Is your dog happy with you?

Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

It is widely known that people adopt dogs because the dogs can keep them happy and entertained. It is equally important for the dog owners to make sure that they are also keeping their dogs happy. If a dog is not happy with you, he will stay sad and can have serious health issues. That makes it extremely important for a dog owner to know whether his dog is happy with him or not. Given below are few of the common signs that can offer you a great convenience to know if your dog is happy with you or not:

He Welcomes You:

When you return home from work, if your dog is there to welcome you with a happy face and wagging tail, he is happy with you. A happy face doge welcoming his owner with excitement is a very positive sign. But if your dog is lying around and does not bother to run to you when you are back, he may not be happy with his life.

Enjoys Playing With You:

Dogs love the company of their owners and always try to keep having fun with them whenever they are around. One of the ways to have fun is playing with the owner. If your dog is happy with you, he will enjoy his playtime with you to the fullest.

Physical Signs:

The dogs can communicate to us through signs and their behavior. You can know whether a dog is happy or not by looking at the signs he is showing. If you are concerned about the happiness of your dog, you can have a careful look at his eyes and eyelids. Relax eyelids and eyes show that the dog is comfortable and happy. The happy dogs often blink and have soft gaze. But if your dog has a hard gaze and narrowed eyes, your dog is not happy or comfortable.

The way a dog carries himself can offer you a great help to know if he is happy or not. If your dog has a wiggly and loose body, he is happy. But if your dog looks tense and has a stiff body, you have to do more to make him happy.

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Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

Happy Halloween Golden Retriever Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag


Traveling and Vacationing With Your Dog

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


Traveling and vacationing is always fun,not just for humans but for dogs as well. Vacationing with dog can be fun and it can even make the bond stronger. There are many pet owners who like to take their pets on vacation with them and the number is increasing at a faster pace. If you are also planning a vacation with your loving dog, there are few things that you must consider before finalizing the trip.

Selecting the Destination:

The first and foremost thing is deciding where to go for vacation. You have to select such a place that is suitable for your dog as well. It has to be such a place where your dog can also have the fun of his life. Do not select such a place that has more theaters and indoor activities or the places where all the activities are for humans only.

Traveling Plan:

Traveling is an important part of your vacations. It becomes even more important when you are accompanied by a pet. If you are flying to the place, you will have to make sure that the flight allows pets on board and have safe handling for the pets.

If you are traveling by car, make sure you have all the required items to keep your dog safe and properly seated while you are driving. A dog crate or a dog car seat can be quite helpful for the purpose. While you are on the road, make sure to make pit stops and take your dog out for a walk so that he can stay relax.

Keep the Dog Hydrated:

Make sure that you keep your dog hydrated while you are traveling. You should keep at least a gallon of water with you for the dog.

Never Leave The Dog Out of Sight:

Always stay close to your dog and keep him under your supervision. It is crucial to keep the dog safe as well as people around him. Otherwise your dog can get lost, hurt himself or even hurt someone else.

ID Tags:

ID tags are crucial for your dog when you are vacationing. The tag must contain your contact number so that if the dog is lost, someone can contact you.

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


The Difference between Therapy Dogs And Companion Dogs


Initially, people started domesticating dogs so that they can perform various tasks for humans. The tasks included guarding houses, farms, animals, labor, hunting etc. But eventually, they grew into a lot more. These days the dogs can be therapy dogs, companion dogs, service dogs etc. Each one of the categories has certain responsibilities or tasks to perform. The difference between a therapy dog and a companion dog is as stated below:

Therapy Dogs:

Therapy dogs are usually found in facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices etc. Their key role is to give affection and comfort to the people other than their handlers. These people are patients or older people who usually have some mental or emotional issues. The dogs keep them accompanied that has offered quite encouraging results when it comes to treating anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure related issues in people.

Not all of the dogs can be good for being a therapy dog as it requires certain skills and training. A dog that is good for guarding a house or hunting cannot be a good therapy dog. A therapy dog has to be calm, gentle and friendly. He cannot be an aggressive one. Just like any other dogs, therapy dogs require certain training and socializing.

Companion Dog:

Unlike therapy dog, a companion dog does not have certain responsibilities. People can keep any dog as a companion dog. He does not have to perform any tasks at all. Most of the house dogs fall into the category of companion dogs as people keep them in houses just for the sake of their companionship. Any dog can be a companion dog whether he is good for work by nature or for house guarding.

But just like other dogs, they also require training to learn various skills including behaving around people and obeying the commands of the owner. They have to be socialized so that they can be kept around kids or other family members without causing any trouble.

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Please Come Home For Christmas Pug Dog Sitting In Window Painting Printed on Canvas Wall Art

Please Come Home For Christmas Pug Dog Sitting In Window Painting Printed on Canvas Wall Art


Some Tips for Dog Obedience Classes

When you bring a dog home, you have to teach him various things including obedience. It is a matter of extreme importance that the dog understands the commands of his owner and obeys the orders. Obedience plays a crucial role in dog training so you have to teach him to obey your commands. Given below are some important tips for dog obedience classes:

House Rules:

Before you even bring your dog home, you have to decide house rules. It has long term effects on your dog’s life and his behavior. You have to decide what is allowed and what is not to the dog. Where will be staying and where he is not allowed to go? Place his bed or his house where you want to keep the dog.

Socialize the Dog:

Socialize your dog with patience and let him take his time. Some dogs can get used to their surroundings fast but some dogs may need more time to settle in. So, never lose patience. He must get comfortable with the new place and new faces before you moving on to the next step.

Keep the Dog Happy:

Always provide him all the necessities he may need to be happy and comfortable with his life. Other than food, you will have to bring him such toys that he may love to play with. You may have to experiment a bit to know for sure that what toys he likes.

Maintain a Schedule:

Make sure to maintain schedule for everything whether it is food, a walk, exercise, play or training.

Train According to Schedule:

Train your dog only in the training time. Never try to train your dog when he is not comfortable or it is time for something else.

Always be Polite and Patient:

Never lose your temper or get angry. Always train your dog politely with patience. Punishing can create trouble and the dog may lose his interest in training.

Start Slow With Basic Commands:

Start the training slowly and patiently. You should start with very basic commands like his name, sit, come, leave it, fetch it etc.

Start and End a Session Positively:

Always use some encouragement at the start and end of the session. The encouragement can be simply petting him, hugging him or saying positive words like well done, good job etc.

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Pug Dear Santa Letter Christmas Holiday Mailbox Dog Garden Flag

Pug Dear Santa Letter Christmas Holiday Mailbox Dog Garden Flag


Leash Training Is Important In Your Dog Training Schedule

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When you are bringing a dog home, there is a lot you will have to do. A dog is not familiar with a home life as a dog is a wild animal by nature. You have to teach him various skills especially how to behave. Leash training is an important part of keeping your dog in control and teaching him how to behave. Irrespective of the age, size and breed, leash training is an important part of dog training schedule for various reasons.


One of the major concerns of any dog owner is safety. It is not just safety of the dog but also safety of people around him. When a dog is outside, he may try to run away or to chase someone or something that can cause trouble. Having the dog on leash keeps you in-charge and you can control him. If the dog is not properly socialized, he may get frustrated or anxious and may attack someone. So, always use a leash when taking your dog outside.


A leash conveys an important message to your dog that you are the in-charge and have the control. In the beginning, your dog will not feel comfortable with the leash but eventually he will get used to it. He will learn to submit and will start obeying your commands.

Getting a Leash and a Collar:

Markets are full of variety of leashes and collars. You should select a comfortable collar for your dog according to his size. Considering his favorite color and style can help your dog to accept the collar quicker. Select a leash that should be short but not too short. Always select good quality products that are made with the material safe for the dogs.

Leash Training:

You have to be very patient with the leash training. In the beginning put only the collar around your dog’s neck for a while and remove it. Repeat this few times until he gets comfortable with collar. Then start with the leash. He may not accept the leash and collar but gradually he will get over it and will get comfortable. Thereafter, start taking your dog out with the leash on. But make sure that you are walking your dog, never let the dog walk you.

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Samoyed Spoiled Rotten Dog Coasters Set of 4

Samoyed Spoiled Rotten Dog Coasters Set of 4