What foods may be liked by a dog

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Food is one of the basic needs of all living things whether humans, animals or plants. Just like humans, dogs also have certain favorite foods. But when it comes to the likings, it can vary from one dog to another. Some dogs may like one food but others may hate to eat it. Given below are some of the most common foods your dog may like:

Raw Meat:

Raw meat is one of the most common diets of dogs of all breeds. All of the dogs like to have raw meat at times. Some dogs like it more than others and may love to have raw meat on daily basis. But it is not a suitable diet to have on daily basis. So, make sure that you are giving only the quantity that is suitable for your dog.


Although, milk is not considered as one of the best food choices for your dog but it is one of the most favorite foods of dogs. It is safe for most types of dogs but not for all. It can be hard to digest for some dogs and can cause stomach problems. You should give it to your dog only if he can digest it without any trouble.

Processed Food:

There are numerous companies all over the world that are offering processed food for dogs. But not all of the companies are offering good quality and safe food so you have to be very careful in your selection. It is the most loved type of diet for dogs. Moreover, if you have selected the right one, it can fulfill the diet requirements of your dog and can keep him healthy and active.

Fruits and Vegetables:

There are different types of fruits and vegetables that are loved by most dogs. Carrot, spinach, broccoli, apple, banana and strawberries are some of the most favorite foods of dogs. These are also considered as one of the best and safest sources of vitamins and minerals for your dog. But you have to be careful with the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables.

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 Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set

Australian Cattle Dog Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set


Passing a good time with your pooch

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There are different reasons for people to adopt a pooch. Some people may need a dog for safe guarding and some may like to have a dog to play with him and have some quality time. If you owns a dog and wants to keep him healthy and happy then spending some quality time with your dog is very important. If you are interested to know the best ways of passing good time with your pooch, you have come to the right place. Given below are some of the suggestions for the purpose:

Communicating Clearly:

If you want to spend some good time with your pooch, you must train him properly. It is crucial so that you can communicate clearly and your loving pet should understand it without any confusion. You have to be consistent and clear when training your dog. He must understand your signals clearly and should act accordingly.

Playing Games Together:

Pooch always love and ready all the times to play with you. You must know what games your pooch likes the most whether throw and retrieve or a Frisbee. Whether your pooch likes indoor games or outdoors, you should select such games that may involve you both. It is a great way to spend good time with your pooch.


Humans and dogs, both like swimming for various reasons. Taking your dog to a pool can be a good way to spend quality time with your dog. It can be a great exercise for your dog to keep him healthy and at the same time, it is a good way to entertain your dogand strengthen your bonding.

Regular Workouts:

All of the dog breeds require regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Some may require less exercise but some breeds require lots of exercise on daily basis. Whether your pooch requires lesser exercise or more, you can always accompany him when getting out for a walk, jogging, running or even going to a gym or yoga class.

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Miniature Schnauzer Dog Painting Printed on Canvas Wall Art Signed

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Painting Printed on Canvas Wall Art Signed


Toys Suitable for Dogs

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A dog is an active and playful creature who loves to stay occupied with fun activities all day long. Toys are among the most favorite belongings of a dog. The market is full of a huge variety of toys made specifically for dogs. When selecting a toy for your loving dog, you have to be careful as not all of the available toys are safe for the dogs. Some of the toys consist of such a material that can be harmful to your dog. Followings are some of the toys suitable for dogs:

Floating Disks:

Floating disks are among the most common and suitable toys for the dogs. Dogs like to play with the disks but these are suitable for outdoor games only. You can find a huge variety of floating disks available in the market. That offers a convenience to select the most suitable disk. You should make your selection of a flexible, soft and right size disk that should be convenient and easy for your dog to hold in his mouth.


There are different types of soft and light weight balls available in the market for dogs. These balls include soft, flexible, puncture proofballs as well as the ball made with Bounceflex technology. Balls are ideal for indoor as well outdoor activities for your dog. Make your selection depending on your dog’s likings as well as the size of the ball.

Rope Tugs:

A rope tug is a good choice for younger dogs as well as for adults. Dogs love to pull and chew the tugs. It is a healthy activity of his teeth.Dogs like playing around with their colorful, three knotted and short rope tugs. There are different rope tugs available but you should select a durable and nontoxic tug.

Glowing Toys:

Dogs love glowing toys because they are attracted towards light. There is a huge variety of glowing toys available in the market. But some of these toys are not suitable for young puppies so be very careful while selecting a glowing toy.

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Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin

Shih Tzu Dog Puzzle with Photo Tin


How to Choose the Best Dog for You

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Dog is not something that you can just instantly buy from a market and place it in a corner of your house. There are certain factors that you have to consider before bringing a dog to your house. One of the important factors is selection of the right dog breed. Not every dog can be suitable for you as you may have different ideas of the dog but the dog you have brought may have different nature. You have to consider the followings to choose the best dog for you:

Purpose of the Dog:

The first and foremost thing to consider is that why you really need a dog? Whether you need a dog for your kids or you need a guard dog? Both types of dogs differ from each other in various characteristics. The one suitable to keep as a guard dog is definitely not suitable to keep around the kids. In similar fashion, you cannot keep a friendly dog to guard your house.

Exercise Requirements:

Another important factor to consider is the exercise required by a dog. If you have lots of spare time to play with your dog then you can select such a dog that requires lots of regular exercise. Otherwise, you must select a dog that can stay fit and healthy even with a little exercise.


If you need a dog to keep in the house, it must be easily trainable but if you need a dog for safeguarding, a dog hard to train can work for you. There are various things that you have to teach a dog if you want to keep it around your kids. So, you should select a dog that can be trained with ease and convenience.


If you have to move around too frequent, you must select such a dog that can easily and quickly get used to the new environment. Usually, the dogs do not feel comfortable with new places and it can take them long to adjust. So, making the right selection is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board

Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board