Settings the Rules for House Dogs

Humans have been domesticating dogs for several years. But the dogs still are wild animals born with their native instincts and characteristics granted them by nature. Dogs cannot live in a human environment. We have to train the dogs to act and behave properly in human society. Setting the rules is a matter of extreme importance if you want your dog to behave properly in human environment or society. It starts right from the time when you bring a new puppy home. Setting the house rules is crucial at various levels including the safety of the dog, family members and the house.

Some of the important rules to set for your new puppy are as under:

Establishing Living Area for Your Dog:

It is important for your dog to know and understand that he has a certain area to live and sleep in the house. It has to be an area separate from the place where your family members sleep. Though most people like to keep their loving dogs with them even when they are sleeping but it is not the right thing to do. Sleeping in the same space or room can lead to various behavioral problems. That is why your dog should be assigned a separate living and sleeping space with his own bed.


Training is an important phase of a dog’s life who has to settle in human society. If your dog is not trained properly, it will lead to various problems not just for the humans but also for the dogs. But there are certain things to ensure for the purpose. Always train your dog in a safe and peaceful environment. Select the most appropriate time for training and follow the schedule.

Protect Your Dog From Boredom:

Boredom can lead to various physical and mental problems in a dog. That makes it vital to ensure that your dog stays busy and occupied with the activities that he likes. Other than providing him the basic necessities, you should also get him chews and toys to keep him busy while you are not home.

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