Toys Suitable for Dogs

Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin

A dog is an active and playful creature who loves to stay occupied with fun activities all day long. Toys are among the most favorite belongings of a dog. The market is full of a huge variety of toys made specifically for dogs. When selecting a toy for your loving dog, you have to be careful as not all of the available toys are safe for the dogs. Some of the toys consist of such a material that can be harmful to your dog. Followings are some of the toys suitable for dogs:

Floating Disks:

Floating disks are among the most common and suitable toys for the dogs. Dogs like to play with the disks but these are suitable for outdoor games only. You can find a huge variety of floating disks available in the market. That offers a convenience to select the most suitable disk. You should make your selection of a flexible, soft and right size disk that should be convenient and easy for your dog to hold in his mouth.


There are different types of soft and light weight balls available in the market for dogs. These balls include soft, flexible, puncture proofballs as well as the ball made with Bounceflex technology. Balls are ideal for indoor as well outdoor activities for your dog. Make your selection depending on your dog’s likings as well as the size of the ball.

Rope Tugs:

A rope tug is a good choice for younger dogs as well as for adults. Dogs love to pull and chew the tugs. It is a healthy activity of his teeth.Dogs like playing around with their colorful, three knotted and short rope tugs. There are different rope tugs available but you should select a durable and nontoxic tug.

Glowing Toys:

Dogs love glowing toys because they are attracted towards light. There is a huge variety of glowing toys available in the market. But some of these toys are not suitable for young puppies so be very careful while selecting a glowing toy.

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Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin

Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin


Is It Safe to Eat Dog Food

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Because of one reason or another, the question may have come to your mind at least once in your life if you own a dog. There are many pet owners who are curious to know that is it safe to eat dog food or not. You just pour the dog food in his bowl and he quickly comes running for it. Or you might be just thinking that how the food tastes like that your dog loves it so much. Please refer to the followings to know whether it is safe to eat your dog’s food or not:

Content of Dog Food:

Whenever you are buying any dog food, you can find the content of the food given at the packing. The most common contents you can find in a dog food are rice, vegetables, wheat and meat. These are the products that are regularly consumed by humans and known to be healthy. In addition, to offer a better health to the dogs, the companies add some extra minerals and vitamins in the foods.

So, it may seem a good idea to consume dog food but the fact of the matter is that it may not be suitable for human consumption. You have no idea that what quality of meat is used to make the food. Commonly, the meat used to make pet food is the one that is rejected by slaughterhouse for humans that may include organs and offal.

Quality of Dog Food:

There are many companies that may market their dog food as human-grade but the food is never patented that way and there are no defined standards for it. Most commonly the quality of dog food is lower than the one required for human consumption. But the foods are safe and do not have any harmful or poisonous contents.


The dog foods are specifically made for dog consumption keeping their diet requirements in view. But the human diet requirements differ from dogs whether vitamins, minerals or fat. So the dog food is not safe for humans to consume as it may contain lower quality contents or unsuitable contents for humans.

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Home of 4 American Eskimos Dogs Playing Poker Pillow 26x26

Home of 4 American Eskimos Dogs Playing Poker Pillow 26×26


Most Affectionate Dogs

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Dogs are highly popular among pet lovers due to various reasons. One of the reasons is being affectionate. We all adore and love it when a dog shows affection towards his master. There are some breeds that are known for aggression but there are many breeds that are highly popular because of their affectionate behavior. Given below are some of the most affectionate dog breeds for your considerations:


Labrador is a very cute and lovable dog who instantly becomes familiar with anyone he meets. The breed is known for its high affection not just for the owner but also to the kids. They love nature and playing games. A Labrador requires a reasonable amount of exercise on regular basis to stay fit and healthy.

American Pitbull:

The breed is known as friendly and very loyal to the master. They are also known by the name of “nanny dog” because of their love and affection for the kids. American Pitbull is a very affectionate and loyal breed and completely fun to keep around kids.

Golden Retriever:

The breed is highly popular among adults as well as kids because of certain reasons. The big dog is known for being friendly and affectionate. The dog always welcomes the owner by jumping around and wagging tail to show his happiness and affection.

Bichon Frisé:

The cheerful and gorgeous dog is highly popular for being affectionate and friendly. The breed is known for its clownish behavior and fun loving nature. They are completely safe to keep in a house around kids because of their affectionate and cheerful behavior.


Dalmatian is one of the most popular breeds all over the world. The black dotted dogs are known for their affectionate behavior. They love to play around and have lots of fun. In earlier years, the dogs were bred for work purpose.

Bedlington Terrier:

Commonly the terrier breeds are known for being aggressive and unsafe especially for kids. But the Bedlington terrier breed is completely different from all those breeds. The breed is very affectionate, cheerful and loves to stay close to the owner.

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Home of English Springer Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker Mug and Coaster Set

Home of English Springer Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker Mug and Coaster Set


How to Choose the Best Dog for You

Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board

Dog is not something that you can just instantly buy from a market and place it in a corner of your house. There are certain factors that you have to consider before bringing a dog to your house. One of the important factors is selection of the right dog breed. Not every dog can be suitable for you as you may have different ideas of the dog but the dog you have brought may have different nature. You have to consider the followings to choose the best dog for you:

Purpose of the Dog:

The first and foremost thing to consider is that why you really need a dog? Whether you need a dog for your kids or you need a guard dog? Both types of dogs differ from each other in various characteristics. The one suitable to keep as a guard dog is definitely not suitable to keep around the kids. In similar fashion, you cannot keep a friendly dog to guard your house.

Exercise Requirements:

Another important factor to consider is the exercise required by a dog. If you have lots of spare time to play with your dog then you can select such a dog that requires lots of regular exercise. Otherwise, you must select a dog that can stay fit and healthy even with a little exercise.


If you need a dog to keep in the house, it must be easily trainable but if you need a dog for safeguarding, a dog hard to train can work for you. There are various things that you have to teach a dog if you want to keep it around your kids. So, you should select a dog that can be trained with ease and convenience.


If you have to move around too frequent, you must select such a dog that can easily and quickly get used to the new environment. Usually, the dogs do not feel comfortable with new places and it can take them long to adjust. So, making the right selection is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

If you are a dog owner, you must be looking for some attractive dog products to decorate your house. You can visit Doggie of the Day on Amazon that can offer you a great convenience in shopping for the right products for your house. You can even find a variety of artwork at the store including the famous dogs playing poker series as well as numerous other paintings and sketches by popular painters.

Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board

Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board