Pets Friendly to a Dog

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There are many pet lovers who keep different pets together in a single house. It can definitely be fun but it is not an easy task. Some pets can instantly get used to other pets but some require a proper training and monitoring. Some dog breeds are known to be friendly and affectionate. These breeds can get familiar and comfortable with other pets instantly. So, if you are planning to keep other pets with your dog, selecting a friendly breed can be very helpful. Given below are some of the pets friendly to a dog:


Birds are among the most preferred pets all over the world. There are different birds that are being kept in houses as pets. The birds usually stay in cages and can go along with a dog pretty easily.

Guinea Pig:

There are many people who like Guinea pig to keep as a pet. It is a cute little pet that needs lots of exercise to stay fit and healthy just like various dog breeds. Guinea pig and dogs can go along very well without any trouble but a careful monitoring is advised.

A Dog:

Though the dogs usually have difficulties to be around other dogs but selection of the right breed and proper training can do the trick. There are many dogs that can stay together in a single place without having any dispute or conflict with each other.


Cats are among the most popular pets all over the world because of certain reasons. But the cats and dogs are known to be enemies. Yet, a careful introduction, socialization and proper training can help you to keep the both together.


There are many people who like rabbits to keep as pets for various reasons. But they will require a certain area in your garden to dig in order to make a comfortable home for them. It can be a good idea to keep a dog and a rabbit together as pets.

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Shih Tzu Dog 25 Cent Kisses Mousepad

Shih Tzu Dog 25 Cent Kisses Mousepad