How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

For every dog owner,it is very important to keep the dog neat and clean as it will make him look beautiful and will also help to keep him healthy. But one of the challenges in course of action is using shampoo to wash the dog. The dog skin is different from humans and more delicate, so you have to be very careful. It has a different pH balance and it is less thick than the human skin.

There are many people who think that using human shampoo is safe for dogs but it is not. Even most people think that the home remedies can be applied carefree but these are also unsafe for dog. It can cause rashes and irritation to the dog skin. Moreover, using same shampoo for all the dogs is also not safe either as their skin type and conditions usually differs from each other. Below given are some of the suggestions according to the skin types of dogs for your better selection of the shampoo.

For Normal Skin:

If your dog has a normal and perfect skin, he does not have oily, greasy or dry skin; you can use any natural shampoo for your dog. There are numbers of pet shampoos available in the market but make sure that you are buying a good qualify pet safe shampoo for your dog.

For Skin Prone to Infection:

If your dog has frequent skin infection problem, you must select a medicated shampoo for your dog. Selecting a shampoo containing chlorhexidine or miconazole is recommended for the skin type.

For Dry Skin:

If your dog has a dry and flaky skin, you have to be very careful in your selection of the shampoo. Your dog may require some extra treatment to stay protected against skin irritation. Applying oil with Omega 3s and Omega 6s on the skinis very helpful for the flaky skin.

For Smelly and Oily Skin:

For such a skin, using medicated shampoo with anti-fungal and antibacterial elements is highly suggested. Moreover, you should read the instructions on the shampoo for applying the shampoo in the right way and to achieve the best results.

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How to Safely Shampoo Your Dog

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