How to Celebrate New Year with Your New Pooch

Home of Tibetan Mastiffs 4 Dogs Playing Poker Throw Pillow (18x18)

New Years is all about celebration, parties, fireworks and fun. Dog owners like to include their loving furry friends in all fun activities, so why not the New Year. Whether you have just brought a new pooch to your house or already have one, given below are some fun ways to celebrate New Year with your dog:

Giving Him a Nice and Cozy Bath:

You can start the celebration by giving a nice and warm bath to your loving dog. It is a nice way to start the joyous event of New Year. Keeping your dog neat and clean can offer you a great help to keep your dog fresh, active and healthy.

Dressing-up for The Evening:

There are plenty of outfits available in the market made for dogs especially for New Year celebration. You can either visit your local market or look online for the most suitable dress for your dog. Make sure that it is the right fit and your dog likes the dress. He should not feel uncomfortable while wearing that outfit.

Getting Out to Have Fun:

Once your pooch has taken a bath and dressed up, it is time to go out. There are numerous options available for dog owners where they can take their dogs to enjoy the evening. You can either look for a nice dog park or a dog friendly beach to take your dog. Visiting a new place is always suggested.

Playing Games with Your Dog:

It is another fun activity for New Year evening. You can either play your dog’s favorite game or can even try some new games. Playing games at home is more secure and safer for dogs. Indoor games are highly suggested especially if your dog gets nervous and angry too quick while around firework explosives or loud noises.

A Baking Treat:

If you know how to bake your dog’s favorite cookies, it is one of the best options for you to celebrate New Year eve with your pooch. Even if you do not know how to bake, you can search online for recipes.

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Home of Tibetan Mastiffs 4 Dogs Playing Poker Throw Pillow (18x18)

Home of Tibetan Mastiffs 4 Dogs Playing Poker Throw Pillow (18×18)

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