Why does your dog follow you all the ways

Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament

If your dog keeps following you all around, you are not alone. There are many people who are facing the same problem. It can be quite frustrating because of various reasons and can also be dangerous for your dog. That makes it extremely important for a dog owner to discourage and stop the dog from following him all the ways. But you can solve a problem successfully only if you are aware of the root cause of the problem. Given below are some of the reasons that why your dog keeps following you wherever you go:

For Security:

Security is one of the top reasons for dogs to follow their owners all around. It is more common in dogs who have just moved to the new place. Dog find it difficult to adjust in new places and it takes them more time as compared to humans. Your dog may not be comfortable with the new place and feels unsafe while you are not around. So he follows you all the times when you are leaving the house.

Seek Companionship:

One of the most common reasons for a dog to follow his owner around is seeking his companionship. He may just want to be with you and spend more time together. If your dog is following you around, you can simply resolve the problem by discouraging him and spending more time with your dog.

To Get More Treats:

Another reason for your dog to follow you is looking for more treats. He knows the person who offers him food, toys and treats and loves him. Whenever you are leaving the house, he starts following you hoping to get more petting and treats from you.


Boredom is another reason for a dog to follow his owner whenever he is going somewhere. It can be resolved simply by offering him his favorite toys and games. That will keep him busy and he will stop following his owner around.

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Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament

Bernedoodle Dog Round Christmas Ornament

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