Is It Safe to Share Your Bed with Your Dog?

Dogs are known as one of the most preferred pets all over the world. They are cute and adorable and everybody loves them. The dog owners always make sure to keep their dogs happy and satisfied with their lives. One of the most important ways to keep your dog healthy and happy is to offer him a good night sleep. Some of the dog owners even share their beds with their dogs to make them comfortable and offer them a good sleep. There are huge numbers of people who are not sure that whether it is safe to share the bed with the dogs or not.

Sharing your bed with your dog can strengthen your bonding with your dog but it can also cause various problems. So, sharing your bed with your dog is not suggested at all. Some of the most common reasons for not sharing your bed are as below:

Reduced Quality of Sleep:

If you are planning to share your bed with your dog, you should be ready to bear sleep disturbance. The dogs are known for being polyphasic sleepers and stay alert even while sleeping. The dogs may wakeup even to the lowest sound or because of the smallest movement they detect. It can cause disturbance for you and you may find it difficult to sleep in such a situation.

Health Problems:

Sharing your bed with your dog can have some health troubles for both of you. There are different types of allergies and diseases that can be transmitted from dogs to the humans and vice versa. Though, it is rare but still it is better to be cautious than to be sorry.

Behavioral Problems:

Co-sleeping can cause behavioral problems in dogs. While your dog is sharing your bed, he may consider that he is dominant to you. Moreover, sharing the bed with your dog may strengthen your bonding with your dog but it can also cause the problem of separation anxiety.

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