Excessive Lip Licking in Dogs

A dog adopts different behaviors in his life. All the behaviors offer certain information about the dog. Lip licking is one of the most common behaviors of dogs. It can be seen in dogs of all ages and breeds. It is a normal behavior unless your dog is licking his lips excessively. Normal licking usually means that your dog is waiting for his food or he is trying to get out of a conflict. But excessive licking means that your dog is having some problem. Some of the common reasons for a dog to lick his lips excessively are as given below:

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog starts licking his lips while you are away, he is likely having an anxiety problem. In order to be certain, you will have to experiment with your dog. You should observe your dog closely that how he reacts when you are not home. The licking will get more excessive as you spend more and more time outside.

Oral Problems:

If your dog is having any oral problem, he may start licking his lips excessively. In order to make sure, you can check under his tongue and his jawline. If there is any sign of accumulated fluid or it appears swollen, it means that your dog is having a problem with his salivary glands. Oral problems usually include swollen salivary glands, periodontal disease and tooth decay.


If your dog is nauseous, it will lead him to the excessive saliva. In order to get rid of the saliva, your dog will start licking his lips excessively. If your dog stays in a condition of nausea for more than 24 hours, it can be a critical problem and you should see a vet immediately.


Different dogs react in different ways when they are feeling pain. Some of the dogs start licking their lips excessively when they are in pain. If your dog is having the problem, you should see a vet immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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