What is Natural Dog Behavior

What is Natural Dog Behavior

Whether you are going to bring a new dog to your house or you already have one, it is very important for you to understand the natural behavior of a dog. Each and every dog owner wants to have a strong and powerful relation to its dog as a master but some fail to achieve it. One of the basic reasons of failing is being unable to understand their behavior. Dogs are basically wild animals. It was not long ago when people start keeping dogs as pets. So, the dogs still have their basic instincts of being wild animal which makes it important to understand their behavior.


The dogs are known for barking but there can be different reasons for that. Whenever they have to communicate something, they bark. They may bark when they sense any danger. They may also bark to make the owner aware of someone’s arrival. A dog may even bark to simply tell you that he is hungry or he wants to go out or play.


Biting is a natural reaction of a dog when he feels unsafe or uncomfortable. He can also bite when he is having fear of someone or something or even when he is just nervous. A dog can bite someone in order to communicate the current state of his mind.


The dogs have a habit of digging around that can cause trouble to the dog owners.  It is their instinctive behavior. The dogs usually dig for two reasons, to hide their food or to get rid of the heat of the weather.


Panting is very common in all breeds of dogs. They dogs usually pant when they are excited, just had exercise or even when they are feeling hot. Panting is a mean to expel the heat when they are feeling hot.


The reasons for chewing differ in puppies and adult dogs. The young ones chew on different objects or toys when they are having new teeth. It is a mean to relieve pain of the new teeth. In adult dogs, it can be triggered because of different types of anxieties.

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What is Natural Dog Behavior

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