Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

It is very exciting for all the dog owners that when they arrive home they find their loving dogs welcoming them. The dog feels very excited and expresses his joys by jumping and spinning. But it can be a whole different story when you are leaving your house. There are many dogs that start freaking out when the owner is leaving the house. If your dog does the same, you must be wondering that why your dog freaks out when you are leaving the house. It is known as the separation anxiety that can be triggered because of various reasons.

The major reason that can lead a dog to separation anxiety is too much attachment to his owner. If you have been spending more time with your dog because you were staying home most of the day, the dog gets used to it. When all of a sudden you get busy and fails to spend the same amount of time with your dog, he gets anxious when you leave. Moreover, the sudden change in his routine can cause the separation anxiety. The dogs are habitual creature and they get attached to a certain routine very quickly. A sudden change in the routine can cause unrest and lead the dog to the anxiety problem.

The dogs usually have different ways to depict their separation anxiety. The symptoms can vary from one dog to another. Adog may simply feel sad and spend the whole day sitting near the door waiting for you. He may lose interest in eating and drinking.He may always try to keep you in his sights or stay very close to you. He may even start hiding your car keys. But in some dogs, the symptoms can be very aggressive and problematic. They may turn the house upside down while you leave. Excessive barking, breaking things, tearing things apart are among the common destructive behavior.

If your dog has excessive and aggressive separation anxiety, it is highly suggested to see a vet for a timely solution to the problem.

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Why Your Dog Freaks Out When You Leave

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