How to Choose the Best Dog for You

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Dog is not something that you can just instantly buy from a market and place it in a corner of your house. There are certain factors that you have to consider before bringing a dog to your house. One of the important factors is selection of the right dog breed. Not every dog can be suitable for you as you may have different ideas of the dog but the dog you have brought may have different nature. You have to consider the followings to choose the best dog for you:

Purpose of the Dog:

The first and foremost thing to consider is that why you really need a dog? Whether you need a dog for your kids or you need a guard dog? Both types of dogs differ from each other in various characteristics. The one suitable to keep as a guard dog is definitely not suitable to keep around the kids. In similar fashion, you cannot keep a friendly dog to guard your house.

Exercise Requirements:

Another important factor to consider is the exercise required by a dog. If you have lots of spare time to play with your dog then you can select such a dog that requires lots of regular exercise. Otherwise, you must select a dog that can stay fit and healthy even with a little exercise.


If you need a dog to keep in the house, it must be easily trainable but if you need a dog for safeguarding, a dog hard to train can work for you. There are various things that you have to teach a dog if you want to keep it around your kids. So, you should select a dog that can be trained with ease and convenience.


If you have to move around too frequent, you must select such a dog that can easily and quickly get used to the new environment. Usually, the dogs do not feel comfortable with new places and it can take them long to adjust. So, making the right selection is very important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board

Basset Hound Dog Tempered Cutting Board


Popular and Adorable Dog Habits

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Dogs are cute and loving creature that can keep us happy and entertained with their adorable habits. We all love to see them happy and playing around. There are certain habits of dogs that can instantly cheer us up. Some of the most popular and adorable dog habits are as given below:

Asking to Play:

Playing is one of the most favorite things to do for dogs. Most of the dog breeds are always happy and want to keep playing all day long. If you are a dog owner, you must be well-aware that how your dog is going to ask you to play with him. When a dog bows in front of you with a loose body, he is encouraging you to play with him.    The dog feels excited when he asks the owner to play with him and may jump around with a wagging tail.

Welcoming You Home:

Another adorable habit of a dog is when you come home in the evening after office; you find your dog waiting for you. He instantly gets excited when you open the door. He starts licking you and jumping around to let you know that how happy and excited he is to see you. It is his way of welcoming you home.

Waking You Up In the Morning:

A dog may do some very stupid but adorable things to wake you up in the morning. Most commonly, the dogs are well-aware of the wakeup time of the owner and do not disturb him before the time. A dog may start licking your hand, jumping on the bed, moving the blanket away from you to let you know that it’s the time to wake up.

Becoming a Friend:

When a dog meets a stranger, he may not be friendly. But eventually, he may try to be your friend. He will start looking at you with a cute look and if he finds you safe, he will come closer to you and will start sniffing you. Once he is comfortable with you, he may instantly start playing with you.

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Keeshonds Puzzle 252 Pc with Photo Tin Four Dogs Playing Poker

Keeshonds Puzzle 252 Pc with Photo Tin Four Dogs Playing Poker