Elements of Effective Communication for Dog Training

Dogs are smart animals and they can convenient adapt to various situations. Some dogs learn fast, others require more time and effort. Irrespective of the dog breed, effective communication plays a crucial role in dog training. If you fail to communicate effectively and clearly, your dog will not understand what you are trying to tell him. The dogs use their body movements to communicate their message. They can never be verbal animals. Dogs cannot understand the meanings of words. They are smart animals who co-relate or link the words with the owner’s tone of voice, facial expression and body movement or gesture.

So, if you want clear and effective communication for your dog training, you must understand the following elements of effective communication:

Interest and Attention:

When your dog does something good, you smile and pat him. He remembers these signs and links your gestures to your happiness and satisfaction. He will repeatedly try to do the things that please you to enjoy your reaction. In similar fashion, he links your gestures, body movements and vocal tones to your words. If you are not taking interest in dog training and not paying proper attention, he may link wrong signs with wrong words. It can result in a failure of training. That is why you have to take interest in the training and should be paying attention to the dog throughout the training session.

Body Language:

While training your dog, you are basically playing the role of a leader and a guide. So, you have to be clear and confident while training your dog. Your body movements and gestures should be clear to your dog. You must be calm and confident throughout the training. Your expressions should really depict what you are asking your dog to do.

Act Patiently and Calmly:

You must understand the fact that dog training is not a simple task. It will take time and you will have to repeat a single command many times. At various occasions, your dog will not act or perform as you would have expected or wanted. But you must always act patiently and stay calm throughout the training sessions. If you would act in anger, your expressions will not match to the command you are giving your dog.

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