5 common foods a dog may choke

Every dog owner loves to treat his four legged buddy in the best possible way. But it does not mean that you should offer every food item to your dog to eat. There are different foods that are toxic or not suitable for dogs in some manner.So you have to make sure that you are keeping your dog away from such food. Followings are 5 common foods a dog may choke on.

1- Trimmed Fat:

Feeding your dog fat trimmed from meat may look normal to anyone but it can cause a dog to choke. The chances of choking because of the trimmed fat are a lot higher in puppies than the adult dogs. But it is better to not to take any chances when you have so many other food items for your loving dog.

2- Bread:

The bread is considered as a soft and easy to chew food but it can be harmful to your dog. Dogs usually have a habit of swallowing things. If your dog does not chew the bread and swallow it, it can lead him to choke.

3- Gums and Candies:

It may feel normal to you to feed candies and gums to your dog but feeding hard candies or gums are not suitable at all for dogs. You have to be very careful if you keep a bowl of hard candies on your table. Your dog may want to have a mouth full of sweet treat that can cause him choke if it stuck in his throat. Moreover, these can be toxic for dogs.

4- Trimmed Bones:

A bone trimmed from meat may seem suitable for your dog but fact of the matter is that it is not. If your dog swallows it, the bone can block his throat causing him to choke. The bones can splinter into many small pieces that even harm the throat of your dog.

5- Cooked Bones:

Just like the bones trimmed from meat, cooked bones are also not suitable for dogs, especially for the young ones. These can shatter into very small pieces that can get stuck in the throat of your four legged companion.

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