What foods may be liked by a dog

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Food is one of the basic needs of all living things whether humans, animals or plants. Just like humans, dogs also have certain favorite foods. But when it comes to the likings, it can vary from one dog to another. Some dogs may like one food but others may hate to eat it. Given below are some of the most common foods your dog may like:

Raw Meat:

Raw meat is one of the most common diets of dogs of all breeds. All of the dogs like to have raw meat at times. Some dogs like it more than others and may love to have raw meat on daily basis. But it is not a suitable diet to have on daily basis. So, make sure that you are giving only the quantity that is suitable for your dog.


Although, milk is not considered as one of the best food choices for your dog but it is one of the most favorite foods of dogs. It is safe for most types of dogs but not for all. It can be hard to digest for some dogs and can cause stomach problems. You should give it to your dog only if he can digest it without any trouble.

Processed Food:

There are numerous companies all over the world that are offering processed food for dogs. But not all of the companies are offering good quality and safe food so you have to be very careful in your selection. It is the most loved type of diet for dogs. Moreover, if you have selected the right one, it can fulfill the diet requirements of your dog and can keep him healthy and active.

Fruits and Vegetables:

There are different types of fruits and vegetables that are loved by most dogs. Carrot, spinach, broccoli, apple, banana and strawberries are some of the most favorite foods of dogs. These are also considered as one of the best and safest sources of vitamins and minerals for your dog. But you have to be careful with the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables.

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 Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set

Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set


Best Dog Breeds to Play With

Best Dog Breeds to Play With

Dogs are cute and adorable but some dogs have a deadly appearance. But even the appearances can be wrong in some cases. You cannot be sure about a dog just by looking at the appearance. When you are bringing a dog home to be around kids, you have to make sure that you getting such a dog that is friendly, playful and safe to be around kids. Mentioned below are some of the best dog breeds to play with:

West Highland White Terrier:

The breed is small in size and looks really adorable with its white fluffy jacket. The dogs are known for their intelligence and playful behavior. They are friendly and completely safe to be around kids. They are very energetic and like to run, dig and play.

Golden Retriever:

If you need a smart, loyal and playful dog, selecting a Golden retriever can be the right choice. They are confident and kind and love to be around kids. They are very patient which make them perfect for kids to play with. A golden retriever requires lots of exercise which is why they are quite playful most of the time. But they require proper attention and regular exercise otherwise they may adopt anxiety or may have serious health issues.


Poodles are among the most popular playful dogs all over the world. The dogs are equally popular among kids as well as adults. There are various reasons for the breed to be so popular including obedience, intelligence and their love for fun and games. They go along very good with people as well as with other pets.


Collie is a gentle and kind breed that is highly popular for being friendly and playful. They are rarely seen misbehaving, which makes them quite suitable to be around kids. They can be socialized and trained without requiring lots of effort.


The spunky little Papillon is a cute and friendly dog who likes to stay around kids. They are very energetic and can be seen running, jumping and playing in a park. They love to spend quality time with kids by keeping them happy and entertained.

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Best Dog Breeds to Play With

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Signs of a Weakening Dog

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The primary objective of any dog owner is to keep his dog healthy. In order to do so, he has to take certain measures. One of the important things to keep your dog healthy and fit is to know when your dog is getting weak or sick. Just like humans, the dogs also show various symptoms that can help us to know when the dog is getting weak. It can offer a great convenience to the dog owners to take the required measures in a timely manner and to protect the dog from any serious harm. Given below are the common signs of a weakening dog:

Losing Appetite:

One of the clearest signs of a weakening dog is that he loses his appetite. If your dog is not eating as much as he used to be, then he might be sick and getting weak. If the dog has lost his appetite, it can be triggered due to various things. It can be fixed conveniently if the dog is not sick. You can try different food to experiment and to know if it is caused by a certain type of food or an ingredient.

Weight Loss:

A weight loss in a dog is another clear indication that your dog is getting weak. It does not require certain expertise. You can get the idea by simply looking at the dog. There are many dog owners who usually take weight of their dogs once in a week or in a month. It can also help them to quickly know if the dog is getting weaker and to know that how much weight he has lost exactly.

Lesser Activities:

If your dog is not playing as much as he used to be, he is getting weak. A dog that is getting weak usually spends more time lying in his doghouse or in some place quiet. He will not be interested in playing or even welcoming you when you get back home from your office.

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Home of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker House Flag

Home of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4 Dogs Playing Poker House Flag


Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

It is a very popular phrase “eat healthy to stay healthy”. All the dog owners always take good care of their dog meals. They make sure that they are providing safe and healthy food to their dogs. But we all have witnessed some unusual eating habits in dogs. There can be different reasons for the dogs to adopt these unusual eating habits. One of the common reasons is lack of food or required nutrients. They try to fulfill their nutrient requirements by eating various stuff considering as food. Followings are some of the unusual eating habits that you may find in a dog:

Eating Dirt:

Dogs love to play in the dirt which is completely normal for any dog. But it can be a serious problem if they start eating it. Dirt is not digestible and can cause serious damage to your dog’s health. Dogs start eating dirt when their regular meals fail to fulfill their nutrient requirements. The dogs can get different minerals in the dirt including zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium. It leads them to eat the dirt.

Choosy Dogs:

Some of the dogs are just very choosy when it comes to the food. The dogs usually love generic canned food but some may dislike the taste or aroma. Some dogs may like to eat unhealthy food that can seriously damage their health. Most commonly, there can be different stomach related problems that can lead a dog to refuse regular food.

Grass Eaters:

Looking at a dog playing in the yard at green grass is a fun sight. But looking at a dog eating grass can be unusual for most of the people. There are many dogs that eat grass at different times but it is not something very concerning. Eating grass is rather good for them because it causes them to vomit. It helps a dog clean his stomach.

Eating Non-Food Items:

Some dogs may eat various non-food items like shoelaces, pencil, pieces of cloths etc. It is called pica. It is a very harmful habit and can be triggered by various reasons including neurosis, malnutrition and anxiety.

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Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

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Best dog food for puppies

Best dog food for puppies

One of the most common problems that the dog owners have to go through is selection of the right dog food. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy, you must select the food for him very carefully. If you are feeding him something unhealthy or which is not good for his digestion system, he may have to suffer different physical consequences. And when it comes to the puppies, it gets even more serious. You have to make your selection very carefully as you must provide him the right diet that should fulfill all his nutrient needs.

Selection of the Dog Food:

Different dog foods have different nutrients as some of the foods are higher in carbohydrates, some have higher level of fat whereas some may simply have more protein. The puppies have certain requirements of the nutrients to grow properly and stay healthy. The selection of the most suitable food is usually based on the age, activities and breed of your puppy. There are numbers of foods available in the market but not all have the same level of nutrients. So, at the time of making your selection, look for the ingredients it has. You will have to make sure that you are buying the food that is in accordance with the AAFCO nutrient suggestions.

Food with Higher Level of Fat:

Such a dog food that has a higher level of fat is more suitable for the dogs that have cancer or kidney disease or for the working dogs. Such a food can be given to puppies but a monitored quantity depending on his age and build.

Protein Enriched Food:

The food that is protein enriched is most suitable for puppies as it has most of the essential nutrients that are required to keep a puppy healthy and help him in his growth. The meat with higher level of protein is even suggested for the dogs and puppies that have intestinal diseases or diabetes as it helps them to control the diseases.

Food with More Carbohydrates:

The dog food containing carbohydrates is also very important especially for puppies.The carbohydrates enriched food contains numbers of nutrients that play an important role in his growth and to keep a puppy healthy and strong. The carbohydrates enriched foods are fruits, vegetable, beans and grains.

Best dog food for puppies

Best dog food for puppies

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5 Things a Dog should be trained for

5 Things a Dog should be trained for

If you are bringing a puppy to your home for the first time and you never had an experience with dogs before there is so much for you to know about dogs. One of the things that you must do is train your dog. You must be curious to know that what you have to teach your dog. Followings are the 5 things a dog should be trained for.

Teaching Him Your Signals:

One of the important skills that a dog requires is that he should be able to understand what his owner is asking him to do. For example, if you call his name he should be looking at you and when you ask him to stop he should stop right there and so on. Staying close to the dog, repeating over and over until he understands and offering some treats can be helping.

Socializing the Dog:

It is important that you should socialize your dog with the new people. Exposing him to all the new faces at once is not suitable; you will have to be patient for the purpose. Introduce him to the people one by one. After he gets comfortable with one person then wait for a while and introduce the next one.

Walking on a Leash:

The dogs are not comfortable with the leash or collar around their neck. They may panic and run off or can even harm the owner in panic. For the purpose, you should select the time when he is happy and comfortable. Initially just put the leash on the dog and when he is comfortable with the leash then take him out fora walk.

Training to Keep the House Clean:

You have to be patient and consistent for the purpose. Puppies prefer a suitable place to urinate and defecate. So, instead your puppy chooses such a place all by himself, you should help him in the selection by taking him out.

Behaving While Outside:

While taking your dog outside, you have to make sure that he walks by you and should not react harshly to people or even to the sounds. It is part of being social but with the environment and surroundings.

5 Things a Dog should be trained for

5 Things a Dog should be trained for

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Unhealthy Foods for Dogs

Unhealthy Foods for Dogs

Do you love your dog playing games? Of course you do and every dog owner does. This is where dog owners share many foods items with their dogs. They aren’t aware of unhealthy as well as fine foods for dogs. They don’t know a simple food item can pose health threats and serious dangers. The dogs aren’t made to eat everything others do. Also they can’t play poker! ROFL! They have their own bodies and metabolisms that work their own ways.

If you really love your pup, you should know what the unhealthy foods for dogs are so that you never ever make a mistake of feeding those items to your pooch. Let’s take a look at the common unhealthy foods for dogs. Here we go:

  • Baby food is a human food and not fit for dogs. Although it might sound soft and easy to digest but it isn’t meant for puppies. A baby food with onion powder can pose health threats. Moreover, baby food doesn’t provide all the necessary food nutrients required by a dog.
  • Chewing gums are really bad for dogs as they can choke. Moreover, Xylitol, commonly found in the chewing gums is not good for dogs as it can accentuate the insulin levels in a dog. The same rule applies with the candies as they also contain Xylitol.
  • Chocolate sounds yummy and tasty but only for the humans. Chocolate is more of a poison for the dogs. A chocolate can cause diarrhea and vomiting, in addition to being risky to the nervous system.
  • Mushrooms are a bit confusing as they have different types. Some are good but some are really dangerous. As you don’t know what mushrooms can be fed to your dog, you should better avoid them.
  • Tobacco is never recommended as it contains high amounts of Nicotine. Nicotine usually not seriously problematic for humans, it poses serious health issues when administered to dogs.
  • Spoiled or rotten foods are usually given by the dog owners to their dogs. As they have mold and bacteria in a big amount, they can be dangerous to dog health and thus should be avoided.
  • Raw bones are good for the dogs as they are stiff and dogs like licking them but a cooked bone can splinter while chewing and choking can occur. This is where cooked bones should be avoided.
  • Some people administer dairy products to their dogs thinking it would keep them healthy but Lactose found in the milk and dairy products is hard to digest for the dogs.
  • Alcohol is really dangerous to the dogs and excessive amount of it can lead to the dog death.
  • Fruits and vegetables like onions, plums, grapes, apple seeds, etc are also unhealthy foods for dogs.

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Unhealthy Foods for Dogs

Unhealthy Foods for Dogs


Puppy Care the Loving Way – The Art of Puppy Care

Taking Care of a Dog and its Puppies

Every pooch owner owns more responsibilities as he or she owns it. It is in addition to playing games and making its drawings. It is not about dealing with a pet. It is about treating the pet dog just like one’s family and taking care of everything it needs to lead a happier and a healthier life. If you also own a pooch, you must be interested in knowing how to take care of the newly born puppy! It isn’t a good idea to separate a puppy from mother dog. So, you should be ready to take care of both of them!

First of all, let’s check out what you should always have at home and be ready to provide when needed. We hope you already have a dog canvas with sketches of dogs to show your love. There are certain accessories and other requirements that should always be taken care of. Listing them down and taking care of them daily can help you with this. Here are the things you should check if you have!

  • Feeding them daily as per a time schedule is a healthful and fine activity yet you need special dog food which is good to their stomach and health. A good dog food would keep your dogs healthy and fresh.
  • The next thing you need is the canine milk replacement formula for the young pooches.
  • Old newspaper is required to spread over the floor where dogs reside most of the time and play their games.
  • Nesting box
  • Puppies should be fed with top quality wet foods.
  • A soft rag or canvas would be a good addition to the dog house.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to keep your dog and its puppies in the best of their health, mood and environment. Well, you really don’t need to offer them a jug of beer or alcohol.

  • The very first thing you need to provide your puppies with is an appropriate place right after their birth. Arranging for a nesting box can help you keeping both mother dog and puppies in a secure feeling environment. If you don’t have a nesting box, you can arrange for some old bath tubs, bathrooms or any other thing where mother dog could safely nurture its pooches.
  • Grooming and handling with care is the next tip for you to develop a social interaction with your cuties. Take them with you for a short walk as they grow two to three weeks older. Keep their environment neat and clean. Use wet clothes to clean their bodies. The room temperature should not be less than 70F.
  • Finally, be ready when they are three weeks older. It is time to wean them and serving them with a bit solid yet liquid diet would be fine. You should prepare some quality gruel for them. It can be done by mixing canine milk with the wet dog food. Ready-made gruel are also available.

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Taking Care of a Dog and its Puppies

Taking Care of a Dog and its Puppies


Is There a Difference in a Senior Dog Diet?

You hate to admit it, but your furry pal is getting a little older.  You want to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy for many years to come.  You have heard all of the hype about the new dog diets for older pets.  Is there really a difference between dog food for adult dogs and kibble recommended specifically for seniors?  How do you know when to switch your pet to a different diet?

The best resource for information about dog diets is your pet’s veterinarian.  Only you and your vet know the specific needs of your pet the best.  Discuss with your vet your concerns and questions.  He or she will be able to advise you on what changes, if any, need to be made to your dog’s diet.

If your older dog does not have any health problems and maintains a healthy weight, there is no need to change your dog’s diet from adult to senior dog food.  On the other hand, if your dog has trouble keeping the weight off or digestive issues, you may need to switch.  If weight is the only issue, consider slightly lowering the amount of dog food you give to your pet.  This may be all the change your dog’s diet requires.

A senior dog is classified as a dog in the last third of their life span.  Larger dogs, for instance a Great Dane, live to be about 9 years old.  Around the sixth year of life, you may want to consider a senior dog’s diet.  A poodle, on the other hand wouldn’t reach senior status until

About age ten due to the longer life expectancy.  Primarily, the decision to change your dog’s diet should be based on health condition rather than actual age in years.  Your vet will help you to determine when the right time is to alter your dog’s diet.

Dog food especially prepared for senior dogs typically has less calories.  This helps to combat any weight issues.  The senior dog food also contains more fiber for the different needs in your dog’s diet.  As dogs age, they tend to suffer from constipation.  This extra fiber will help remedy this problem.

Renal failure can be another medical problem for senior dogs.  How can your dog’s diet help this problem?  Reducing the amount of protein in your dog’s diet will decrease the work load for the kidneys.  For this reason, senior dog food frequently has lower protein content than regular adult formulas.

Whenever possible, allow your dog to eat dry dog food to encourage excellent dental health.  The dry kibble helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.  If your older pet refuses to eat the food dry, you may need to moisten it with water or purchase moist, canned varieties.

If your vet recommends, supplements may be helpful as part of your senior dog’s diet.  Some pets are unable to eat properly due to oral issues.  Other older pets are unable to gather all of the nutrients from their food for various health reasons.  Supplements such as daily vitamins and glucosamine can be beneficial to maintaining a healthy diet for your dog.

Glucosamine helps to encourage joint health.  For senior dogs, glucosamine can combat arthritis and hip displasia.

Vitamins C, A, and E may prevent the natural aging process and encourage better health for senior dogs.  Talk to your vet about adding such supplements to your dog’s diet.

You want what is best for your pet.  Your senior dog needs to have a diet that meets their special nutritional requirements.  You and your vet can work together to decide what is the best diet for your senior dog.  Your dog’s diet directly affects his or her health.  Take care of your pet by monitoring your dog’s diet closely with the aid of your veterinarian.

Is There a Difference in a Senior Dog Diet courtesy of Dog Articles.

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