Sleeping Positions of Dogs and Their Personalities

Sleep is important for all living things. It helps them to freshen up and repair the damaged cells of their body. Interestingly, your dog’s sleep can offer you a great help to know more about your dog. The most important thing you can know about your dog through his sleeping habits is whether your dog is healthy or has a health problem. In addition, you can also explore his personality through his sleeping behaviors. Just like humans, dogs also have different sleeping styles and positions. Each of the styles represents a certain personality.

Some of the common sleeping styles and dog personalities are as stated below:

Sleeping Flat on Tummy:

Some dogs have a habit of sleeping flat on their tummies spreading out their arms and legs. This style of sleeping is commonly seen in the dogs that are active and constantly looking for fun activities. The dogs sleeping in this position can pop up right away and be ready to start playing instantly. Some puppies who are completely exhausted while playing can also adopt this sleeping style.

Sleeping on the Back:

Humans can cool off a lot faster as compared to the dogs. Humans have more sweat glands on their bodies as compared to the dogs. The dogs have just a few sweat glands that caused them to adopt different ways to cool off. One of the ways of cooling off the heat is sleeping on their backs while placing their paws in the air. Through sleeping in this posture, they expose their sweat glands on their paws to lower their body temperature.

Sleeping on the Side:

The dogs sleeping on the side are usually relaxed and feel more comfortable and safe in this position. These dogs may move their limbs during sleep like twitching and kicking. They sleep in this position only at their regular spots and may adopt a different position if they have to sleep at an unfamiliar or new spot.

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