Training to Avoid Dog Bites

There are huge numbers of people all over the world who gets bitten by dogs each year. That makes it crucial for all the dog owners to help their dogs to prevent the problem. One of the most useful ways to avoid dog biting is proper training of your dog. Through proper training and socialization, you help your dog to lead a happy and satisfactory life without facing any inconvenience or discomfort. A dog who is not trained properly, usually has to face various troubles as he has no idea that how he should react to certain situations and around people.

Stated below are some of the most important suggestions for you that how you should train your dog to avoid dog bites:

Start at Early Age:

It is easier to train a puppy as compared to a full grown dog. It gets harder and harder as the dog ages. So, you must start the training at an early age. It is highly recommended that you should start the training when your dog is 3 to 12 weeks old.


Socialization is an extremely important part of dog’s training. It starts with the introduction of your dog to new faces. You should let your dog get comfortable with his surroundings first and then introduce him to your family members one by one. Eventually, you can start taking him out. If he does not feel comfortable outside, you should take him home. After few tries he will get comfortable with new places and new faces.

Teach Basic Commands:

During the training, you have to teach him basic commands at the start. It usually includes sit, stay, stop, no, drop etc. These are very important as through the commands he learns to obey your commands. After learning the commands, you can calm him down if he gets anxious or aggressive.

Biting is Bad:

You have to teach your dog that biting is not welcomed at all and he should not bite anyone. If he nips at you, you should immediately stop him. The basic commands like “no” or “stop” can be helpful for the purpose.In the meantime, you should visit Doggie of the Day Store if you need to buy some high quality dog products in a convenient way. It is a reliable store that has to offer a wide range of high quality dog products. You can even find a huge collection of artwork.

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