When Dog Barking Can Be a Problem?

Just like walking and running, barking is a completely natural action of a dog. Usually, a barking dog does not mean any problem. But there are certain situations where barking can be a sign of a problem or the situation may lead to an unpleasant incident. Given below are some of the common reasons for a barking dog that can be problematic:

Feeling Threatened:

There are various situations when your dog may feel threatened. Your dog may not be comfortable enough with new faces and he may feel threatened when someone unknown to him enters your house. He may feel threatened and may start barking aggressively. You must control the situation and resolve the tension otherwise it can have a very hurtful ending.

Separation Anxiety:

Another common reason for excessive barking in dogs is separation anxiety. If you own a dog, you must give him proper time even if you are a busy person. If you cannot manage enough time, you should not get a dog. You must make time to play with your dog and to make him comfortable with his life.

Health Problem:

If your dog usually does not bark excessively and have suddenly started barking too much, he may have some health problem. If he is having any health problem, he may bark because of the pain he is feeling. He may also seek your attention to resolve the problem. If your dog is having a health problem, his usual activities will also be disturbed. Your dog may not be eating properly, he may not be able to rest and may even lose interest in playing.


Excessive barking because of boredom may seem normal to most dog owners. But it is not normal as it can lead to serious health problems in a dog. So, if your dog has developed excessive barking habit because of boredom, you must resolve it effectively.

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