How to find the best trainer online

Rhodesian Ridgeback Spoiled Rotten Dog Throw Pillow (18x18)

By nature, dogs are savage animals who love to roam around and hunt. So, in order to keep them at home, they are required a certain training. Although, you can train your dog yourself but it is a time taking process and requires proper understanding of dog behavior. The best option for you is to let the professionals handle it. There are many dog trainers available these days but you cannot select just any dog trainer.The training is going to have everlasting effects on your dog. Given below are some suggestions that can help you to find the best dog trainer online:

Select a Trainer Nearby:

You should try to look for a dog training center that is close to your house. Taking your dog to a distant training center can be hectic and managing so much time can be a huge problem for you. If you have a trainer nearby, it can offer you a huge convenience to take your dog there without much of a hassle.

Conduct a Thorough Search:

Through your search online, you can find numerous dog trainers but make sure that you are making a proper search and not just selecting the first one that comes before you. There are various websites and search engines that can offer you a great convenience in your search. Visit the trainers’ websites and also search through search engines and directories.

Look for Reviews and Ratings:

Different search engines and directories offer you more than mere web addresses and names. You can also get to the ratings and rankings of the trainers as well as reviews from the previous customers. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you are selecting the right dog trainer.

Positive Reinforcement:

Make sure to select the dog training center that has a positive reinforcement. Earlier, people used to think that punishing the dog can offer better and faster results in training but it does not. The facts are on the contrary. Loving and encouraging dogs have offered better results and helped to fasten up the training process.

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 Rhodesian Ridgeback Spoiled Rotten Dog Throw Pillow (18x18)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Spoiled Rotten Dog Throw Pillow (18×18)


How to Celebrate New Year with Your New Pooch

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New Years is all about celebration, parties, fireworks and fun. Dog owners like to include their loving furry friends in all fun activities, so why not the New Year. Whether you have just brought a new pooch to your house or already have one, given below are some fun ways to celebrate New Year with your dog:

Giving Him a Nice and Cozy Bath:

You can start the celebration by giving a nice and warm bath to your loving dog. It is a nice way to start the joyous event of New Year. Keeping your dog neat and clean can offer you a great help to keep your dog fresh, active and healthy.

Dressing-up for The Evening:

There are plenty of outfits available in the market made for dogs especially for New Year celebration. You can either visit your local market or look online for the most suitable dress for your dog. Make sure that it is the right fit and your dog likes the dress. He should not feel uncomfortable while wearing that outfit.

Getting Out to Have Fun:

Once your pooch has taken a bath and dressed up, it is time to go out. There are numerous options available for dog owners where they can take their dogs to enjoy the evening. You can either look for a nice dog park or a dog friendly beach to take your dog. Visiting a new place is always suggested.

Playing Games with Your Dog:

It is another fun activity for New Year evening. You can either play your dog’s favorite game or can even try some new games. Playing games at home is more secure and safer for dogs. Indoor games are highly suggested especially if your dog gets nervous and angry too quick while around firework explosives or loud noises.

A Baking Treat:

If you know how to bake your dog’s favorite cookies, it is one of the best options for you to celebrate New Year eve with your pooch. Even if you do not know how to bake, you can search online for recipes.

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Home of Tibetan Mastiffs 4 Dogs Playing Poker Throw Pillow (18x18)

Home of Tibetan Mastiffs 4 Dogs Playing Poker Throw Pillow (18×18)


10 New Year Pet Resolutions for Dogs

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New Year resolutions are not limited to humans only as it is an ideal time for pets as well to make required changes to their routines. There are several New Year resolution ideas including the top 10 New Year pet resolutions ideas for dogs:

1-Joining Training Classes:

New Year is an ideal time to start afresh by joining a training class. There can be several reasons for your dog to join a training class and it can offer numerous advantages especially if you have a young puppy.

2- Trying New Activities:

If your dog does not seem happy with his routine, it is time to try out new activities. You can try several activities that were not on the list earlier and look for the ones that your dog enjoys the most.

3- More Exercise:

If your dog has more weight than what is supposed to have, then it is time to start exercising more. It will help your dog to lose weight and stay fit.

4- More Time Together:

If you were unable to spend more time with your dog, then you must pass the resolution to spend more time together this year to keep him happy.

5- Visiting Vet More Often:

Visiting a vet is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog stays healthy. You must ensure to maintain the checkups schedule given by the vet.

6- Going on Vacations:

Just like humans, the dogs love to visit new places. You can add new dog friendly places to your list of vacation destinations this year.

7- Selecting More Appropriate Food:

Diet plays an important role to keep your dog healthy and active. So, make sure to feed your dog only the most suitable food according to his diet requirements.

8- Have a Cleaning Day:

It is crucial to provide a clean environment to your dog. So, select a day in a week as a cleaning day when you should clean all the belongings of your loving dog.

9- Eating Less:

If your dog is overweight, you must make sure that he eats only enough food that fulfills his diet requirements not more than that.

10- More Play Time:

If your dog usually has less time to play, you can offer him more playtime this year to keep him healthy, active and happy.

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Norwegian Forest Cats Mug and Coaster Set

Norwegian Forest Cats Mug and Coaster Set


Keeping Your Dog Safe this New Years

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

It is extremely important for all dog owners to take proper care of their four-legged friends. It becomes even more important when there is any party going on in your neighborhood. New Year eve is known for fun, joys and New Year resolutions. But it is also known for parties, fireworks and loud noises that can cause trouble for your dog. The followings are some suggestions for you for keeping your dog safe this New Year eve:

Avoid Taking Your Dog Out:

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe is not taking him out at all on New Year’s Eve. Keeping your dog at home will offer you a great convenience in this regard. Your dog may not hear firework explosives, loud music or any other loud noises that could have caused trouble or make him nervous.

Evening Walks:

It is a good idea to take your dog out early for his routine evening walk. You can take him out at around 5 or even earlier so that he can complete his walk in time and you can take him back home early.

Keep Him Relaxed:

If you think that your dog is not feeling comfortable even at home, you can get him his favorite meal and plenty of water. It can help him to relax and be comfortable. Furthermore, you can offer him some extra treats for the evening.

Keep Him Occupied:

There are plenty of activities that can keep your dog occupied. You can play his favorite games with him or can even get him his favorite toys. It can keep him busy and relaxed.

Taking Him Out on New Year’s Eve:

Some people love to involve their loving pets in such fun activities. If you want to take your dog out on the eve, make sure to keep a close watch. Use a short leash and keep him in your sight at all times. It will help you to take control if your dog starts feeling uncomfortable or nervous.

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What foods may be liked by a dog

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Food is one of the basic needs of all living things whether humans, animals or plants. Just like humans, dogs also have certain favorite foods. But when it comes to the likings, it can vary from one dog to another. Some dogs may like one food but others may hate to eat it. Given below are some of the most common foods your dog may like:

Raw Meat:

Raw meat is one of the most common diets of dogs of all breeds. All of the dogs like to have raw meat at times. Some dogs like it more than others and may love to have raw meat on daily basis. But it is not a suitable diet to have on daily basis. So, make sure that you are giving only the quantity that is suitable for your dog.


Although, milk is not considered as one of the best food choices for your dog but it is one of the most favorite foods of dogs. It is safe for most types of dogs but not for all. It can be hard to digest for some dogs and can cause stomach problems. You should give it to your dog only if he can digest it without any trouble.

Processed Food:

There are numerous companies all over the world that are offering processed food for dogs. But not all of the companies are offering good quality and safe food so you have to be very careful in your selection. It is the most loved type of diet for dogs. Moreover, if you have selected the right one, it can fulfill the diet requirements of your dog and can keep him healthy and active.

Fruits and Vegetables:

There are different types of fruits and vegetables that are loved by most dogs. Carrot, spinach, broccoli, apple, banana and strawberries are some of the most favorite foods of dogs. These are also considered as one of the best and safest sources of vitamins and minerals for your dog. But you have to be careful with the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables.

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 Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set

Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set


Why a dog should not be left alone at home

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Owning a dog is not as simple as it may sound as there are certain things the owner has to take care of. There are many dog owners who keep their dogs locked at home even when they are going just for a walk or to shop. But there are certain reasons that why a dog should not be left alone at home. Given below are some of the common reasons that why you should not leave your dog alone at home.


All the dog owners know the importance of socializing a dog. If your dog is not socialized, you cannot keep him around people, especially kids.  He may not be able to behave around them and feel threatened. One of the important steps in socializing a dog is taking him out and introducing him to the new places, things and people. Leaving him alone at home is a huge hurdle in socializing a dog as he will never be comfortable to any changes or to new people.

Lack of Experience and Learning:

Just like humans, experience is extremely important for dogs as well. If you will keep your dog locked up in the house, he will not be able to experience new things and learn. Experience is an important part of learning. So, if you want your dog to be comfortable with new things and to learn, you should not keep him locked in the house.


Boredom can seriously hurt the mental health of your dog as well as physical health. Solitude can cause a dog to develop anxiety and he may become dangerous for your guests and can also harm himself. Dogs are simply not made to stay idle. They like to stay active and play around. For the purpose, they may do something completely unsuitable or even harmful.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is very common in the dogs who have to stay home most of their lives. It can be very harmful for the dogs and can lead to various health hazards. A dog suffering from separation anxiety may even lose his appetite and interest in the activities he used to love the most.

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French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas

French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas


5 ways to socialize a dog fast

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When you bring a new dog to your house, you have to train and socialize him. There are various factors that make it crucial for the dog owners to socialize their dogs. There are some dog breeds that can be socialized with quite ease and comfort but some breeds are very difficult to socialize. So, before bringing a dog to your home, you should select a breed that is easier to train and socialize. Although, socializing is continues process but given below are 5 ways to socialize a dog fast with ease and convenience:

First Introductions:

When you bring a dog to your house for the first time, you have to introduce him to your family very carefully. The first introductions are very important for your dog so you have to be careful and patient. You should introduce your dog to your family members one by one. Introducing him to all of the members at once may cause panic and the dog may perceive it as a threat.

Introducing Other Animals:

Dogs are very conscious about their territories and do not like other dogs or animals interfering their territories. So, introducing other animals to your dog can be harder than introducing your family members. Introducing your dog to other animals is very important even if you do not have any other pets at your home. When you take your dog out for a walk, he can see different animals and can panic. You can take your dog to a park where you can introduce him to different pets that are safe and will behave properly.

Social Activities:

You must take your dog out to expose him to various social activities. It can speed up the process of socializing. But you have to be very careful and cannot rush the things. You should take your dog out near to your house at first and gradually keep adding new places and activities to the list. You should wait for a day or two to introduce your dog to something new until your dog gets comfortable and familiar with the current activity. Taking him to parks, walks, shopping, gym etc.are some healthy social activities to socialize your dog fast.

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 Miniature Schnauzer Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set

Miniature Schnauzer Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set



How to decorate a dog house

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If you have a beautifully decorated room, you must have been receiving lots of appreciation and compliments. Everybody likes a beautiful and well-decorated house. It is similar with your dog and your dog house. All the dog owners like to make their dog houses look beautiful and attractive by decorating the houses in the best possible ways. There are different ways to decorate a dog house and there is a wide range of items available that can help you to decorate the dog house. Some of the suggestions are as mentioned below:

Selecting the Right Dog House:

The first and foremost thing to do is selecting the right dog house. You can find a variety of dog houses available in the market. The houses differ from each other with respect to the styles, sizes and colors. Selecting a dog house just based on a single factor is not suggested. You must consider all the factors to select the most suitable dog house. It has to be spacious for your dog but at the same time, it has to look attractive. Beautifully made dog house requires less effort to decorate it.

Adding Decorative Elements to Dog House:

There are huge numbers of decorative products available these days that are specifically made for the dog houses. Adding the decorative elements can enhance the overall looks of the dog house and can make it quite attractive. But you have to be very careful and precise as stuffing the dog house with random and too many items can make it look ugly and discomforting instead of making it attractive. You have to select the right products in the right quantity. Moreover, you have to place the right items at the most suitable and convenient spot.

You can add a beautiful dog house flag, can place wooden paw prints in front of the dog house door or can add some beautiful stickers to the walls. There is a lot that can be done to decorate the dog house with decoration products.

Personalized Paint:

It is another good idea to decorate a dog house. You can paint the interior or exterior of the dog house in a personalized way. You can select the colors your dog likes the most can draw some attractive images on the exterior.

If you are not sure that where you should be looking for the dog products to decorate your house or your dog house, you can visit Doggie of the Day on Amazon. It is a reliable store that features a wide range of products for your convenient selection.

Havanese Spoiled Rotten Dog Garden Flag

Havanese Spoiled Rotten Dog Garden Flag


Toys Suitable for Dogs

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A dog is an active and playful creature who loves to stay occupied with fun activities all day long. Toys are among the most favorite belongings of a dog. The market is full of a huge variety of toys made specifically for dogs. When selecting a toy for your loving dog, you have to be careful as not all of the available toys are safe for the dogs. Some of the toys consist of such a material that can be harmful to your dog. Followings are some of the toys suitable for dogs:

Floating Disks:

Floating disks are among the most common and suitable toys for the dogs. Dogs like to play with the disks but these are suitable for outdoor games only. You can find a huge variety of floating disks available in the market. That offers a convenience to select the most suitable disk. You should make your selection of a flexible, soft and right size disk that should be convenient and easy for your dog to hold in his mouth.


There are different types of soft and light weight balls available in the market for dogs. These balls include soft, flexible, puncture proofballs as well as the ball made with Bounceflex technology. Balls are ideal for indoor as well outdoor activities for your dog. Make your selection depending on your dog’s likings as well as the size of the ball.

Rope Tugs:

A rope tug is a good choice for younger dogs as well as for adults. Dogs love to pull and chew the tugs. It is a healthy activity of his teeth.Dogs like playing around with their colorful, three knotted and short rope tugs. There are different rope tugs available but you should select a durable and nontoxic tug.

Glowing Toys:

Dogs love glowing toys because they are attracted towards light. There is a huge variety of glowing toys available in the market. But some of these toys are not suitable for young puppies so be very careful while selecting a glowing toy.

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Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin

Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin