Solution to Dog Shaking

Shaking is one of the most common behaviors in dogs. There are different reasons for a dog that can lead to the shaking and shivering. Some of the most common reasons are drying off the fur, seeking owner’s attention, cold, illness and age. Shaking body in order to dry the fur is completely normal and healthy for dogs. It helps them to prevent hypothermia. If your dog is shaking his body to dry off, there is no need to worry. But other problems require proper solutions. Solutions to the dog shaking depend on the factors that cause the problem. Given below are some of the most common solutions to the problem:

Simply Neglect The Shaking:

Some of the dogs may shake their bodies simply because they are seeking the attention of their owners. If that is the case, you should neglect the shaking completely. A dog can adopt the behavior from a previous incident of similar nature where you had attended the dog with more care. Neglecting the dog will help to convey the message to your dog that he cannot gain your attention by shaking his body. It will lead him to give up the stunt otherwise he will keep doing it.

Keep Your Dog Busy:

Some of the dogs can develop a stress related problem that can lead to the shaking and shivering. If your dog is shaking because of the stress and anxiety, the simplest solution is to keep him busy with the activities he likes. Moreover, if there are certain things or situations that can cause the stress, you can limit your dog’s exposure to these. If nothing works, taking him to a vet is the best solution.

See A Vet:

There are different types of sicknesses that can lead a dog to the shaking and shivering problem. If your dog is shaking and shivering because of any illness or pain, you should take him to see a vet immediately. He will carefully diagnose the dog and will prescribe a proper treatment accordingly.

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