Nasal Cancer in Dogs

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In today’s lifestyle, everyone loves to have a pet animal like a dog or a cat, etc. Animals, like humans, are also prone to so many life-threatening diseases like cancer and many others. Nasal cancer is also one of the illnesses among dogs which are also known as Adenocarcinoma. If diagnosed early, it can be easily treated.

“We see more cancer in animals, and some of that probably is related to better care and animals living longer,” said Nicole Northrup, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, an oncologist and associate professor at the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine.

The cancer is malignant which is higher or aggressively metastasis to the local area and can also get transferred to the lungs, lymph nodes and the skull cavity. Nasal cancer is the most commonly found in dogs of urban localization, old dogs and dogs having long snouts.

Chondrosarcoma (CSA) is the most common nasal cancer in dogs according to research, accounting for ten percent of all primary bone tumors. It is malignant, invasive and fast spreading cancer in dogs.

Some types of breeds affected by this cancer are:

–    German Short-haired Pointers

–    German Shepherds

–    Keeshonds

–    Basset Hounds

–    Collies

–    Old English Sheepdogs

–    Shetland Sheepdogs

–    Airedale Terriers


Scientists are working to find the exact reason for this disease, but the exact cause is still unknown. The most common cause of nasal cancer is pollution. In urban areas, many sources are leading to infection like combustion of fuels like kerosene and coal, and its byproducts and smoking. Although other causes can be treated which are risky or cancer-causing? Other reasons may include a mutation in genes, chromosomes.

Males are more prone than females, and old dogs are more likely to be affected by this disease. According to a study, it is also believed that urban dogs are more at risk than rural dogs.


Symptoms of nasal cancer include:

  • The nasal discharge which may contain blood (epistaxis) or pus (mucopurulent) Shortening of breath (dyspnea).
  • Deformation of face and inflammation of the nose, Excessive sneezing, rubbing of the nose, weight loss, vision loss, and vomiting.
  • Bulgy eyes, behavioral changes, partial loss of movement (paresis), appetite loss and mental capacity loss (obtundation).
  • Seizers, Bad breath (halitosis)


The veterinary doctors take samples from lymph nodes to detect the cancerous cells or tissues.

The diagnostic methods used to detect nasal cancer are CT scan, which is the ideal method to locate the extent of the tumor, tissue biopsy used to find the location identified, imaging, standard X-Rays, rhinoscopy, blood culture, computed tomography etc.


The initial step in the procedure is pain management which is done by piroxicam an anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drug. Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer in early stages or for sensitive areas like eyes and brain and also to prolong life and to relieve pain. One other option used to treat dogs tumor is radiation therapy. It is the most commonly used technique in treatment.

According to the tumor type, different doses of radiations are delivered.

Radiation and Chemotherapy: These are not the best options but radiation is still considered a good alternative. Depending on your type you can find following radiation methods:

1.)    Stereotactic radiosurgery:  It is a one-time treatment which causes less damage to tissues surrounding the tumor.

2.)    Stereotactic radiation therapy:  It delivers up to three small doses so that no harm is done to the surrounding tissue.

There may be side effects of radiation therapies such as inflammation, running nose, skin shedding, atrophy, seizers, optic nerve degeneration, fibrosis, bone collapse, etc.

Sometimes surgery called rhinotomy, or an incision into the nose to remove the tumor is attempted, this is not a successful method, but it can minimize the chances of infection.

Final Thoughts: 

Treating this disease is very hard, and dogs with this condition usually die within 2-7 months of diagnosis.

An affected dog can live to 8-20 months after radiation therapy. The most important part during treatment is to make your dog comfortable. New techniques and treatment methods need to be developed to improve the response and overall survival further.





Finding out your dog breed

Chihuahua Dog Note Cube

If you own a dog, it is important for you to know the breed of your dog for various reasons. Each of the dog breeds has certain characteristics. If you know the breed, you can know more about your dog. In addition, different dog breeds have different food and exercise requirements. Knowing the breed can offer you a great convenience to take care of your dog in the right way and to keep him healthy and happy. Whether you want to know your dog breed to know more about him or just because of the curiosity, you can follow any of the methods stated below:

Ask a Dog Enthusiast:

One of the simplest and convenient ways to know your dog breed is to ask someone from your social circle who has the knowledge of dog breeds. He may be able to let you know the exact breed of your dog based on his physique and characteristics. But there are so many breeds available these days that can cause him to judge the breed wrong. Moreover, detecting pure breed can be easier but it can be a lot harder when it comes to the mix breeds.

Searching Online:

One of the best ways to know your dog’s breed is to look online. There are huge numbers of websites that feature a variety of details about dogs and their breeds. These sites can be quite helpful to know the breed of your dog. Some of the websites have taken it to the next level. You can share the image of your dog with them and answer few questions related to your dog. They will evaluate the provided details and will let you know the exact match of your dog’s breed.

Ask A Vet:

The best way to know the breed is asking a vet. They have extensive knowledge of dog breeds and can offer you more reliable answer. In addition, they can also let you know the characteristics of your dog, their exercise requirements and diet plans.

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Chihuahua Dog Note Cube

Chihuahua Dog Note Cube


How Do the Dogs Help Us in Everyday Life

Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

Dogs are mostly liked for their adorable looks and innocent behaviors. But that is not it as there are many other reasons to adopt a dog that most people are unaware of. Given below are some important points to let you know that how do the dogs help us in everyday life:

Keeping Us Healthy:

Dog owners are less likely to get infected with different types of diseases as compared to the people who do not own a dog. There are different types of bacteria that have variedeffects on humans. Some of the bacteria cause humans to get sick but the rest help them to fight against the sickness in different ways. The dogs can bring such bacteria in the house that have positive effects for humans, thus helping humans to stay healthy.

Offers a Better Social Life:

If you own a dog, you have to take him for a regular walk and exercise either on the street, in a park or at other such places. You can find many other dog owners at the places doing the same as you. It offers you a great chance to interact with other dog owners and eventually you will have a broadened social circle. So, owning a dog can offer you a better social life.

Smart Time Management:

Dog owners have alot to teach their loving puppies but there are many things that they can learn from dogs. Time management is one of the things your dog can teach you. If you own a dog, you have to make sure that he follows a certain routine. He has to eat at proper time and the right quantity. Your dog needs a walk and exercise regularly to stay healthy. He has a certain timeframe for playing. By maintaining his schedule, you actually start learning to manage your time better.

Safe Guarding:

Dogs are highly popular all over the world for being watchdogs. They have high senses of detecting threats and they are highly active and furious. Their abilities make them the best choices for having as a guard at home as well as for commercial places.

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Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag


How Does a Dog Training Help

Home of Golden Retriever 4 Dogs Playing Poker Framed Canvas Print Wall Art (18x24, Silver and Black)

Dogs are known to be among the best choices to keep as pets. Everybody likes them because of their adorable looks and loving mischiefs. They can keep you busy all day long by playing and entertaining you. It may seem simple and easy for most people to own a dog, but it is not. There are certain things that a dog owner must take care of. Training a dog is one of such things that are crucial for a dog. There are many people who just adopted a dog and had no idea about the training. As a result, they had to regret the decision of adopting a dog in the first place.

Given below are some of the points for you to understand that how does a dog training help:

Learn To Behave:

Dog training consists of different factors including the behavioral training. The dogs are known as savage animals that used to live in jungles and hunt. If they are not trained properly to behave, they cannot fit into the social circles of humans. They can cause danger to humans as well as to themselves if not trained to behave. Without careful and right behavioral training, you cannot let them roam around anyone especially near kids.


Another important factor of dog training is socializing. Dogs usually do not get comfortable with strange faces and can react in unwanted and dangerous ways. Socializing a dog helps him to adjust to the new surroundings and get comfortable with new faces. He may not instantly get comfortable with new people but eventually he will.

Letting Him Know Who is In-charge:

The training helps the dog owner to let the dog know that who has the control. If there are no boundaries between the owner and the dog, he may start occupying and damaging all the belongings of the owner. The boundaries help him to know that what he is allowed to do and what is forbidden. The training helps him to understand that the owner is in control and he has to follow his commands and respect the boundaries.

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Home of Golden Retriever 4 Dogs Playing Poker Framed Canvas Print Wall Art (18x24, Silver and Black)

Home of Golden Retriever 4 Dogs Playing Poker Framed Canvas Print Wall Art (18×24, Silver and Black)


How dog can make your life splendid

Chinese Crested Dog Notebook

There are huge numbers of people all over the world who own a dog. Even many of these people own more than one dog. Each person has his own reasons for having a dog as pet. Dogs can offer you various advantages and can make your life more joyful. Given below are some of the examples that how dog can make your life splendid:

1- Best Companions:

Dogs are known as one of the best companions a human can have. If you love a dog, he is going to love you back even more. His love will be unconditional. You can always count on your loving dog that he will stay with you until his last breath and will always try to keep you happy and satisfied with your life.

2- Keeps You Active and Happy:

A dog can be an ideal choice to keep as a pet as he can always keep you happy and active whenever he is around. Dogs love to stay busy and keep playing. He is not going to let you go whenever you are free and will try to keep playing with you. His behavior and mischiefs will keep you happy and active.

3- Mood Enhancing:

It is highly suggested by psychiatrists to own a dog if someone has sudden mood swing problems, depression or other similar problems. If you have a high stress, spending just 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can offer you a great help to make you relax and will enhance your mood. So, whenever you are stressed out or feeling sad, start playing with your dog.

4- Most Suitable Pets for Kids:

Dogs are known to be one of the best pets for having around kids. There are some dog breeds that are not suitable for having at home around kids but many dog breeds are completely safe to keep in your house around your kids. Dogs and kids are alike when it comes to playing and having fun. Kids enjoy their company alot and will stay happy.

5- Protection:

Dogs are loyal to their owners so they always try their best to keep them out of danger. If a dog feels any threat from someone or something, he is going to protect you at any cost.

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Chinese Crested Dog Notebook

Chinese Crested Dog Notebook


Ways to Stop a dog From Howling

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Pit Bull Dog Garden Flag

Dogs are unable to communicate through words so they use their behavior and signs to let others know what they are feeling or trying to communicate. They have some natural ways to communicate and howling is one of these. There can be various reasons for howling including aggression, separation anxiety or simply to get your attention. Given below are some of the most useful ways to stop a dog from howling:

Get to The Root Cause:

The first and foremost thing to do for a dog owner is to get to the main reason of howling. If you are unaware of the root cause, you may keep trying wrong solutions and can even increase the problem. Once you are aware of the problem, it can offer you a great convenience to resolve it.

Spending More Time Together:

When a dog has to stay alone for longer periods of time, he may develop a habit of howling. If that is the reasons, you can simply resolve the issue by spending more time with your dog. He maybe howling just because of separation anxiety so spending more time together will eliminate the root cause and your dog will stop howling.

Keeping Him Busy:

One of the best ways to stop your dog from howling is keeping him busy. For the purpose, you can get him his favorite toys and games. He will keep enjoying his favorite pass times and will stop howling habit eventually.

Stop Paying Attention:

Some of the dogs develop howling habit just to get the attention of his owner. If your dog also has the same issue, you can eliminate the problem by simply ignoring him. If you will start paying attention, it will encourage him and he will start howling even more aggressively. So never pay attention to your dog if he is howling for now reason.

See A Vet:

In some cases, the howling can be caused by some physical problem. If your dog is howling, you must examine him carefully to know whether he is having some physical issue or not. If he has some physical trouble, you must see a vet instantly.

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Pit Bull Dog Garden Flag

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Pit Bull Dog Garden Flag


What Does Make A dog The Best Pet

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If you own a dog, then you most probably already know that what does make a dog the best pet. But if you do not have a dog, you may not be aware of the advantages it can offer you and what makes him the best pet to have. Given below are just a few of the reasons that make him the best pet:

Less Chance of Heart Problems:

Different studies have been conducted to know the effects of owning a dog on the people with heart problems. The studies have shown impressive results. If you have a high blood pressure or high heart rate, simply petting your dog can decrease the levels of both and can offer you a great comfort. One of the studies has even shown that the dog owners stay more relax and can sleep better at nights as compared to the people who do not have a dog.

Keeps You Happier:

If you own a dog, you have lesser chances of having depression as compared to the people who do not own a dog. Even if you have severe problem of depression and stress, owning a dog can offer you a great relief and will help you to stay happy and fresh. When you are interacting with your dog, the love and care received from him can instantly boost your moral and will make you happier.

Detection of Cancer:

One of the most amazing advantages of having a dog is early detection of cancer by dogs. There are many incidents where a dog started licking and sniffing a lump or a mole that turned out to be cancerous. There have been different scientific studied conducted to verify the theory,which have all proven that the dogs have a mysterious ability to detect cancer.

Better Health and Fitness:

If you do not like to exercise or it is hard for you to keep up with a certain routine, you should get a dog. You will have to make sure that your dog follows the routine set for him either by you or his vet. By maintaining his routine, you will start maintaining your own schedule.You will start managing your time better. Moreover, when you are taking your dog for a regular walk, you are also enjoying the walk that can help you to stay active and healthy.

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Whippet Dog Note Card (20)

Whippet Dog Note Card (20)


When Should You Not Get a Dog

Cockapoo Dog Magnet

Dogs are adorable, playful and have to offer you various advantages. But in return, you also have to keep them happy and healthy by offering them what they deserve and require. Although, having a dog can be fun but there are certain requirements that you must fulfill otherwise you should not get a dog. If you are interested to know that when should you not get a dog, please follow the point stated below:

If You Are Too Busy:

Having a dog may sound simple and fun, but the fact of the matter is that it is not. If you want to have a dog at home, you must take proper time for him to fulfill his requirements. A dog requires proper time from his owner otherwise he will get sick. Separation anxiety is common in the dogs that get less time to spend with their owners. Moreover, you have to buy different stuff for your dog, have to make sure that he is getting proper diet and exercise. If you are too busy to do that, you should not get a dog.

Dog Grooming:

If you want to keep your dog healthy and active, you have to take care of its grooming. That can cost you alot in some cases. When adopting a dog, most people do not take the grooming cost into account. But later they have to face huge problems because of the disturbed financial situations. So, you should not get a dog if you are unable to bear the costs.


Some people are allergic to the dogs and if you are one of the people, you must avoid having a dog. Before getting a dog, make sure that no one from your family has the allergy issues with dogs. If there is anyone who has the problem, you should not adopt a dog.

Suitable Living Space for Dog:

Dogs require a suitable area to live otherwise they can get dirty and sick. Different dog breeds have different requirements, so when you are adopting a dog, make sure that you can provide him the required living space where he can enjoy his privacy. If you do not have spare place to keep your dog, you must not have a dog at all.

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Cockapoo Dog Magnet

Cockapoo Dog Magnet


Why does your dog follow you all the ways

Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament

If your dog keeps following you all around, you are not alone. There are many people who are facing the same problem. It can be quite frustrating because of various reasons and can also be dangerous for your dog. That makes it extremely important for a dog owner to discourage and stop the dog from following him all the ways. But you can solve a problem successfully only if you are aware of the root cause of the problem. Given below are some of the reasons that why your dog keeps following you wherever you go:

For Security:

Security is one of the top reasons for dogs to follow their owners all around. It is more common in dogs who have just moved to the new place. Dog find it difficult to adjust in new places and it takes them more time as compared to humans. Your dog may not be comfortable with the new place and feels unsafe while you are not around. So he follows you all the times when you are leaving the house.

Seek Companionship:

One of the most common reasons for a dog to follow his owner around is seeking his companionship. He may just want to be with you and spend more time together. If your dog is following you around, you can simply resolve the problem by discouraging him and spending more time with your dog.

To Get More Treats:

Another reason for your dog to follow you is looking for more treats. He knows the person who offers him food, toys and treats and loves him. Whenever you are leaving the house, he starts following you hoping to get more petting and treats from you.


Boredom is another reason for a dog to follow his owner whenever he is going somewhere. It can be resolved simply by offering him his favorite toys and games. That will keep him busy and he will stop following his owner around.

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Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament

Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament


Why Should You Have a Dog

Bluetick Coonhound Dog Christmas Snowflake Ceramic Ornament

Many people like to keep a pet for various reasons. Different people have different choices of pets. Dogs are among the most preferred pets all over the world. Dogs are adorable, loyal and active. Moreover, they have amazing learning skills, which makes it easy to train them to behave especially when you are keeping them at home. By nature, a dog is a savage animal but they have evolved themselves in such a way that they can adapt to the new environment faster as compared to most animals. Dogs have different advantages to offer including the ones mentioned below:

For the Sake of Company:

There are huge numbers of people who own a dog just for the sake of company. The people who live alone can really benefit from their company. Dogs are loving creatures and sooth you even when you are stressed out or sad. That makes a dog one of the best animals to keep as pet.

Advised By Psychiatrists:

We are living fast pace lives full of stress. That is creating more problems for us especially the mental ones. We all feel stressed out and anxious at times. That can make us sad or angry and we can start feeling discouraged and depressed. Different psychiatrists advise people with similar issues to get a dog. He can even keep you busy all day long and keep enjoying your company. Through a study, it came to light that spending around 20 minutes with your dog can boost your moral and make you relax and happy.

For Safe Guarding:

It is not long ago that dogs were known as wild animals who used to live in jungles and hunt for food. Dogs are considered as best pets to keep if you need to guard some place. There are various dog breeds that are ideal to keep as guard dogs. Their natural instinct and quick response come handy when they are doing their jobs as guard dogs.

For Kids:

If you have kids, keeping a dog can be very helpful for you to keep your kids happy and occupied. Not all of the dog breeds are safe to keep around kids, so you have to select the right dog. Kids enjoy their company and love to play with them.

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Bluetick Coonhound Dog Christmas Snowflake Ceramic Ornament

Bluetick Coonhound Dog Christmas Snowflake Ceramic Ornament