Dog Barking at Phone Ring

Some dogs develop a weird habit of barking when they hear phone ringing. There are several factors that may have led your dog to develop the habit of barking at phone. It can be an annoying habit but luckily it is treatable. Treating this type of barking habit is simpler and convenient as compared to other types of excessive barking habits. Given below are some of the helpful suggestions for you to break the habit of your dog’s barking on phone rings:

Reduce the Volume or Change The Tone:

Just like most humans, dogs find loud noises disturbing that may lead them to the barking habit. Moreover, there are various types of ring tones available in phones. If the volume of your phone’s ring tone is very loud, you can try reducing it. If it does not work for your dog, you can try changing the ring tone. You can play all the tones to see your dog’s reaction. You should select the one that keeps your dog calm and he does not react in barking.

Never Rush to Pick the Phone:

If you have a habit of rushing to pick the phone when it rings, you should stop this immediately. Your dog may think of it as an exciting activity and would like to join you. He may even think of it as playtime. You should act normally and calm when the phone rings. Calmly go to the phone and attend the call.

Never Reward the Dog When He Barks at The Phone Rings:

If you reward your dog while picking up the phone, he may make it a habit. The rewards can be a tasty treat or even a simple petting at your dog’s head. He will start barking every time your phone rings to enjoy the rewards he may receive. That is why you should never reward your dog when he barks at the phone’s ring.

Teaching Basic Commands:

You must train your dog properly and teach him to act quickly to your command. You should start training with basic commands like stop, come, go, quite etc. So, whenever your dog starts barking, you should ask him to be quiet or stop.

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