Solutions to the Heatstroke in Dogs

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The rising temperature in summer causes a rise in dog owner’s concerns. Heatstroke is not a problem just for humans; it can affect animals as well. Dog owners have to be more cautious about the health of their loving four-legged friends. Humans can fights against the body temperature increase more comfortably as compared to dogs because of the sweat glands on their body. Dogs have only a few glands on their paws and around nose only. Your dog can have a heatstroke if his body is generating more temperature than his ability to cool down. So, the following measures can be taken in summer to protect your dog against heatstroke:

Provide A Cool Place:

The major cause of heatstroke is humid and hot environment. If your dog is staying in a humid and warm place, he has a higher chance of getting heatstroke. When the summer starts, you can start taking the required measures to make sure that your dog will be staying in a cool place where he will have proper ventilation. Ventilation plays a crucial role to regulate the temperature.

Appropriate Shades:

Another important measure that can be taken against heatstroke is providing appropriate shades to your dog. It is suggested to arrange shades for the places where your dog stays and plays. The shades can offer a great help to keep the temperature of your dog’s body and the environment under control.

Enough Water to Drink:

Dehydration is a contributing factor to the heatstroke and adequate drinking water can eliminate the problem even before it occurs. Moreover, the water can be quite helpful for your dog to regulate his body temperature. It can offer him protection against the problem.

Reduce Your Dog’s Exercise Time:

Exercise can cause your dog’s body temperature to increase to the level where it can get harder for your body to maintain the temperature or cool down. So, consulting a vet is highly suggested in this matter. He can suggest you the exercise routine according to your dog’s breed and his exercise requirements.

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