How to Intervene Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

There are several reasons for dog aggression toward other dogs. Being a dog owner, you must know the reasons and how you can help your dog against the aggression. Common reasons for a dog to get aggressive to other dogs include lack of socialization, lack of training and anxiety. Dog aggression can be very dangerous and intervening the situation can be very risky. If you ever encounter such a problem, you can consider the following suggestions to intervene dog aggression towards other dogs:

Keep Your Dog Under Control:

You should keep your dog on leash whenever leaving the house. Keep the leash long enough that your dog can walk easily and you can instantly take control if necessary. You should always keep him in front of you. Whenever he is walking nearby another dog, observe body language of both dogs. If you find anything suspicious, instantly take control of the situation by pulling the leash and breaking their focus.

Ask Him to Stop:

If the situation starts developing towards aggression, instantly command your dog to stop. This will only work if your dog is properly trained to follow your commands promptly. If the dog is not trained to follow your commands, you may have to face some trouble. The training plays a crucial role in your dog’s life to stay satisfied and obey your commands. That is why you should take your dog out only when he is trained.

Spray a Solution That Your Dog Hates:

It is one of the most effective ways to intervene a dog aggression. As a dog owner, you must know the things that your dog hates. You should keep such a spray with you while taking your dog out. If you have to face dog aggression, you can spray the solution on your dog to intervene the aggression towards other dogs. Lemon sprays can be quite handy for the purpose. Most dogs hate lemon sprays. You can conveniently find such a spray in your local market.

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