Top 5 Skills to Teach Your Dog

English Springer Spaniel Dog and Puppies Sleeping with Santa Pot Holder

Training of a dog starts right from his birth. It is important and easier to train a dog when he is just a puppy. Training an adult or older dog can be hard. Given below are the most important and top 5 skills to teach your dog.

1- Behave:

It is a matter of extreme importance that your dog knows how to behave around people whether at home or outside. Socializing a dog can help you to overcome the issue of misbehaving of a dog. He usually misbehaves because he has no idea how to react to certain situations. The training helps him to understand and evaluate situations and act accordingly.

2- Eye Contact:

It is another very important skill that you must teach your dog. It will have some very important effects on your dog training. It will help your dog to focus on you and your commands. By making an eye contact with you, he will have his complete focus on you and will start understanding commands faster.

3- Name Calls:

Another important thing is that your dog must know and react accordingly when you are calling his name. Your dog name must be easy and short. There are certain situations where your dog must look at you and respond accordingly. He can do so only when he knows and understand his name and can respond to your call.

4- Leave It:

There are many situations where your dog maybe doing something he should not. In such a situation “leave it” command is what you need. Your dog must understand the command and should react to it immediately. It can take some time for your dog to master it but adding some rewards can speed it up.

5- Come:

It is very important that your dog instantly come running to you when you ask him to do so. It becomes even more important when you are taking your dog outside and he is not on a leash. It can help you to keep your dog safe.

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English Springer Spaniel Dog and Puppies Sleeping with Santa Pot Holder

English Springer Spaniel Dog and Puppies Sleeping with Santa Pot Holder

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