one another depending on the shapes, colors, sizes and features. You can either visit your local market or get one from an online store, whatever suits you the most. It is suggested to make your selection depending on your dog’s liking. Your dog will wear it only if he likes it otherwise you will have to put an extra effort to make him wear the tag. Given below are two basic types of tags available in the market depending on the features.

Simple Tags:

These tags are old ones that have been present in the market for a long time. These tags are available in a variety of styles and colors. These tags contain a sticker or similar space for you to write some important information. You can write your dog’s name on the tag accompanied by your own name, contact number or even address. It can help someone to get to you in case he finds your lost dog.

Microchip Tags:

Latest advancements have brought various conveniences and advantages for us. These days you can easily find an attractive dog collar with a tag that is patched with a microchip. It is a GPS microchip that can help you to instantly track your lost dog. You can instantly access your dog’s location from anywhere even from your cell phone.

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