Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions: Why Not Include Your Dog?

Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Indoor/Outdoor Floormat (18x24)

New Year is considered as the right time to make required changes to routine to improve lifestyle. Dog owners always love to involve their dogs in most of the activities so why not include your dog in New Years’ resolutions. Provided below are the top ten New Year’s resolutions for dog owners:

1- Making Your Dog Happier:

You know all the things your dog love, so you can add some extra activities that your dog loves to make him happier with his life.

2- Bathing More Often:

Bath can play an important role to keep your dog active and healthy. So, you can bathe your dog more often than the last year.

3- Training Class:

If you have a young puppy, joining a training class can be a good way start a new year. It can offer various advantages to you and your dog.

4- Vet Visits:

Maintaining checkup schedule is crucial to keep your dog healthy. So, make sure to never miss a vet visit this year.

5- A New Dog House:

If your dog has an old dog house, it is the right time to get him a new and more comfortable dog house. You must select a dog house depending on the breed, size and likings of your dog.

6- Adding More Activities to Routine:

Dogs always love fun activities. This year, you can add some extra activities to your dog’s routine to keep him healthy and happy.

7- Diet:

Diet plays an extremely important role to keep a dog healthy and active. So, make sure to get him the most suitable diet this year. Never feed him more than his diet requirements.

8- More Toys:

Dogs love to stay occupied with their loving toys all day long. So, it is a good idea to get him some more toys this year.

9- Visiting New Places:

You can take your dog to various dog friendly places this year to keep him entertained and happy this year.

10- More Playtimes:

You can simply add some more minutes to the playtime of your loving dog. It will offer you a great convenience to keep him healthy and happy.

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Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Indoor/Outdoor Floormat (18x24)

Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Indoor/Outdoor Floormat (18×24)


Sticky: Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Dog

Let it Snow Christmas Australian Shepherd Dog Wearing Santa Hat Greeting Card (20)

Who does not like Christmas. There are lots of activities for the fun days like Christmas. Dog owners always love to keep their furry friends involved in all their fun activities. They love to spend more time with their dogs even on joyous occasions like Christmas. If you want to spend a quality time with your loving dog, there are many options for you to select from. Given below are some of the best ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog:

Bathing Your Dog:

It may not seem fun to other people but dog owners love to clean and bath their dogs. It is a good idea to clean your dog and make him ready for the fun day. As it is Christmas, so instead of bathing your dog yourself, you should take him to a nice and good groomer. He will love the full body bath and grooming and will start looking fresh, active and shining.

Suit-Up for the Fun Day:

Another way to make your dog happy on the fun day of Christmas is by getting him clothes for the occasion. There are plenty of clothing lines that are manufacturing clothes specially for dogs. You can conveniently find the best fit and best suited clothing for your dog. You can visit either online stores or your local market, whichever you prefer the most.

Taking Your Dog Out:

If your dog love to ride with you, taking him out somewhere can be the best idea to celebrate Christmas. Dogs always love to be outside in open places like parks where they can do whatever they want and can have as much fun as they would like. You can even take him to the market with you when you are going to buy clothing for him or any other gifts. His reactions can offer you a great help to select the best item for him.

Going to the Beach:

If you have a beach nearby, taking your dog to the beach is a good idea. Dogs love sandy places where they can have lots of fun. They love to dig sand and sit there to cool off. Moreover, they also love to play around with water.

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 Let it Snow Christmas Australian Shepherd Dog Wearing Santa Hat Greeting Card (20)

Let it Snow Christmas Australian Shepherd Dog Wearing Santa Hat Greeting Card (20)


Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Cats And Dogs Lovers

Have a Holly Jolly Pit Bull Dog Christmas Round Doily Ornament POR105

Gift is considered as an ideal way to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones and Christmas is the best time for it. If you want to get a gift for someone who loves or owns a cat or dog, you can easily get the most suitable gift for him on this Christmas. There are many Christmas gift ideas for you to select from including the ones mentioned below:

Printed Mugs:

There are plenty of mugs available in the market that are made especially for cat and dog lovers. Some of the mugs contain images of cats or dogs and rest may contain some impressive quotes. You can conveniently make your selection depending on the likings of your friend or family member. You can even get a personalized mug containing a special note, quote or image of his favorite breed.

Picture Frame:

One of the most popular Christmas gifts for cats and dog lovers is a picture frame. There are different types of frames available in the market depending on the styles, colors and sizes. That offers you a freedom to select the best picture frame. These frames may have styles or figures of cats and dogs on it or may have a special quote for the pet lovers. Through a little effort, you can also get a personalized frame as well, which is a better way to show your love and appreciation.

Decorative Items:

There are plenty of decorative items available that can be gifted to cat and dog lovers especially for the joyous occasion of Christmas. These decorative items can be hanged with Christmas trees, your pet’s house or anywhere you would like. These items may contain the images of your favorite pets or may have a shape of a cat or a dog.


Planters that are shaped like a dog or a cat are getting popular day by day. These planters can be the best gifts for any cat or dog lover. You can find the planters in different breed shapes, styles, colors and sizes. That makes it more convenient for anyone to select the most appropriate planter depending on the liking of the pet lover.

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Have a Holly Jolly Pit Bull Dog Christmas Round Doily Ornament POR105

Have a Holly Jolly Pit Bull Dog Christmas Round Doily Ornament POR105


Popular and Adorable Dog Habits

Keeshonds Puzzle 252 Pc with Photo Tin Four Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs are cute and loving creature that can keep us happy and entertained with their adorable habits. We all love to see them happy and playing around. There are certain habits of dogs that can instantly cheer us up. Some of the most popular and adorable dog habits are as given below:

Asking to Play:

Playing is one of the most favorite things to do for dogs. Most of the dog breeds are always happy and want to keep playing all day long. If you are a dog owner, you must be well-aware that how your dog is going to ask you to play with him. When a dog bows in front of you with a loose body, he is encouraging you to play with him.    The dog feels excited when he asks the owner to play with him and may jump around with a wagging tail.

Welcoming You Home:

Another adorable habit of a dog is when you come home in the evening after office; you find your dog waiting for you. He instantly gets excited when you open the door. He starts licking you and jumping around to let you know that how happy and excited he is to see you. It is his way of welcoming you home.

Waking You Up In the Morning:

A dog may do some very stupid but adorable things to wake you up in the morning. Most commonly, the dogs are well-aware of the wakeup time of the owner and do not disturb him before the time. A dog may start licking your hand, jumping on the bed, moving the blanket away from you to let you know that it’s the time to wake up.

Becoming a Friend:

When a dog meets a stranger, he may not be friendly. But eventually, he may try to be your friend. He will start looking at you with a cute look and if he finds you safe, he will come closer to you and will start sniffing you. Once he is comfortable with you, he may instantly start playing with you.

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Keeshonds Puzzle 252 Pc with Photo Tin Four Dogs Playing Poker

Keeshonds Puzzle 252 Pc with Photo Tin Four Dogs Playing Poker