Excessive Barking To Get Something

Some dogs have a habit of barking when they need something. For example, if your dog wants you to take him out, he may start barking. Some dogs may even bark after having their meals. They bark in order to get more meal if they like the taste. Excessive barking is not good for your dog and you must get rid of the trouble as early as you can. If your dog has a habit of barking to get something, given below are a few suggestions for you to get rid of the problem:

Ignoring Your Dog:

Most dog owners love to show affection to their dogs. It is good but can also lead to various problems including excessive barking. If a dog starts barking to get something, the owner may quickly fulfill his desire. The dog may adopt it as a habit to get the desired. Best way to handle this is ignoring the dog. Whenever he starts barking, you must behave like you do not care or not even listening to him. He will drop the excessive barking eventually as it would not be proving any good for the purpose.


Punishment is even better if it is suitable for your dog. It should not be a physical punishment but the mental. It is basically a sign to let your dog know that if he does not start behaving, he will be punished. It can be anything like asking your dog to leave the room. You should keep him out of the room until he starts behaving. He will eventually understand that he is being punished for his barking and will drop the act.


Training plays a key role in your dog’s behavior. During training, you teach him commands like stop, quiet, go etc. He must be trained properly so that he can understand the commands clearly and should act instantly. Whenever he starts barking, ask him to stop or be quiet.

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