Causes of Aggression in Dogs

Dogs are one of the animals people prefer the most to keep as pets. We all love dogs because they are friendly and cute. But not all of the dogs are same as some dogs are friendly but some can be aggressive. You have to be careful when it comes to dogs. Whether you already have a dog or planning to adopt one, it is important for you to know about various aspects of a dog’s life to make sure that he stays happy and healthy. Aggression is such an aspect that every dog owner must be aware of.

The aggression is a behavioral problem that is quite common in dogs. There are different factors and circumstances that can trigger the aggression in a dog. Given below are some of the most common factors that can lead to aggression:

Improper Socialization:

Socialization plays an important and crucial role in a dog’s life. If your dog is not properly trained and socialized, he may have to face various problems throughout his life including aggression. If your dog is under-socialized or not socialized at all, he may develop behavioral issues related to aggression and anxiety.

Poor Diet:

Diet is extremely important for anyone whether a human or an animal. If your dog has a poor diet, he may develop the aggression problem. A dog has certain requirements of diet to fulfill his nutrient needs. Though there are different types of dog foods available in the market but not all of the foods are suitable for all the dogs. Dietary requirements usually differ from one dog to another depending on his breed and age.

Physical Factors:

If you have a friendly dog that has suddenly become aggressive, he may have a physical trouble. It can include joint pain, injury, infections, arthritis, oral problem, ear problem etc. Older dogs have even severe cases of aggression because they are more likely to get sick.

Emotional Factors:

There are several emotional factors that can cause a dog to become aggressive. If a dog has been punished excessively, left alone more frequent for longer times, abused or neglected, he is highly likely to get aggressive. He may suffer through emotions like fear, anxiety, confusion etc.

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