Pets Friendly to a Dog

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There are many pet lovers who keep different pets together in a single house. It can definitely be fun but it is not an easy task. Some pets can instantly get used to other pets but some require a proper training and monitoring. Some dog breeds are known to be friendly and affectionate. These breeds can get familiar and comfortable with other pets instantly. So, if you are planning to keep other pets with your dog, selecting a friendly breed can be very helpful. Given below are some of the pets friendly to a dog:


Birds are among the most preferred pets all over the world. There are different birds that are being kept in houses as pets. The birds usually stay in cages and can go along with a dog pretty easily.

Guinea Pig:

There are many people who like Guinea pig to keep as a pet. It is a cute little pet that needs lots of exercise to stay fit and healthy just like various dog breeds. Guinea pig and dogs can go along very well without any trouble but a careful monitoring is advised.

A Dog:

Though the dogs usually have difficulties to be around other dogs but selection of the right breed and proper training can do the trick. There are many dogs that can stay together in a single place without having any dispute or conflict with each other.


Cats are among the most popular pets all over the world because of certain reasons. But the cats and dogs are known to be enemies. Yet, a careful introduction, socialization and proper training can help you to keep the both together.


There are many people who like rabbits to keep as pets for various reasons. But they will require a certain area in your garden to dig in order to make a comfortable home for them. It can be a good idea to keep a dog and a rabbit together as pets.

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Shih Tzu Dog 25 Cent Kisses Mousepad

Shih Tzu Dog 25 Cent Kisses Mousepad


Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

It is very exciting for all the dog owners that when they arrive home they find their loving dogs welcoming them. The dog feels very excited and expresses his joys by jumping and spinning. But it can be a whole different story when you are leaving your house. There are many dogs that start freaking out when the owner is leaving the house. If your dog does the same, you must be wondering that why your dog freaks out when you are leaving the house. It is known as the separation anxiety that can be triggered because of various reasons.

The major reason that can lead a dog to separation anxiety is too much attachment to his owner. If you have been spending more time with your dog because you were staying home most of the day, the dog gets used to it. When all of a sudden you get busy and fails to spend the same amount of time with your dog, he gets anxious when you leave. Moreover, the sudden change in his routine can cause the separation anxiety. The dogs are habitual creature and they get attached to a certain routine very quickly. A sudden change in the routine can cause unrest and lead the dog to the anxiety problem.

The dogs usually have different ways to depict their separation anxiety. The symptoms can vary from one dog to another. Adog may simply feel sad and spend the whole day sitting near the door waiting for you. He may lose interest in eating and drinking.He may always try to keep you in his sights or stay very close to you. He may even start hiding your car keys. But in some dogs, the symptoms can be very aggressive and problematic. They may turn the house upside down while you leave. Excessive barking, breaking things, tearing things apart are among the common destructive behavior.

If your dog has excessive and aggressive separation anxiety, it is highly suggested to see a vet for a timely solution to the problem.

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Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

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What is Natural Dog Behavior

What is Natural Dog Behavior

Whether you are going to bring a new dog to your house or you already have one, it is very important for you to understand the natural behavior of a dog. Each and every dog owner wants to have a strong and powerful relation to its dog as a master but some fail to achieve it. One of the basic reasons of failing is being unable to understand their behavior. Dogs are basically wild animals. It was not long ago when people start keeping dogs as pets. So, the dogs still have their basic instincts of being wild animal which makes it important to understand their behavior.


The dogs are known for barking but there can be different reasons for that. Whenever they have to communicate something, they bark. They may bark when they sense any danger. They may also bark to make the owner aware of someone’s arrival. A dog may even bark to simply tell you that he is hungry or he wants to go out or play.


Biting is a natural reaction of a dog when he feels unsafe or uncomfortable. He can also bite when he is having fear of someone or something or even when he is just nervous. A dog can bite someone in order to communicate the current state of his mind.


The dogs have a habit of digging around that can cause trouble to the dog owners.  It is their instinctive behavior. The dogs usually dig for two reasons, to hide their food or to get rid of the heat of the weather.


Panting is very common in all breeds of dogs. They dogs usually pant when they are excited, just had exercise or even when they are feeling hot. Panting is a mean to expel the heat when they are feeling hot.


The reasons for chewing differ in puppies and adult dogs. The young ones chew on different objects or toys when they are having new teeth. It is a mean to relieve pain of the new teeth. In adult dogs, it can be triggered because of different types of anxieties.

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What is Natural Dog Behavior

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

Odd Behaviors in Dogs

It is very hard to find a single human who does not like pets. There are certain reasons that may cause someone to not to have a pet but we all love them. But keeping a pet can be very difficult at times as they cannot communicate verbally. All we can do is look at their behavior and guess what they want. Cats are known as mysterious creatures, not the dogs. But there are some odd behaviors in dogs that can make you wonder. It can be very hard for someone to understand that what they are trying to tell him just by looking at the odd behaviors.

Followings are some of the odd behaviors you may find in a dog:

Barking at or Avoiding Mirror:

All of the dog owners have seen their dogs either barking at the mirror or avoiding it. It is considered as an odd behavior but it is not. The dogs are very conscious about their territory and when they look at the mirror and see a dog, they start reacting. Moreover, they have very strong sniffing sense but the reflection in the mirror is odorless which freaks them out.

Barking at Lifeless Things:

You may have witnessed a dog barking at a lifeless thing. It is caused by the fear. When he looked at the thing, someone may have moved it. The dog may have considered it a threat and as a reaction; he started barking in order to warn it or to make it leave.

Flank Sucking:

It is a behavior in dogs when they start sucking blankets or even their own thighs while going to sleep. It is a dangerous behavior as while sucking the blanket, your dog may swallow a piece of cloth that can even endanger his life.

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog starts behaving weird when you are leaving, he may have separation anxiety. There can be different reasons for the behavior in different dogs. Such a behavior can be very harmful to the dog as he may start breaking things and may injure himself. If your dog has very aggressive separation anxiety, you must immediately see a qualified vet to treat the anxiety.

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

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How to Stop a Dog from Digging

How to Stop a Dog from Digging

Dogs are known to be playful and fun loving creature. Their cute activities and playful attitude can keep the owner entertained and amused. But there are certain activities of a dog that can create problems for the owner. Digging is such an activity that can be a natural or instinctive behavior in a dog. A dog may love to dig around but it can ruin your well-maintained garden or yard. So, it is important for any dog owner to know that how to stop a dog from digging.

There can be different reasons for different dogs to dig. That makes it important to know the cause before moving on to the solution. Followings are some of the common reasons and solutions to the digging issues of a dog.


One of the simplest and most common reasons for a dog to dig is because he is feeling bored. If you are not providing some quality time to your dog and not playing with him, he may indulge in the activity to entertain himself. The solution to the problem is very simple. All you need to do is spend more time with your dog, provide him more tools and toys to stay busy while you are not around.


If you have brought your dog recently in the house, he may not be feeling comfortable with the surroundings and may want to escape. If your dog is digging near the wall boundaries or fence, he is trying to get away. To resolve the issue, try to make the surroundings as comfortable and familiar as you can. Offer him more treats and keep him occupied with his loving activities.

To Cool Down:

If you are living in an area where the temperature is high, then your dog must be trying to seek shelter from the heat. In this situation, the dogs usually dig near the house foundations, trees or shady places. If your yard does not have a shelter or dog house, you can eliminate the problem simply by providing him with a shelter.

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How to Stop a Dog from Digging

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