Contributing Factors to Recall Problem

There are several dog owners who have trouble with their dog while calling them. Majority of these dog owners do not have to face recall problem at home. Their dogs quickly react to their call when they are at home. But it is a completely different story when they are outside. There are several reasons that can lead to the recalling problem. Some of the common factors of recalling problem are as stated below:

Training Environment:

Training is crucial for any dog to behave around people in a human environment. It is highly recommended that you should start training your dog in a peaceful environment where your dog should not be distracted. But you should not teach your dog everything in the same environment. Your dog has to go out in an environment that is going to be quite different than the place of training. So you have to train your dog accordingly. If your dog is not reacting to your call when he is outside, he would have not been trained in such an environment.

He can completely focus on your command when you are training him in a quiet and peaceful place. There are no objects or voices to distract him. But when he is outside, his surroundings keep him distracted. That is why it is important to train your dog in every environment that he has to face.

Poor Recall Training:

Another factor can be poor training for recall and other commands. You have to make sure that you have taught a strong recall to your dog. He has to quickly respond to your call in any environment. Your dog should instantly focus and respond to your commands whether he is in a quiet place or a surrounding full of people and traffic noises.

Wrong Training Schedule:

Always pick the best time for training your dog. It has to be the time when your dog is fresh and active. You should not select a time when your dog is exhausted and have no interest in training. If you train your dog at the wrong time, he will not respond to any of your commands and will learn to ignore you completely.

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