Why a dog should not be left alone at home

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Owning a dog is not as simple as it may sound as there are certain things the owner has to take care of. There are many dog owners who keep their dogs locked at home even when they are going just for a walk or to shop. But there are certain reasons that why a dog should not be left alone at home. Given below are some of the common reasons that why you should not leave your dog alone at home.


All the dog owners know the importance of socializing a dog. If your dog is not socialized, you cannot keep him around people, especially kids.  He may not be able to behave around them and feel threatened. One of the important steps in socializing a dog is taking him out and introducing him to the new places, things and people. Leaving him alone at home is a huge hurdle in socializing a dog as he will never be comfortable to any changes or to new people.

Lack of Experience and Learning:

Just like humans, experience is extremely important for dogs as well. If you will keep your dog locked up in the house, he will not be able to experience new things and learn. Experience is an important part of learning. So, if you want your dog to be comfortable with new things and to learn, you should not keep him locked in the house.


Boredom can seriously hurt the mental health of your dog as well as physical health. Solitude can cause a dog to develop anxiety and he may become dangerous for your guests and can also harm himself. Dogs are simply not made to stay idle. They like to stay active and play around. For the purpose, they may do something completely unsuitable or even harmful.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is very common in the dogs who have to stay home most of their lives. It can be very harmful for the dogs and can lead to various health hazards. A dog suffering from separation anxiety may even lose his appetite and interest in the activities he used to love the most.

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French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas

French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas


Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

It is very exciting for all the dog owners that when they arrive home they find their loving dogs welcoming them. The dog feels very excited and expresses his joys by jumping and spinning. But it can be a whole different story when you are leaving your house. There are many dogs that start freaking out when the owner is leaving the house. If your dog does the same, you must be wondering that why your dog freaks out when you are leaving the house. It is known as the separation anxiety that can be triggered because of various reasons.

The major reason that can lead a dog to separation anxiety is too much attachment to his owner. If you have been spending more time with your dog because you were staying home most of the day, the dog gets used to it. When all of a sudden you get busy and fails to spend the same amount of time with your dog, he gets anxious when you leave. Moreover, the sudden change in his routine can cause the separation anxiety. The dogs are habitual creature and they get attached to a certain routine very quickly. A sudden change in the routine can cause unrest and lead the dog to the anxiety problem.

The dogs usually have different ways to depict their separation anxiety. The symptoms can vary from one dog to another. Adog may simply feel sad and spend the whole day sitting near the door waiting for you. He may lose interest in eating and drinking.He may always try to keep you in his sights or stay very close to you. He may even start hiding your car keys. But in some dogs, the symptoms can be very aggressive and problematic. They may turn the house upside down while you leave. Excessive barking, breaking things, tearing things apart are among the common destructive behavior.

If your dog has excessive and aggressive separation anxiety, it is highly suggested to see a vet for a timely solution to the problem.

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Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

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Why Do the Dogs Bark

Why Do the Dogs Bark

It is extremely important for any dog owner to know that why do the dogs bark. There are many people who think that it is their natural behavior and there is nothing to worry about. It is true but to some extent. Barking is what the dogs do but there can also be various other reasons for a dog to bark. A dog cannot communicate to his owner through words so he fulfills his need of communication through body movements and barking. So, if your dog is barking, he may be telling you something that you must understand.

Barking, A Way of Greeting:

When someone arrives at home, a dog may start running around him, sniffing him, jumping and barking. Most people think of it as a normal dog behavior and a way of greeting and showing affection to the owner. But when your dog starts greeting you with such an excitement, he may be suffering from separation anxiety


One of the most common reasons of dog barking is hunger. If you have skipped a meal for your dog, he may try to remind you by barking that you have to give him food. Moreover, the given food may not have been enough for him and he may still feel hungry. In addition to the barking, he may look towards his food bowl while barking or may try to get his owner to the bowl.


Dogs have very strong senses. They can quickly identify a situation and can start reacting instantly. Whenever a dog feels fear, he will react to it by barking. The fear can be of a thing or a person. It can be even related to a troubled past experience of the dog. Barking because of fear is very common in the dogs who were adopted from a shelter.


Another most common reason in dogs for barking is that they are just feeling bored. The dogs do not like to lie down for long and doing nothing. They are very active and love to play most of the day. Whenever a dog is bored, he starts barking to let the owner know his feelings and to ask him to start playing with him.

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Why Do the Dogs Bark

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What is Natural Dog Behavior

What is Natural Dog Behavior

Whether you are going to bring a new dog to your house or you already have one, it is very important for you to understand the natural behavior of a dog. Each and every dog owner wants to have a strong and powerful relation to its dog as a master but some fail to achieve it. One of the basic reasons of failing is being unable to understand their behavior. Dogs are basically wild animals. It was not long ago when people start keeping dogs as pets. So, the dogs still have their basic instincts of being wild animal which makes it important to understand their behavior.


The dogs are known for barking but there can be different reasons for that. Whenever they have to communicate something, they bark. They may bark when they sense any danger. They may also bark to make the owner aware of someone’s arrival. A dog may even bark to simply tell you that he is hungry or he wants to go out or play.


Biting is a natural reaction of a dog when he feels unsafe or uncomfortable. He can also bite when he is having fear of someone or something or even when he is just nervous. A dog can bite someone in order to communicate the current state of his mind.


The dogs have a habit of digging around that can cause trouble to the dog owners.  It is their instinctive behavior. The dogs usually dig for two reasons, to hide their food or to get rid of the heat of the weather.


Panting is very common in all breeds of dogs. They dogs usually pant when they are excited, just had exercise or even when they are feeling hot. Panting is a mean to expel the heat when they are feeling hot.


The reasons for chewing differ in puppies and adult dogs. The young ones chew on different objects or toys when they are having new teeth. It is a mean to relieve pain of the new teeth. In adult dogs, it can be triggered because of different types of anxieties.

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What is Natural Dog Behavior

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Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

It is a very popular phrase “eat healthy to stay healthy”. All the dog owners always take good care of their dog meals. They make sure that they are providing safe and healthy food to their dogs. But we all have witnessed some unusual eating habits in dogs. There can be different reasons for the dogs to adopt these unusual eating habits. One of the common reasons is lack of food or required nutrients. They try to fulfill their nutrient requirements by eating various stuff considering as food. Followings are some of the unusual eating habits that you may find in a dog:

Eating Dirt:

Dogs love to play in the dirt which is completely normal for any dog. But it can be a serious problem if they start eating it. Dirt is not digestible and can cause serious damage to your dog’s health. Dogs start eating dirt when their regular meals fail to fulfill their nutrient requirements. The dogs can get different minerals in the dirt including zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium. It leads them to eat the dirt.

Choosy Dogs:

Some of the dogs are just very choosy when it comes to the food. The dogs usually love generic canned food but some may dislike the taste or aroma. Some dogs may like to eat unhealthy food that can seriously damage their health. Most commonly, there can be different stomach related problems that can lead a dog to refuse regular food.

Grass Eaters:

Looking at a dog playing in the yard at green grass is a fun sight. But looking at a dog eating grass can be unusual for most of the people. There are many dogs that eat grass at different times but it is not something very concerning. Eating grass is rather good for them because it causes them to vomit. It helps a dog clean his stomach.

Eating Non-Food Items:

Some dogs may eat various non-food items like shoelaces, pencil, pieces of cloths etc. It is called pica. It is a very harmful habit and can be triggered by various reasons including neurosis, malnutrition and anxiety.

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Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs

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Stop a Dog From Gnawing

Stop a Dog From Gnawing

Although, chewing is a normal activity in all breeds of dogs but it can be quite problematic when they start chewing inappropriate things. Gnawing can be triggered in different dogs for different reasons. One of the common reasons is boredom. A dog may find it a good way to kill some time and to get rid of the boredom. It can also be caused by an anxiety, nervousness or fear. Another common reason for the behavior is the will to explore. They explore different objects and things by chewing them. Following few steps can help the dogs to stop gnawing.

Chewing Toys:

One of the most helpful means to stop a dog from gnawing is providing him different chewing toys or objects. You may have to experiment with different chewing toys to know your dog’s choice. There are huge numbers of chewing toys and objects available in the market that can make the selection easier for you. If a dog has the toys to chew on that he likes, he will stop inappropriate chewing.

Discouraging Gnawing:

When you see a dog chewing inappropriate objects, you should take it from him immediately. Scolding can be very helpful for the purpose. While taking the inappropriate objects from your dog, you should direct him towards the right chewing toys. You may have to repeat it for a few times but the dog will gradually stop chewing the inappropriate things.

More exercise and Playtime:

A dog may chew on the wrong things just because he is feeling bored. Spending more time with him and playing with him can stop him from gnawing. You should take your dog out for a walk and exercise for more time than you used to. Keeping him occupied with various fun activities will keep him away from chewing the inappropriate things.

See a Vet:

If the problem is very serious and the gnawing is too aggressive, you must visit a vet. The problem may have been caused by a medical issue. The dog may have pain in his mouth due to some reason or it may have been triggered by nutrition deficiency. So visiting a vet can help your dog to get rid of the problem.

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Stop a Dog From Gnawing

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

Odd Behaviors in Dogs

It is very hard to find a single human who does not like pets. There are certain reasons that may cause someone to not to have a pet but we all love them. But keeping a pet can be very difficult at times as they cannot communicate verbally. All we can do is look at their behavior and guess what they want. Cats are known as mysterious creatures, not the dogs. But there are some odd behaviors in dogs that can make you wonder. It can be very hard for someone to understand that what they are trying to tell him just by looking at the odd behaviors.

Followings are some of the odd behaviors you may find in a dog:

Barking at or Avoiding Mirror:

All of the dog owners have seen their dogs either barking at the mirror or avoiding it. It is considered as an odd behavior but it is not. The dogs are very conscious about their territory and when they look at the mirror and see a dog, they start reacting. Moreover, they have very strong sniffing sense but the reflection in the mirror is odorless which freaks them out.

Barking at Lifeless Things:

You may have witnessed a dog barking at a lifeless thing. It is caused by the fear. When he looked at the thing, someone may have moved it. The dog may have considered it a threat and as a reaction; he started barking in order to warn it or to make it leave.

Flank Sucking:

It is a behavior in dogs when they start sucking blankets or even their own thighs while going to sleep. It is a dangerous behavior as while sucking the blanket, your dog may swallow a piece of cloth that can even endanger his life.

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog starts behaving weird when you are leaving, he may have separation anxiety. There can be different reasons for the behavior in different dogs. Such a behavior can be very harmful to the dog as he may start breaking things and may injure himself. If your dog has very aggressive separation anxiety, you must immediately see a qualified vet to treat the anxiety.

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

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Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

Different dogs welcome winter season in different ways. Some dogs love to play aroundin the winter season whereas some usually like to stay inside the house cuddled up under a cozy blanket. Irrespective of how your dog welcomes the winter season, it is very important for you to keep your dog safe and healthy in the cold season. Most people think that the furry coat is enough for dogs to protect them against the effects of winter. But the facts prove otherwise. There are huge numbers of dogs that get sick in winter season each year because the owners failed to take proper measures to keep them protected.

Grooming the Dog for the Winter:

Grooming is an important part of keeping the dog protected against harsh effects of the cold weather. A well-groomed and clean coat will offer a great help to your dog to stay safe. If you have bathed your dog, make sure to dry him properly before he gets outside the house to play.

Keep the House Warm:

Dogs spend lots of time in the house, so it is important to control the house temperature to a certain level. Either, too hot or too cold environments can cause harm to your loving dog. So, always make sure that the room temperature is comfortable for your dog.

Keeping the Dog Warm:

In the cold weather, just like humans, it is important for dogs as well to stay warm. Protecting the dog with a nice and comfortable coat or sweater can be the best idea especially when you are taking him out. You should select such a coat or sweater that can cover your dog from neck to the tail including his belly.

Time to Go Out:

It is more appropriate for your dog to go out when the sun is shining. It will keep him safe from the harsh colds of the winter. Early afternoons are the most suitable hours for the dogs to go out.

Cozy Bedding:

Make sure that your dog has cozy and comfortable bedding where he can stay warm. Heated dog beds are the ideal ones but a raised bed and a cozy blanket are also suitable for the purpose.

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Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

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How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

For every dog owner,it is very important to keep the dog neat and clean as it will make him look beautiful and will also help to keep him healthy. But one of the challenges in course of action is using shampoo to wash the dog. The dog skin is different from humans and more delicate, so you have to be very careful. It has a different pH balance and it is less thick than the human skin.

There are many people who think that using human shampoo is safe for dogs but it is not. Even most people think that the home remedies can be applied carefree but these are also unsafe for dog. It can cause rashes and irritation to the dog skin. Moreover, using same shampoo for all the dogs is also not safe either as their skin type and conditions usually differs from each other. Below given are some of the suggestions according to the skin types of dogs for your better selection of the shampoo.

For Normal Skin:

If your dog has a normal and perfect skin, he does not have oily, greasy or dry skin; you can use any natural shampoo for your dog. There are numbers of pet shampoos available in the market but make sure that you are buying a good qualify pet safe shampoo for your dog.

For Skin Prone to Infection:

If your dog has frequent skin infection problem, you must select a medicated shampoo for your dog. Selecting a shampoo containing chlorhexidine or miconazole is recommended for the skin type.

For Dry Skin:

If your dog has a dry and flaky skin, you have to be very careful in your selection of the shampoo. Your dog may require some extra treatment to stay protected against skin irritation. Applying oil with Omega 3s and Omega 6s on the skinis very helpful for the flaky skin.

For Smelly and Oily Skin:

For such a skin, using medicated shampoo with anti-fungal and antibacterial elements is highly suggested. Moreover, you should read the instructions on the shampoo for applying the shampoo in the right way and to achieve the best results.

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How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

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How to Stop Dog Barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

Dogs are known as great companions to humans. But at some point, even a gentle dog can start bothering you by excessively barking. Barking is natural in dogs but not the excessive barking. There can be various reasons for a dog to adopt the barking behavior. The treatments for the behavior can vary from one reason to another. So before trying to stop your dog from barking, you must understand the root cause of the problem. Followings are few measures that can help you to know how to stop dog barking:

Immediately Attend to Your Dog:

As stated earlier, the treatments can differ from one cause to another. This method may work in a certain situation but highly discouraged for the rest. Your dog may be barking because he may have pain or some other problem. You must attend to your dog immediately to help him and calm him down.

Stop it Right from the Beginning:

One of the most convenient and simple ways to help your dog to avoid barking is discouraging him right the time he starts adopting the behavior. It is easier in the beginning as compared to the later as the dog may get more rigid and habitual to the barking. Discouraging your dog by your attitude or even scolding him can help him to understand that he is doing wrong. Do not offer him treats to make him stop barking. Offering treats whenever he barks will encourage him to continue the behavior.

Eliminating the Root Cause:

Some dogs may have developed fear of something or someone. If your dog has witnessed or experienced some tragedy, he may have developed fear of the involved things or persons. One of the convenient ways to stop your dog barking is keeping the things away from him. Otherwise, making him comfortable and social with the things or the persons can be helpful. Whether your dog barks out of fear, nervousness or aggression, this method can work for him.

Ignoring the Dog:

For all the attention seeker dogs, ignoring them while they bark can be very handy to make them stop. It will discourage your dog and he will eventually stop barking. It is very helpful even when you are trying other methods.

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How to Stop Dog Barking

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